02 March 2012

Finish it up Friday: V is for Victory!

As in Victory Garden quilt. Isn't she gorgeous?

Love this quilt. Finished it earlier this week and am in the process of quilting my Indian Summer quilt, so that one will be ready for next week's Friday Finish post.

As for the rest of my Friday (and hopefully not Saturday), I'm still working on my husband's birthday gifts. Sigh. It's just that quilt is calling to me, wanting to be finished. Still, his birthday is tomorrow, so I have to get them done today.

Oh, and do you want to laugh at me? I momentarily considered turning my robot detector on. I got the filthiest piece of spam in my comments. Really R-rated sort of stuff. Quickly deleted it and all is well now.

On another topic - what are your thoughts on patterns by major designers? Like Simplicity and Butterick and such? I buy their clothes patterns and Halloween costumes and the like. Never thought to buy a quilt pattern.

Well, Butterick patterns are 99 cents this weekend at JoAnn's. I had a skirt pattern for my oldest girl all picked out and I decided to browse the "Accessories" and "Home Decor." Here's the two I found:

I really like those bins - I like the size, I like the handles. I was tired of searching through blogland and Pinterest for just what I wanted. And I can still play with the size. And it only cost me 99 cents!

And now more bags to make. I've wanted to make these as gifts, but bag pattern prices are ridiculously high and I don't always want to spend $12 on a pattern. This one has those awesome produce bags, plus several versions of grocery bags. I know what the ladies in my family are getting for Christmas this year! 99 cents. Can't beat it.

Have a great weekend - I'll be making flannel jammies for the awesome man in my life. And sneaking in quilting time. I have to get it finished soon so I can finish my modern mini quilt before Monday night - eek!

Linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict and crazy mom quilts - if you've got time this weekend, check out the linky parties. So many inspirational ideas - I might be guilty of adding to my ever growing bucket list!


  1. LOVE your creations! That Victory Garden Quilt is fantastic!!! Congrats on a great finish

  2. So impressed with the bag inspiration you've shared! I found a box on Pinterest to make...an itty, bitty wee boxey...lol

    Your Victory Garden quilt is just stunning! Amazing and beautiful!

  3. I love the colors on your quilt and it goes so well with the snowy background! :)

  4. Your quilt is simply lovely! Great colors too.

  5. good luck getting everything done on time! love those bins - definately worth 99 cents for the pattern :)

  6. I love your Victory Garden quilt - definitely worth a Whoop Whoop!! And you can't beat 99 cent patterns - what have you got to lose? Can't wait to see what you create with them!!

  7. That is the favorite victory garden quilt I have seen including the ones I have made! I love the yellow with the blue and red.

  8. Beautiful quilt! For 99 cents, it's worth a try!


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