30 January 2015

Catching Rays: A Porch Swing Quilts Pattern

I'm ready for sunshine, aren't you? And not winter sunshine. Warm sunshine. Spring. Mud. Flowers. Easter. My birthday.

I've fallen back in love with Layer Cake quilts. Jelly Rolls are cute to look at, all stacked up, but Layer Cakes are just so much more versatile for me. This quilt, Catching Rays, is a perfect layer cake quilt. She's made up of 16 blocks, and takes just 32 layer cake squares. Add a border, and she finishes at 72" square.

I used a layer cake of Folklore by Lily Ashbury, and I love how sunshine-y it turned out. It would look great using Kate Spain's new line Paradiso too:

I also worked up an all solids version, reversing the background to yellow and the prints to solid white.

The pattern is uploaded to my Craftsy shop, and listed at $5 for the next week. Hope you like her!

27 January 2015

Fabric Tuesday: Merry and Bright Table Runner

I had some squares left over from my mom's Make It Do Maxi quilt and thought it would be nice to make a matching table runner.

Actually, I like the idea of one on the piano. Now I need to make some for me.

I had extra minky backing after I finished my Glamping Hexies quilt, so I threw the table runner on the long arm and quilted it up with loopy swirls. Bound in the same pink houndstooth and ready for gifting at Christmas. Hooray. A gift done in January!

Checking it off the 1QFAL list. And linking up!

26 January 2015

Make-A-List, Make-A-Palette Monday

Last week was BUSY! Phew. Let's check the list:
  • Finish Secret Weekender Project - done, blogging it when she gets it
  • Finish Folklore Catching Rays - finished, blogging it this Friday (as a new pattern release!)
  • Cut Pam Kitty Garden Flower and sew - cut now!
  • Quilt Folklore Catching Rays and PK Garden Flower - Quilted Folklore Catching Rays, but didn't get the other finished, so I quilted something else
  • Bind and blog Flower Sugar Economy Blocks quilt - done, blogged here
  • Cut Idaho quilts #1 & #2 - all cut out and ready to sew!
As for this week, Here's what's planned:
  • Finish Pam Kitty Garden quilt
  • Quilt Sunkissed Grannies
  • Bind and blog Apple of My Eye Hexies 
  • Blog Folklore Catching Rays quilt and pattern
My palette this week might be a little early, but I'm craving spring time. I'm loving the palette.

23 January 2015

Friday Finish: Flower Sugar Economy Blocks Quilt

I love pretty pastel things. And it doesn't get prettier, or pastel-ier, than Flower Sugar fabrics.

Seriously, it's like Easter candy in quilt form.

This girl finishes at 83" square. Backed in gorgeous yellow fabric (yellow is and always will be my favorite color EVER). Bound and beautiful.

I need a bed and breakfast so I can have all my quilts on beds, all the time. Or at least a guest room or two, right?

Checking this girl off the 1QFAL list.

20 January 2015

Fabric Tuesday: Kate's Sew Together Bag

I love this blogging community we've got, y'all. I love the inspiration that's out there. I love the chance to be accountable to our sewing world. But I love the friendships that can be made.

We luck out at times and really click with someone. And then, months and months later, we don't know what started it all, but who cares, right?

Now my friend Kate is some kind of awesome. She quilts, she runs half marathons and 10Ks (sometimes in the same weekend!), she's an Air Force wife who deals with last minute deployments, and she makes some seriously fabulous t-shirt quilts.

When I started thinking about designing patterns, she volunteered right away to test patterns for me. (I'm remembering this correctly, right Kate?). She dazzled me with stunning pressing directions on my Taffy quilt (seriously, they are the work of a master), and she gamely tested out patterns that were not her favorite.

Naturally, I needed to return the favor. And wouldn't you know, Kate didn't have her own Weekender. She doesn't do 3-D and zippers, and why should she? I'm here for that!

I'm not showing her Weekender until she shows it off on her blog, but I am going to show off her Sew Together Bag.

Since she is the name inspiration for the Miss Kate line, I used some Miss Kate squares for the outside patchwork. She'd sent along some Ruby and Bliss scraps and I used some of those on the inside. Add some colorful zippers and we've got ourselves a handy dandy Sew Together Bag.

Love these little bags. I've got some improvements I'd like to make, but all in all, they are pretty fabulous.

Oh, and checking this girl off the 1QFAL list.

19 January 2015

Make-A-List Monday Meets Color Mondays

And they will never be parted. Not ever. Like Big Dan and Lil' Ann (book?).

I like both concepts, and so I'm going with it. Play along if you like. Make a list. Make a color palette. Link up and share and have fun.

Let's review last week, shall we?
  • Finish Kate's Weekender - hand stitching, blogging when she gets it
  • Finish Kate's Sew Together Bag - done, blogging tomorrow
  • Finish Secret Weekender Project - almost done
  • Finish Mom's Sew Together Bag - done, blogged here
  • Finish piecing Folklore Catching Rays - almost done
  • Quilt Glamping Hexies and Folklore Catching Rays - yes on Glamping Hexies, but did a different quilt in place of Folklore Catching Rays
  • Bind and Blog Glamping Hexies - done, blogged here
Okay. Yay me. That was a crazy week. Too much drama in my life the last two weeks, and it made me more grateful for the time I get to spend sewing and sharing projects with friends. 

And this week's list:
  • Finish Secret Weekender Project
  • Finish Folklore Catching Rays
  • Cut Pam Kitty Garden Flower and sew
  • Quilt Folklore Catching Rays and PK Garden Flower
  • Bind and blog Flower Sugar Economy Blocks quilt
  • Cut Idaho quilts #1 & #2
That's enough, right?

So far, the homeschooling method we started with is working great. I have a folding table set up in the living room, where I can better direct the "affairs of my kingdom." The kids are at the table, or working around the house, or reading on the couch. They love their Clever Dragons/Always Ice Cream memberships, and it's a motivation for them to do chores and finish lessons. Love it. While they do their thing, I'm cutting and organizing stuff so that when night comes, or early morning, I can accomplish lots.

And here's my palette for Color Mondays. Last week was such a stressful week that I daydreamed about escaping to one of my favorite places. 

This is the view from the cabins at Kalaloch, in the Olympic National forest in Washington state. There are these little cabins that face the sea. It's wild and beautiful and private and quiet. Oh how I needed that last week.

Now your turn! Link up your palette, or your list. Or both.

16 January 2015

Friday Finish: Glamping Hexies

I'm not sharing this girl with anyone.

 I'm a camper. I was raised a camper. We never went to Disneyland, or fun city, stay-in-a-hotel kinda trip. It was always camping. So it's what I do with my little family. We love the Oregon Coast, Goblin Valley in Utah, Mt. Rainier, the Olympic National Forest, and right here in Idaho. Oh, and Montana. Can't forget Montana!

So when the Glamping fabric line came out, I confess I went a little nutso. If only I could camp with a claw-footed bathtub! I've got a Glamping Weekender, a finished quilt now and *ahem* two more quilts on the flimsy pile. Yeah. Love it.

These are some of my favorite fussy cut hexies:

This girl finishes at 94" by 96". She's made up of a million (give or take) hexies all cut with my handy dandy Accuquilt Go! cutter, and machine pieced mostly using this tutorial.

Backed in hot pink minky, and quilted all over in loopy, meandering swirls (that are representative of the drives we took to find a campsite as a child!) and some daisies for good measure. And ready to take camping! When it gets warmer.

Checking this girl off my 1QFAL list. One down. Ninety Billion to go.

13 January 2015

Fabric Tuesday: Sew Together Bag for my Mom

I know I said this would be for her birthday, but then I got to thinking: she's retiring in a few days, and she'll need a Sew Together bag to organize all her sewing stuff for all projects she's going to be working on! So I made it while I was making Kate's and am going to ship it off to her right away.

Used some Happy Go Lucky 2.5" squares, and lined with more Happy Go Lucky, because that's hopefully how you feel when you retire, right?

I do love these little Sew Together Bags, but I'm wanting to make some adjustments to them. The dimensions are just a tad off for me. Still, they are adorable and handy.

Linking up!

And checking this girl off the 1QFAL list.

12 January 2015

Make-A-List Monday: Weekender Week

Actually, it's Weekender Week part two, but just pretend with me. I've got two Weekender bags to finish, so let's get to that list:

  • Finish Kate's Weekender
  • Finish Kate's Sew Together Bag
  • Finish Secret Weekender Project 
  • Finish Mom's Sew Together Bag
  • Finish piecing Folklore Catching Rays
  • Quilt Glamping Hexies and Folklore Catching Rays
  • Bind and Blog Glamping Hexies
There. That's my list. I'm hoping to have the Weekenders done by Tuesday, with maybe some hand-stitching to do on Wednesday. Thursday I've got quilting time and I can't wait. It's not every day someone offers to watch all five of your kids for you!

And you know what, I'm still going to post color palettes on Mondays. It didn't take off last year, but if you're interested in playing along with my Color Mondays, leave me a comment. 

Here's how you do it:
  1. Upload a picture to the Play Crafts Palette Builder
  2. Build your palette
  3. Save it, blog it, share it. Done.

Fun, right? It's a different sort of linky party, but it's a great way to explore color palettes. So if you want to join in the fun next week, leave me a comment and we'll get one set up. 

10 January 2015

Friday Finish: A Divided Basket

First, the winner of my VAT MOSS giveaway is Julie, who even read the post aloud to her husband.

Am I always the last one to try something awesome? Sure feels that way sometimes.

I'm pretty sure I'm the last one to give the Divided Basket from Noodlehead a go. But these will not be the last ones I ever make, I promise you!

This one was made with a baby shower gift in mind, but I might keep it because it's just too pretty! And my baby girl like it for a book basket on her bed.

I unearthed some of this Lucy's Crab Shack print leftover from my Weekender bag and thought, why not? I think this will be great for the summer in our wagon. We can fill it up with water bottles and snacks and take it to the park!

Loved the pattern. Nothing horrible. The worse part is all the cutting, honestly. The rest is simple after that.

Checking this one off the 1QFAL list. And making plans to make more.

06 January 2015

1QFAL 2015: January-February-March plans

First, my VAT thoughts, and a giveaway, are still going on until Friday. Enjoy.

Phew. That was one busy quarter! Getting time on the long arm really depleted my stack of flimsies and I'm SO happy about it.

Just look at those piles of quilts I finished last quarter (and two are missing because they were gifts!):

I did derail myself with the whole pattern design thing. That took over October/November, so the quilts that were finished weren't always on my list. Oh well. I still have quilts!

And now, for my goals for this quarter:

Daysail Fresh Air - New pattern!

Folklore Catching Rays - New Pattern!

Macarons - New Pattern!

Daysail Catching Rays Maxi - New pattern!

Sunkissed Grannies

Pam Kitty Garden Flower - New Pattern!

Flower Sugar Economy Block Quilt

Easy as Cake quilt

Merry and Bright Table Runner

Solstice Table Runner

Apple of My Eye Hexies

Glamping Trips

Glamping Hexies

Valentine's Heart Mini

Posy Kiss Me

Happy Go Lucky Nines and Snowballs

Lucy's Triangles

Simple Life Dottie #1

Simple Life Dottie #2

Happy Go Lucy Briar Rose

Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope

Two Idaho Quilts (I've got five to make by next Christmas!)

Smallish finishes:

Sew Together Bag for my Mom's birthday

Eloise Wallet for me (hey, my birthday is in March!)

Tulip Pillow for my mum-in-law's birthday

Super-Tote for me (again, my birthday is coming up!)

Temple Bag for me (because I need this finished and I need to stop changing my mind!)

Pam Kitty Garden Weekender (because ya gotta do something with the scraps!)

Five (count 'em) Hobbes softies (that didn't get done in time for Christmas - all that hand sewing - but will get done in time for our Calvin and Hobbes party in February!)

Sew Together Bag for Kate - she sent the scraps, I'm sewing the bag!

Kate's Weekender Bag, because I guess I can put it on my list!

A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on

A couple of divided baskets

And a super special surprise Weekender

And two Jane Market Bags (been wanting to try this one out for a while now)