23 April 2014

WIP Wednesday: Flower Sugar Economy blocks

I'm a little weird.

Acceptance is the first stage.

I really don't like it when directional prints are next to each other, and don't match up. Makes my OCD little brain slightly crazy.

I didn't want my Flower Sugar quilt to make me crazy. The fabrics are too pretty to bug me if they weren't just right. So I chose to make some of the uber-popular economy blocks with it. Yeah, I'm late to the game. Story of my life (I still don't own a single pair of skinny jeans, and don't get me started on the whole scarf trend!).

Happiness in fabric form. Love these little blocks!

Linking up! Come back Friday - I'll have flimsy finishes for you!

22 April 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Blossoms flimsy

I've never done a single color quilt. But I happened across a pin of the Blossoms quilt from this book (more on the book later) and I thought how pretty it would be in my daughter's favorite color.

Because, silly me, I thought it was lavender. But when I opened up my Bella Solids swatch book, she chose Capri. Of course.

The blocks are huge, so the quilt comes together pretty quickly.

I've got a yellow one in the works for my sunshine baby, and a yellow one yet to be cut for me.

I mentioned the book. I decided to purchase a digital copy. I have a digital copy of Camille Roskelley's second book, and Ayumi's book Patchwork, Please! In both those books, if there is a template, you can click on a url and be taken to the template.

Not so in "With Fabric & Thread." No pattern links. Kind of a useless book, since most of the projects I want to do require the pattern. I'm trying to get my money refunded for the book, but so far, it's been quite the headache.

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21 April 2014

Make-A-List Monday: Fun Week!

Off-Track Jennie. That's my new name. I make a plan, do part of it, and then the ADD kicks in and I'm like, "Look! A chicken!"
  • Layout and sew Strawberry Fields Shortcake flimsy (the blocks were all done, so why haven't I finished this quilt yet?)
 Stayed on track for this one. I've just got to piece the back and quilt the thing. Easier said than done, but here's hoping so I can get it to my cousin for her birthday.
  • Layout and sew Backyard Bugs flimsy (just squares, so easy peasy) - didn't even get to this
  • Get pearl cotton for pillow sham quilting - nope
  • Sew Scrumptious pillowcases - I'm trying to decide if I should embellish these a little with lace or ric rac, or just keep them plain.
And now, for this week. Browsing through posts this weekend inspired me to start some entirely new projects. Shocker, I know. But I really want to make an Idaho wall hanging like Cristina's Texas one. And I've been watching Hell's Kitchen (seriously, my favorite show because Gordon Ramsay is so over the top in his insults and temper flare-ups), and he called someone a donkey again. And it makes me laugh every single time. So I'm determined to make myself a donkey wall hanging like the one on this blog. Just to go on my wall. What do you think - should I use up my London prints for it, or do it in my favorite color combination of yellow and aqua with a grey donkey? Can't decide!

The official list (besides my dream projects):
  • Finish these Blossom quilt blocks:
  • Sew together Happy-Go_Lucky Basketcase quilt top
  • Start Flower Sugar Economy blocks, just because I can
  • Make some quilt backs
  • Maybe finish my Ruby flimsy, if all goes well
That's all. We've got a wedding to attend on Saturday morning, plus the reception Saturday evening, so most everything will be done this week.

15 April 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Strawberry Shortcake

This is what happens when you move.

This is also what happens when you fall out of love with something and need some space and time to fall back in love.

This is also what happens when you find out that a quilt you're working on would be a perfect gift for a family member.

And I just wanted to finish a flimsy. The Ruby Grannies were not going to work out, so I sewed the rows together and set them aside. I spotted the bin with these blocks and thought, "Why not?"

I sort of love it again. But it doesn't go with anything in my house (which hasn't stopped me before). But the colors, I hear, are some of my cousin's favorites, and her birthday is next month, which means this baby is getting quilted soon and shipped off. Can't wait!

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14 April 2014

Make-A-List Monday: Change of direction (what else is new?)

I cleaned my sewing room on Friday night. Vacuumed. Moved bins and boxes and toys and dirty clothes (not mine - my two-year-old feels entitled to disrobe in any room in the house, at any given time). It wasn't on my list, but it needed to be done.

Here's my list from last week:
  • Layout and sew Ruby Grannies flimsy - did I say Ruby? I meant to, and I did, but I can't sew the sashing together until I figure out how I'm going to get my hands on 20 2.5" squares of random Ruby fabrics. I've got 30, but I wanted to do corner post squares with the sashing, like on my Sew Cherry granny quilt. So I'm in the market. If you're hoarding some, I'll gladly pay or swap for something else if you like. I just won't pay nearly $50 for a charm pack. Not happening!

  • Get sashing fabric for pinwheel pillow shams - cut and stitch the fronts together - done! I love these, and now I'm working on the quilting step. Someone suggested flowers, and I'm liking the idea of a dogwood style flower in each pinwheel!

  • Find a great Christmas quilt pattern - meh, didn't find one I absolutely love yet, but I'm getting closer. I might just use the Thimbleblossoms one
  • Make and post my 2QFAL list (as per usual, it's a monster) - done, and who could forget it!
 And now, on to this week.
  • Layout and sew Strawberry Fields Shortcake flimsy (the blocks were all done, so why haven't I finished this quilt yet?)
  • Layout and sew Backyard Bugs flimsy (just squares, so easy peasy)
  • Get pearl cotton for pillow sham quilting
  • Sew Scrumptious pillowcases
That's all. 

11 April 2014

Friday Finish: Pinwheel Pillow Shams

They aren't done.

Just saying that up front. The "flimsy" is done, if you want to call it that.

I'm stuck now. How do I quilt it?

Allover free motion pattern? Something more block specific? Any ideas? If you have a brilliant idea, with a picture or Pin, please share.

Linking up at crazy mom quilts, who has the cutest little quilt she finished up on her blog today.

10 April 2014

Disgust! Outrage! Ridiculousness!

Just browsing around on Etsy, looking for some Ruby charm packs. I know, pipe dream, but I did find one.

For 48.95. Plus shipping.

The same shop had a Marmalade jelly roll for $57.95. Plus shipping.

Vintage Modern FQ bundle? $265.

I'm sorry, but no way in a million years. I might want a Ruby charm pack pretty badly, but not that much! I get supply and demand, but then there's price gouging. Sheesh! I can see charging maybe $20 for a hard to find charm pack, but charging over $1 for each square? Come on!

Okay. Rant over. But I'm still disgusted by it.

08 April 2014

Make a BIG List Tuesday: 2QFAL

In the off-chance that I score some serious quilting time, I figured I'd better put it all on the list. Especially the finished flimsies. I've negotiated a trade with the law student. He takes one Saturday a month for a three-gun shoot, so I figured I'd ask for an equal amount of quilting time (not necessarily on a Saturday). Sounds great, right?

And so, I give you the monster, mother of a list! In alphabetical order, no less. I know. Be impressed.

Alpine Wonderland – READY TO QUILT

Apple of My Eye Hexies – NEEDS BACK

Arkansas Traveler Do Good Stitches quilt

Backyard Bugs patchwork

Big Glamping Hexies – NEEDS BACK

Blooming Lovely Open Season – READY TO QUILT

Christmas Gift Bags - cut these out this weekend, but I need white for the lining of them all

Delft Blue Dutch Pinwheels - READY TO QUILT

Easy as Cake – READY TO QUILT

Enchanted Forest Hot Cross - figure out what I want for the Xs, then piece it and quilt it (already have the back for it!)

Flower Sugar Economy Block quilt

Glamping Trips – NEEDS BACK

Gypsy Girl Scrappy Pillow for my daughter


HGL Niner

HGL Nines and Snowballs – NEEDS  BACK


HGL Touch of Whimsy

HS Wagon Wheels – READY TO QUILT

HS Nine Patch – just a couple more borders and she's ready

I Love Lucy Churn Dash – NEEDS BACK

Lucy’s Triangles – READY TO QUILT

Lucy’s Crab Shack Weekender

Mama Said Sew D4 – NEEDS BACK

Oh Cherry Oh Stripey HSTs

PKM Dresdens

Posy Jewel Box - NEEDS A BACK


Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope – NEEDS BACK

Ready Set Snow Matchbox – READY TO QUILT

Red Polka Dot chair

Ruby Grannies – NEEDS BACK

Scrumptious Scrappy Trip – READY TO QUILT

Scrumptious Swoon – READY TO QUILT

Scrumptious Pinwheel shams

Scrumptious Kaleidoscope pillow

Sew Cherry Grannies – READY TO QUILT

Simple Life Dottie #1 – NEEDS BACK
Simple Life dottie #2 – NEEDS BACK

Small Glamping Hexies – READY TO QUILT

Spider Web quilt – READY TO QUILT

Strawberry Fields Shortcake

Sunkissed Grannies – READY TO QUILT

Too Cute to Spook Hexies – NEEDS BACK

X-Plus Do good Stitches quilt