22 April 2015

Super Tote #2

As promised, my daughter's Super Tote.

She likes owls. A lot. Especially barn owls. She's very upset that they aren't making more of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole movies. Yeah, she loves owls.

And now she can carry dozens of books in her new bag. Because who are we kidding? She might almost be twelve, but she's so not interested in lip gloss and such, so I know it's going to haul books and sketch pads. And this momma couldn't be happier about that!

Checking it off the 2QFAL list.

21 April 2015

Fabric Tuesday: My Supertote!

Is it Supertote or Super Tote? Not that it matters to me, but I do know others care about these things.

Anywho, I finished up my Super Tote (I like this way better) and wanted to show y'all. Just in time for my trip to Seattle, but not in time for the tulip festival. Darn early spring!

I used some Geometric Bliss, plus black linen and this awesome text print called 8 Days a Week.

This bag is huge. Like, I can carry everything, and then some, inside. Which is fine for this mom. I like being able to fit a whole doodle pad, my tablet, snacks, wallet, keys, you name it! It's great. No, it's super!

Checking this girl off the 2QFAL list. And I'll show you my daughter's Super Tote tomorrow.

20 April 2015

Make-A-List Color Mondays: Whatever you want!

Wait, what?

I didn't post last Monday?

I am SO sorry! I meant to, honest I did, but life must have happened.

So no list to compare, although here's what I did accomplish:
  • Finished and posted my aunt's kitty flimsy
  • Finished and posted those Open Wide Pouches
  • Finished, and posting tomorrow, my Super Totes (so much fun to make!)
This week is a crazy one (when is it not anymore?), and I've got lots to do:
  • Quilt and bind and label the kitty quilt
  • Sew my Flower Mini
  • Sew my Taffy Mini
  • Sew Flower Sugar Patchwork pillow shams
  • Cut and sew the Cotton and Steel Sew Together Bag for my swap partner
So not much, right? :)

Color. I was feeling uninspired regarding a theme. So I just went over to the National Geographic website and started flipping through their photo of the day album. Here's a few that I loved:

What about you? What do you find beautiful and inspiring this week?

17 April 2015

Friday Finish Part 2: Open Wide Pouches

I entered the dark world of Instagram Swaps. Seriously, friends, these are so much fun. I'm putting together a post on how to be a good swapper, because I've got some ideas on making life easier for your partner.

This was my first swap I signed up for, and I learned a lot. Lesson one: give your partner a good idea of a color palette you like. Not one color. One color says nothing. If I told you I loved yellow, that wouldn't really be enough, would it? If I told you I loved Pam Kitty Morning fabrics, you'd have a much better idea of the kind of yellow I love.

My partner likes navy. That's all I got. So this is what I made:

Usually, you fill it up with fun little trinkets and treats. Treats, especially, from what I gather. But my swap partner is dieting, so candy is out. So she gets two pouches instead of one, to make up for the missing treats.

I wanted some cute zipper pulls, and I discovered that my partner has a vintage Singer, so I added these to the bags. Aren't they the cutest? I get them from this little shop on Etsy called Julep Tulip. I've ordered quite a few from her lately, and they are the best!

One pouch has a few extras: a mini charm pack, some notecards, and a box of pins. Oh, and some of the other fabrics that came with the ones I ordered. Just to play with. 

So, what do you think? Is this mail you'd like to receive? And are you a swap addict? Confession time: I'm signed up for 8 more this year. So far. One of which is a Harry Potter Mini, and an 80s/90s swap that is going to be so much fun.

Checking this off my 2QFAL list. One down, a billion to go!

Friday Finish: A flimsy!

I'm telling you, my sew-jo took a long trip around the world or something. It's been MIA for a while.

The swaps, and this quilt, are saving me. Deadlines are good things right now.

I used this pattern, although I drew up my own cutting diagram for it. And I used half yard cuts instead of fat quarters. I didn't want to do a wider border, so I made more cats and tails.

Do you ever do this? I took this picture after I'd finished the flimsy the first time.

A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on

See those white cats who went sideways down at the bottom? I asked my husband if it was a big deal. He said no, but I couldn't stand it. I HAD to fix it! Out came the seam ripper, and we had pancakes for dinner so I could make it perfect. All is well with the world.

Quilting this girl next week, and delivering her to my aunt as a gift for her bestie. Wait til you see the label! I'm so excited about it!

06 April 2015

Make-A-List Color Mondays: Episode Spring Break

An amazing, successful weekend of cutting! I've got lots of projects ready, and the sew-jo has returned.

The list for this week:
  • That kitty flimsy (just need to show it to you!)
  • An open wide pouch for an IG swap
  • Anything else that strikes my fancy - bags, borders, you name it!
Now, I know spring break is over for most of you, but just for fun, let's see where you'd LOVE to be for spring break next year. 

Me? I love the Oregon Coast. Even if it's cold and rainy. I grew up on this beach:

Our family's favorite spring break was down in Goblin Valley (FYI, Kate, they have a half in October). This place is the coolest, and so much fun for kids. We stayed in a yurt and it was fabulous.

But if I could get on a plane, I'd probably go here:

Or here:

Or take my sewing machine and go here:

I love all the greens!

What about you? Where would you go?

04 April 2015

2QFAL: April - May - June Plans

I was feeling a little discouraged last week. Not very motivated. I sat down to write this post and made a discovery.

I finished 18 WIPs last quarter. Granted, some were small, but still!

Motivation has returned, and I'm ready to tackle a new, long list.

The focus this quarter is going to change. Not as many quilt finishes, but a whole lot of other stuff.

Let's get to the list:

Quilt finishes:

Kitty quilt for my aunt

MID Mini - quilt it

Flower Mini - finish piecing and quilt it

Taffy Mini - finish piecing and quilt it

Simple Life Dottie #1

Simple Life Dottie #2

Non-quilting finishes:

Eloise Wallet

Temple Bag

Super tote #1 (for me!)

Super Tote #2 (for my daughter)

80s Sew Together Bag

Navy Open Wide Pouch

Cotton and Steel Sew Together Bag

Elephant Ticker Tape Wall Hanging


Zebra pillow cover

Giraffe Open Wide Pouch

Paris Bag

Red Flower Pillow

Flower Sugar Pillow Shams and Cases

Sew Cherry Pillow Shams and Cases

Wonder Woman Purse

MID Cherry Pillow

Polka Dot Churn Dash Pillows

X Plus Pillows

03 April 2015

Friday Finish: MAXI Quilt Revolution round 2!

I began the Maxi Quilt Revolution last fall. Mini quilts are everywhere, and they are very twee and precious and cute and I get it. But when I want to be warm, a mini quilt isn't going to cut it. And when I need a big quilt in a hurry, I don't want to make 20 12-inch blocks to get it finished.

To solve my own problem, I came up with the anti-mini quilt. And I really enjoy making these Maxi Quilts. So fast, and so fun.

My first is the maxi version of my Catching Rays quilt. She takes just 8 fat quarters plus your background fabric. Four blocks and a border later, you have a 72" square quilt. Perfect for a picnic blanket.

Make it with Christmas fabrics and it's a stunning wall quilt. Doesn't it look just like a big snowflake? (I used Kate Spain's newest holiday line Jingle).

My second is the maxi version of my Fresh Air quilt. I wanted to try an all solids version, but you can make this quilt with 8 different half yard cuts (you'll end up with some great scraps, or you could use the extra for a scrappy binding).
A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on
She finishes at 90" square (36" blocks) and really showcases larger prints that get lost in smaller blocks.

My last is the maxi version of my Flower quilt. Flower has been my best selling pattern, and I knew I wanted larger blocks. I decided to make some sunflowers with it, but she looks fantastic with so many other fabrics.
The blocks are 32", and she finishes at 76" square.

All these patterns are for sale in my Craftsy store. Enjoy!

Oh, and mini quilts are on their way. I suppose it's time to give in. And checking off the Catching Rays Maxi from the 1QFAL list.