19 December 2014

Friday Finish: Another Make It Do Maxi Quilt!

There is a binding thief at my house.

Seriously. I made a stack o' bindings (photographic evidence) and that brown one with the dots disappeared.

I'm pretty certain I know who the culprit is. A certain three-year-old in my house is obsessed with polka dots these days. I'm sure she swiped it and stashed it away somewhere and we'll find it when we eventually move. Because I cannot find it anywhere! Don't know how she  missed those pink ones.

I figure when I do find it, I'll use it for another project. In the meantime, I had to get this quilt finished:

Just another version of my Make It Do Maxi quilt. This one takes just a layer cake plus yardage for the background and border. I'm liking the layer cake quilt patterns these days. Works up so quick, and so great at showcasing the bigger prints in a line that get chopped up in a smaller block.

Finished at 72" square, and backed in baby pink Minky. And claimed, surprise surprise, by the binding thief herself.

No remorse, whatsoever. She's lucky she's cute.

Hey, and don't forget to link up all your fabulous Christmas gift finishes for my Santa's Sweatshop linky party. Some seriously fabulous prizes y'all! The elves deserve some rewards for working so hard this Christmas!

16 December 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Sleeping Bags for Softies

First, don't forget to link up to yesterday's post for the Santa's Sweatshop Linky Party - FUN prizes, which is always a good thing!

Nothing super gorgeous to look at today, unless you are 11, 9, 7, 5, or 3. But I'm pretty sure my littles are going to love these come Christmas morning.

 We love our softies a whole lot. In fact, all of them have requested a Hobbes softie (which means mama better get on that hand-sewing!). And we love making tents in the living room with quilts and sleeping out there. So why not have sleeping bags for the softies?

L gets dragons, because that girl loves her dragons. Lined with blue minky (all the minky is left over from quilts - big win!):

W gets Star Wars, lined with red minky:

J gets puppies, lined with orange minky (that kid wants a puppy like nothing else!):

H gets Superman, of course, lined with green minky:

And C gets Frozen, naturally, lined with pink minky:

These were on my 4QFAL list, and I'm so glad I've got them finished!

15 December 2014

Welcome to Santa's Sweatshop Linky Party

I made a discovery last week, reading all your comments about what you're working on. We are making a lot of handmade gifts for Christmas this year, y'all!

You work hard, choosing perfect gifts and fabric. Sewing it all together in time for Christmas.

So let's reward the hardworking elves, shall we? Some fabulous sponsors have stepped up to reward you for your hard work.

Green Fairy Quilts is offering a $20 Gift Certificate

Red Chair Quilts is offering a jelly roll of Daysail! This is not a pre-order!

Westwood Acres is offering a $25 Gift Certificate

Sew Sweetness is offering a bundle of 3 bag patterns (seriously, I LOVE these patterns - I have that train cases pattern down there and can't wait to make some!)

Swoon Sewing Patterns is offering a subscription, which means it's all 24 patterns in her shop, plus anything new released before April 2015. These bag patterns are fabulous!

I'm throwing in a bundle of all 8 of my patterns, plus the new releases in March (I will remember who you are, winner!).

Oh, and the Fat Quarter Shop is offering a $50 Gift Certificate.

So let's link up! Here are the rules:
  1. Link up a picture, either blogged, from Flickr or IG. I'm not picky. 
  2. Link back to this post so we can spread the cheer!
  3. It must be a gift you've completed for the holidays. This year. Be honest. 
  4. You can include them all in one blog post. Each item = one entry. I'll do the math. I like math.
  5. Linky party runs from December 15th through December 26th at midnight. I'm giving you an extra day in case some of it needs to stay secret. I get that. Just link it up as soon as possible.
  6. Winners will be chosen at random and notified on December 27th. I will contact you in whatever way I can, but if you don't claim your prize within three days, I re-draw.
  7. Have fun, and cheer each other on! We're all in this Sweatshop together!

12 December 2014


The winner of the Etsy Gift Certificate is . . . . 

#62 - Beth

Working on sewing a mystery quilt! All my gifts are done!

The winner of the pattern bundle is . . . . 

#42 - Renea

I am really liking red and white right now. But my color combinations change all of the time. Love your patterns and thanks for the giveaway.

Congratulations ladies! I've sent out e-mails. Thanks everyone for playing along, and please come back next week for the Santa's Sweatshop linky party. You'll have 12 days to link up your gifty finishes for chances to win some fabulous prizes (Fat Quarter Shop, Westwood Acres, Green Fairy Quilts, Red Chair Quilts, Swoon Sewing Patterns, Sew Sweetness, and me!).

Friday Finish: T-Shirt Quilt!

Don't forget to enter the gift certificate and pattern giveaways! Today is the last day!

I offered to make a t-shirt quilt for my aunt. She has lots and lots of t-shirts from her travels, and I thought it might be a fun way to hang onto them.

I just went with a basic grid layout. Did my research a bit and just went with it. It all worked out really well.

Quilted it all over with swirly loops, and bound with a black polka dots. I did quilt the names of their fuzzy friends into the sashing: Captain Morgan (who is not doing well right now), Sweetie, Luigi, Geena Davis, Freya, and Squirrelly Bee.

The backing I love, more than every other backing I've found before. It's so perfect for these travelers - they really do fly all over the world. Headed to Panama after Christmas! So this one is headed out early so they get it well before Christmas.

One gift done, a gazillion to go! Which reminds me - come back next Monday for my Santa's Sweatshop Linky Party. It's going to be open until the 26th of December, and you can link up all your gifts. I've got a bunch of fabulous prizes (gift certificates, fabric, patterns) from fabulous sponsors (Westwood Acres, FQS, and Red Chair Quilts, to name a few).

Linking up.

08 December 2014

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway: Episode Gift Certificate


Here's me, in a nutshell:

I'm a homeschooling mom of five awesome kids. I love to make bags and dresses and most of all quilts. I've started designing my own patterns, and here are my first four:

I've begun a Maxi Quilt Revolution (not a mini quilt gal all the time), and I've maxi-fied my patterns to make some big blocks (30-36" big!) and big quilts:

But you're here for the giveaway! 

I'm doing two: one for patterns and one for a $25 Etsy Gift Certificate. This page is the Etsy giveaway.

All you need to do to win is leave a comment telling me what you're working on now. Me? I'm Santa's sweatshop! I've got lots of gifts to finish before December 24th! Be sure to come back next week for the Santa's Sweatshop Linky Party - I've got some great sponsors lined up (including $50 at the FQS!!!).

Giveaway ends Friday, December 12 at 6ish MST. It is open internationally. You can't win if you are a no-reply blogger, so please leave an e-mail address if you're not sure.

Good luck. And enter the pattern giveaway over here. Have fun and keep browsing all these great giveaways.

SMS Giveaway: Episode Patterns


Here's me, in a nutshell:

I'm a homeschooling mom of five awesome kids. I love to make bags and dresses and most of all quilts. I've started designing my own patterns, and here are my first four:

I've begun a Maxi Quilt Revolution (not a mini quilt gal all the time), and I've maxi-fied my patterns to make some big blocks (30-36" big!) and big quilts:

But you're here for the giveaway! 

I'm doing two: one for patterns and one for a $25 Etsy Gift Certificate. This page is the pattern giveaway. I'm letting you choose three of my eight patterns from my Craftsy shop (which are all on sale for $5 for the week of the giveaway, by the way).

All you need to do to win is leave a comment telling me your favorite color combination. Me? Yellow and aqua. Or red and white. Or red and aqua.

Giveaway ends Friday, December 12 at 8ish MST. It is open internationally. You can't win if you are a no-reply blogger, so please leave an e-mail address if you're not sure.

Good luck. And enter the $25 Etsy gift certificate giveaway over here. Have fun. I know I will, browsing all these great giveaways.

07 December 2014

2014 Inspiration Palooza with The Champ Life

I happened across this fun link up via Instagram and decided to play along.

My favorite finish of 2014 would have to be my Sew Cherry Granny Square quilt. A lot of work, time and love went into this quilt, and it was such a relief to get it finished. It doesn't hurt that it's so darn pretty too!

My goals for 2015:
  • Try some new styles of quilting, specifically more block specific quilting and custom designs
  • Design more patterns
  • Finish the enormous pile o' flimsies - you don't even want to know how many there are!
  • Learn more about EQ7
  • Teach my daughter to sew
That's all I can think of for tonight. Somewhat general, but I'll get more specific each quarter.

Linking up - give it a try!

05 December 2014

Friday Finish: Ready Set Snow Matchbox

I kind of have a thing for Christmas quilts. Don't believe me? Here's my stack:

This pattern, Matchbox from Abbey Lane Quilts, is a favorite. I've made it more than a few times (3 that I can think of). I think I love the scrappy sashing the most.

Rather than make the smaller version prescribed in the pattern, I used the entire layer cake and charm pack to make one big giant mother of a quilt. Because, if you haven't noticed, I like big quilts.

Backed in gorgeous blue minky, and quilted with swirly loops and some stick-figure snowflakes.

Crossing this one off the 4QFAL list.

Fabric: Ready Set Snow by Me and My Sister Designs for Moda
Pattern: Matchbox by Abbey Lane Quilts
Backing: Minky!
Finished size: Huge (96" X 112" huge)

02 December 2014

Layer Cake Quilts

I think I like layer cakes more than jelly rolls. I mean, in the pastry world, I definitely prefer layer cakes to jelly rolls, so it's only fitting that I favor their fabric counterparts as well.

Some of my favorite Layer Cake Quilts from the past (even recent past!):

A Matchbox quilt, which technically needs a layer cake, a charm pack, AND a jelly roll. But it's still one of my favorites.

Piece of Cake 3 pattern by Thimbleblossoms. Super fast and fun.

Dancing Daisies quilt at the Moda Bake Shop. Super cute and fun. I might need to make another!

Just some giant hexies cut from layer cake squares using my Go! cutter.

My Make It Do Maxi quilt pattern, that showcases those big prints really well.

And my Something New Maxi quilt pattern. So fast and fun to put together.

Do you have a favorite layer cake pattern?

Icy Roads have me stuck!

But first, my winner!

Theresa is the winner of the pattern bundle and layer cake prize! Thanks all, for your pattern pet peeve feedback. All good things to know.

I'm stuck at my parents. I'm a chicken. I don't like to drive on icy roads. So praying for a chinook wind to come and melt everything for me!

26 November 2014

Maxi Quilt Revolution!

I promised a Maxi Quilt Revolution, and I delivered!

Mini quilts are fine and dandy when it's summer and you just want something cute on the wall, or a throw pillow on the couch.

But Maxi quilts, where we take a quilt block and maxi-fy it, are what's needed in the fall and winter. Maxi quilts are also fantastic at showcasing big prints that get chopped up in smaller quilt blocks.

When you're going to start a revolution, you should first occupy the capitol building. I read that somewhere.

(thanks, Kate, for the hashtag inspiration)

I've taken my first four patterns and maxi-fied them into quick, simple, easy-to-piece quilts. Let's get acquainted, shall we? I photographed these on my fence so you could see just how big these blocks and quilts are.

First, the Make It Do Maxi. The center churn dash block is 36" square. Yep. 3 feet. 1 yard. It's fabulous for big prints that don't get the proper showing in smaller blocks. The final quilt size is 72" square.

I really wanted to keep the shoo fly blocks in the corners, so I just made them a part of a border.

This quilt is layer cake friendly, with lovely scraps left over for a throw pillow or a doll quilt. This quilt seriously came together in just a couple of hours. Fast and fun!

Second, my Taffy Maxi. I liked the bright candy colors of my first one, but I thought this one would be awesome in Christmas prints. I used some Solstice FQs, but wouldn't it be fun in scrappy reds, like my Christmas stockings?

She's a FQ friendly quilt (just 15), and goes together so quickly. Four blocks! Four BIG blocks - they finish at 30" square. The final quilt size is 78" square, just like the original, but with 1/4 of the blocks. Kinda nice, huh? And that center block would be extra cute as a pinwheel.

Third, my Something New Maxi. This one would be fun for scraps, but a layer cake will also give you just what you need. I chose to use some Surrounded by Love. We need another Valentine's Day quilt around here!

The blocks finish at 24" square, so they work up fast, and would be great to feature some of your favorite prints. The final quilt is 76" square, perfect for a cuddle quilt!

And finally, my Five Spot Maxi

These blocks are also 30" square, which works beautifully with the larger prints in so many lines. I still had some Wee Wander FQs, so I worked it all out, and even fussy cut some prints. You'll need just 13 FQs for this girl!

She finishes at 75" square. Roasty toasty toes will thank you for a big quilt to cuddle up in. Back it in Minky and you will be everyone's favorite.

So, who wants to win some patterns? Start shopping for your fabrics, with all the sales going on this weekend! 

I've listed the specific fabric requirements in the Craftsy listing if you want to go ahead and get ready to make it. You'll have plenty of time to finish just four blocks (or even one!) for a last minute Christmas gift. 

To enter, just leave a comment here. Let me know your biggest pattern pet peeve. Mine is having a whole lot of fabric left over. For additional entries:

  • Follow me, porchswingquits, on Instagram. Leave me a comment with your IG handle
  • Follow this blog and let me know you do

One winner will receive a PDF copy of all four Maxi patterns, plus a layer cake from one of my favorite etsy shops, Red Chair Quilting. Gotta support my Idaho shops!

And you have two giveaways to enter. Kate, the genius behind all my pressing instructions, has the same deal going on over on her blog. So hurry!

If you don't want to wait, you can purchase a copy of each one in my Craftsy store for $6.50 each. That's not a sale price. That price sticks forever! And if you want all four, you can buy the bundle for $20.

Giveaway will end Sunday night, and I'll announce the winner Monday morning. Good luck, and happy shopping! And pretty please, make sure you're not a "no-reply" blogger. I've had a handful every time, and it makes me sad to think that you'll never get replies to your comments, or chances to win. Check out this post to fix it.

Oh, and our winner from last week was Melanie! Congrats to you! Enjoy your patterns and fabric!

21 November 2014

Friday Finish: Miss Kate Something New Quilt - Another Fabulous Fat Eighth Quilt!

First, the winner of all three patterns from last week was Christine! I've e-mailed you you your bundle of patterns! Congrats!

My fourth pattern, Something New. With quarter square triangles and flying geese. And lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my.

The blocks finish at 16", and the quilt finishes at 68"X86". Again, she's fat eighth friendly, and so fun to make scrappy. Kate went scrappy with hers, and I'm loving the scrappy red, white and blue:

I sketched up a version done in all navy, just to see if those blocks would look like snowflakes, and they did! I think this would make a lovely winter quilt.

And now, let's have a giveaway. This is the last of my quilt patterns for a bit, besides the maxi versions premiering next week. So let's make it fun! The winner will receive PDF copies of all four patterns, plus their choice of F8 bundle from Westwood Acres. Just leave me a comment telling me if you prefer paper or PDF patterns. Inquiring minds want to know.

Giveaway runs through next Tuesday night. I'll announce the winner Wednesday morning. Good luck. If you don't feel like waiting, the pattern is available in my Craftsy shop for $5, this week only.

Oh, and checking this girl off the 4QFAL list!