02 March 2015

Make-a-List Color Mondays

Happiest of Mondays to you all!

Okay, let me just tell you that last week was a super fantastic week. For one big reason.

My husband, who graduated from law school last May, finally got a job. So stinkin' excited over here, I just can't tell you. Trials are wonderful things, and I'm grateful for the learning experience all those months were, but I'm so grateful for this opportunity.

But the job is a game changer for us. We'll have to move. So I'm switching from quilt finishing to flimsy finishing. Because this girl is getting a longarm out of this deal. Yep. So I'll just hold off on quilting most things until after the move. Which might be a while, depending on housing options. 

Okay, but let's do lists!
  • Quilt and bind Catching Rays Maxi - done! Blogging later with the Maxi Quilt Revolution pattern release 
  • Quilt and bind Glamping Trips quilt - done, and blogging tomorrow
  • Finish Fresh Air Maxi flimsy - done and here's the sneak peak
A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on
  • Finish piecing Flower Maxi flimsy - almost done, but I got distracted by the new job prep!

I've also got my newest pattern, Flower, on sale until Friday for $5. She's kind of my favorite. Check out the pattern store!

Now, for this week, life is super crazy. Gotta get the husband outfitted and ready for the new job. He's heading out on Saturday, so we've got some family time to get it. So here's my list for this week:
  • Finish that Flower Maxi Flimsy
  • Bake one gorgeous German Chocolate Cake for the birthday man
  • Go shooting with the family
  • Go bowling with the family
  • Cut kitty quilt for my aunt
  • Clean and organize my sewing room
I know. It's not that thrilling. But it's what I'm doing this week. I've still got some finishes to post this week, so there will still be pretty pictures. But my family comes first, always, but most especially this week.

And now, for my palette! Since Seattle is going to be home, I thought it would be fun to do a "Home" theme. Now, it does not, obviously, have to be your current home. Home, for me, is where my family is. So I'll be split between Boise and Seattle until we're all together again.

Not all grey skies and rain! I'm excited for this new adventure, and now it's time to get things packed up.

Link up your definition of "Home." And have a wonderful week!

27 February 2015

Friday Finish: Flower, a new Porch Swing Quilts pattern

Introducing Flower, my latest, and favorite, quilt pattern.

12 Fat quarters, some background fabric and one gorgeous quilt. You can mix and match more fabrics in this one if you want.

She finishes at 56" X 74", making her the perfect snuggle quilt.

My awesome friend Kate did a test block for me, and handed down some great edits as usual. Now she did it "Kate Style", so instead of the background fabric surrounding the center of the flower, she used another print. Kate used the Round Up fabric by Samantha Walker, and I'm loving it!

The Maxi and Mini versions are coming soon. For now, you can get your copy of this pattern in my Craftsy store. $5 for one week only.

Hope you love it, and I'd always love to see what you do with any of my patterns. 

23 February 2015

Make-A-List Color Monday

Where did last week go? I swear, it only felt like Tuesday, but it really was Friday. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I wasn't accomplishing much. Well, I was, but nothing I'd blog about. My laundry is not that fascinating.

But here were my goals from last week:
  • Quilt Fresh Air - Done! Blogging the pattern release in March, but here's a sneak peak:
A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on

  • Quilt and blog Posy Kiss Me Quilt - Done! Blogged here
  • Piece Flower Maxi flimsy - mid-week I changed my mind on how I wanted to do this quilt, so I had to pull some different fabrics. I'm pretty excited about this one now!
  • Piece Fresh Air Maxi flimsy - Almost done! Quilting soon.
Now for this week.
  • Quilt and bind Catching Rays Maxi
  • Quilt and bind Glamping Trips quilt
  • Finish Fresh Air Maxi flimsy
  • Finish piecing Flower Maxi flimsy
Color palette time. I really loved the warm weather palettes from last week. We even had a day or two of warmer weather. Almost 60 degrees a couple of days, so we headed to the zoo.

Now, for this week. No theme. Just something beautiful. I've got ideas for themes, but they don't always translate into pretty palettes. So for today, while my imagination is working, we've just got beautiful palettes.

20 February 2015

Friday Finish: Posy Kiss Me

I should really finish quilts while my daughter still likes certain colors. When I made this, pink was still okay. Now it's definitely not. Well, not for the eldest daughter.

Fortunately for me, I have two daughters, and one of them is in the throes of all things pink! Lucky girl is never going to freeze. Ever.

Used the Fig Tree Kiss Me pattern with some Posy fabric. Loved this quilt, but I made it a little bigger (who's surprised?). And if I had to choose, I'd say the bunny print is my favorite:

Checking it off the 1QFAL list.

16 February 2015

Make-A-List Color Monday: Warm-Weather Dreaming Edition

I'll 'splain the color palette in a minute. Promise.

I got sick last week. It was my fault. I got a little cocky. Counting my blessings that, because we homeschool, we don't get sick very often. Which is still true. But I got a lovely cough and fever and it was super fun. Remarkably, I did get some things finished anyway (thank you tax return!). Let's check the list:
  • Quilt Pam Kitty Garden Flower - done! Pattern release soon, but here's a teaser shot:
A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on
  • Quilt and blog Sunkissed Grannies - done, and blogged here
  • Finish Tulip Pillow for my MIL - almost done
  • Cut Flower Maxi, Cat quilt (for my aunt), and Fresh Air Maxi - done! 
I also finished my Fresh Air flimsy (pattern release soon!), so that one is in the queue to be quilted right away. 

As for this week, I'd like to accomplish the following:
  • Quilt Fresh Air
  • Quilt and blog Posy Kiss Me Quilt
  • Piece Flower Maxi flimsy
  • Piece Fresh Air Maxi flimsy
I'll stick with those four. Four is good.

Okay, today's palette "theme." I've been dreaming of jam ever since my last container of strawberry freezer jam disappeared. I don't know how that happened. Might be all the bread I was making this winter. 

But now I'm seriously craving strawberry jam. Methinks I'll need to make some cute strawberry crafts while I wait. Like this quilt, or these paper pieced jam jars.

And I'm totally going to make one blue strawberry. As a reference to one of my favorite musicals. Any guesses? 

What warm-weather thing are you dreaming of? It doesn't have to be jam. It can be garden beds, lakes - it's your dream! Share it!

14 February 2015

Why I quilt

Someone asked me the other day why I quilt. I thought about it, gave some answer about creativity and personal enjoyment. And it was true. But it wasn't the whole reason, or even the best.

This is why I quilt:

Every single one of those smiles is why I quilt. 

13 February 2015

Friday Finish: Sunkissed Grannies

This might be my oldest WIP to date. Started back in the Granny Square craze. Yeah, that old.

And small. Back when I believed people when they told me that a 44X54 quilt was plenty big enough for a lap quilt. I've learned that lap quilt is a relative term! Lap quilts in this house have to be at least 72" long. Preferably 90". I guess twin-sized blankets are our lap quilts.

Two of my favorite blocks, but really, I love them all.

Sunshine is great for showing off the quilting. I was about to toss this picture when I realized that. 

Quilted and bound and going to a great friend. Checking it off the 1QFAL list.

10 February 2015

Fabric Tuesday: Valentine's Mini

I had some leftover fabric after finishing my Something New Maxi quilt last fall. I figured I needed to make some Valentine's decorations, so I pieced this pixelated heart.

A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on
Don't think I followed anyone's tutorial. I mean, it's a pixelated heart. There's dozens of patterns out there for these. Here's a big one. I just used 2.5" squares for mine. No super complicated.

I was going to make it into a pillow, but then I figured we  needed something on the wall in February. The walls are so bare after we take down Christmas decorations. It's sort of depressing for me, so I'm happy to liven things up a bit with this mini.I think a bunting will be next!

Checking this girl off the 1QFAL list.

09 February 2015

Make-A-List Color Monday: Valentine's Edition

Being flexible is really important, especially when it involves family, quilting, and crashed hard drives.

All is well (thank goodness for a brilliant husband who can fix anything). But plans changed midweek, and we're flexible, so we just went with it.

But I'll go over my list anyway.

  • Finish Pam Kitty Garden quilt and quilt it! - finished, but not quilted
  • Quilt and blog Sunkissed Grannies - didn't get to quilt this past week
  • Finish Valentine's pillow - done!
  • Finish Catching Rays Maxi flimsy - done!
  • Start Fresh Air quilt top - started and finished!
All good things, all good things. And I made one more thing, just for Valentine's Day: I took my Make It Do pattern and swapped out the Economy block center for a heart. I'm thinking she should be a throw pillow. She finishes at 20" square.

If you'd like the pattern for the block, you can get it here. To make the heart center, just follow the instructions for the 4" finished block over at Cluck Cluck Sew. I just made the heart from the background and used my print squares around it. Such fun little hearts, aren't they?

And now, for this week. It all depends on our tax return showing up, but here's hoping!
  • Quilt Pam Kitty Garden
  • Quilt and blog Sunkissed Grannies
  • Finish Tulip Pillow for my MIL
  • Cut Flower Maxi, Cat quilt (for my aunt), and Fresh Air Maxi
How's about some color this week? It's almost Valentine's Day, and I'm making macarons this year. And eclairs.

And I'm SO excited to share that Play Crafts now let's you choose between Bella solid colors and Kona solid colors. Love it!

Link up! Tell your love story. Mine actually involves Chocolat (the movie), bread, Maxfield Parrish and a motorcycle. It's a great story! What shall we do next week?

06 February 2015

Super Special Weekender Project

A little while back, I posted a picture on Instagram.
A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on

I tagged Lori Holt, because she designed the gorgeous fabric. And tagging is what IG is all about, right?

Well, a little conversation between us sprang up, and we worked out a trade. She sent me the fabric at the beginning of this month, with extra for fussy cutting and everything for the apples.

I was terrified, y'all. But it was so much fun, fussy cutting those motifs and piecing this bag together.

Now I need one, only I think I want the tulips from her Quilty Fun book, or maybe some of the new ones from her Farm Girl Vintage book coming out later this year. Wouldn't a couple of little chicks be so cute on the pockets? Or canning jars? Or the patchwork milk can? I'd have to make five!

And Julia Davis approves:

My tips and tricks for the patchwork Weekender are up there under Tutorials. Believe it or not, I've got plans for more!

Friday Finish: Kate's Weekender

Mostly pictures today, because the bag is out of my possession (but she blogged it here).

Kate has been amazing, testing my patterns, reading e-mails akin to Russian novels, and being a fantastic friend. Since she doesn't do 3D sewing, I offered (or she asked?) to make her a Weekender.

Now she pieced the pieced pockets. I was sad to have to cut off those star points, but she's so laid back, I think I was more upset about it!

Made from Bonnie & Camille fabrics. I love her choice for piping on this one. And there will be Scotch Guard involved I hear, just to keep it pretty longer.

It was fun to put together, but much more intimidating than making one for myself. If I screw up my own, it's no big thing. But in the end, even Abe Lincoln approved:

And checking this girl off the 1QFAL list

03 February 2015

Fabric Tuesday: Apple of My Eye Hexies Quilt

You know, I'm not sure how many times I can say this without disbelief settling in. Not my disbelief. Yours.

Because I love this quilt. It's my favorite.

Might be because I love apples. Or maybe daisies.

Might be those yellow and white flowers. No, it's definitely those flowers.

Backed in the apple print, because it's my favorite of the whole line. Seriously, The Quilted Fish designs a lot of my favorites. 

Quilted all over with loops (no way!), flowers (shocker), and apples. Yes indeedy. Apples! I kind of love them a lot.

This girl finishes at 90"x 92". 

And it's going on my bed. Don't tell me I have too many quilts on my bed. I rotate them. I used to move my bedroom furniture around when I was a kid. I can't do that anymore, so I'm stuck with rotating my quilts for a new look. As long as they all coordinate with my gorgeous dresser, all is well. I just need to make some matching pillowcases.

Checking her off the 1QFAL list
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