27 May 2016

Flying Four: A new pattern!

Are you back for more Four Patch fun? What did you think of last week's quilt?

Now this one combines three of my favorite blocks: Four Patch, Flying Geese, and Birds in the Air. We're a birding family (we're especially good at birds of prey), and so this one is called Flying Four for my bird-loving daughter.

I love a pattern that, when you put the blocks together, makes secondary patterns. Those extra four patch blocks from the Birds in the Air sitting together, along with the diamonds from the Flying Geese make me pretty happy.

This is a fun quilt that uses either 24 Fat Quarters, or 2 layer cakes (I give cutting instructions for both). The blocks finish up at 24 inches, giving you a 72"X90" quilt. Perfect for a twin sized bed, or in this family, a snuggle quilt.

I used Pie Making Day for this quilt, and I'm seriously sad I don't have more of this fabric! But I'll be okay with the two quilts I've got from this one.

My talented t-shirt quilt expert friend Kate, from Katie Mae Quilts, tested this pattern for me and made an adorable scrappy test quilt:

A pretty little baby quilt, don't you think? She's a wiz with the scraps, I tell ya!

This pattern is available for sale in my Craftsy shop.

And checking this girl off my 2QFAL list as well.

20 May 2016

Friday Finish: Four Squared - A New pattern!

Hi all! I've got a new, super quick pattern for you. Warning: I've become a little bit obsessed with four patch blocks, and I'm introducing 3 new patterns that feature them. But we're cool, right? Nothing wrong with four patches.

This week, I have Four Squared. Meet my inner math nerd. I like that the four patches meet up and make some big sixteen patches. I got to teach my kids about exponents with this quilt. Gotta love it when you can combine a quilt pattern with a homeschooling lesson!

These blocks are big. 24 inches, so this quilt comes together pretty quickly. It uses 24 fat quarters, and makes a 72"X90" quilt. I fussy cut some of the squares because the fabric was just begging for it.

My amazingly talented friend Kate over at Katie Mae Quilts did the pattern testing for me, as always. A great friend, and the world's foremost authority on pressing instructions (she's obsessed with nesting seams y'all). Here is her test block - it looks great scrappy:

The pattern is available in my Craftsy shop. Be sure to come back next week for another new pattern!

Oh, and this one was on my 2QFAL list, so I can finally check it off!

17 May 2016

Fabric Tuesday: Ruby Grannies

I have a new quilt for my bed. I know, please don't keep count of how many I have for my bed. Let's just say the Princess and the Pea would be hard pressed to find any veggies under my mattress!

I made all these gorgeous blocks over the last couple of years. Even got some great people to swap fabric with me when I couldn't find any more Ruby fabric. I didn't have anything for the binding though, but then, miracle of miracles, Little Ruby came out and I decided on the bias red scoops.

I backed it in cozy aqua dot flannel and quilted it all over with a loopy swirl (my signature motif!). Now I need to make some shams to go with it and I'll be all set for next fall and winter.

Checking this gorgeous girl off my 2QFAL list.

13 May 2016

Friday Finish: Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope

Truth: I love strawberries. LOVE them. There is photographic evidence that this love goes way back. I'm pretty sure I ate every color of strawberry in my Gran's garden. 

I made this kaleidoscope quilt ages ago. I appliqued the circles on a couple years ago (I know, so embarrassing!). And then, big surprise, it wasn't big enough for my tastes. I added the borders and the fun strawberry blocks (from the Strawberry Social quilt pattern by the Pattern Basket).

Quilted all over in loopy swirls. Bound with green gingham. Backed with a pink and green flannel houndstooth.

Checking this girl off my 2QFAL list. Come back next week for a new pattern release!

15 April 2016

Friday Finish: Milking Day Quilt

When I was a kid, my parents had a vintage metal milk can in our entry way. They were vintage farmstyle decorators before "Fixer Upper" and I loved this milk can. Don't know why.

Fast forward to the release of Lori Holt's book Farm Girl Vintage and I fell in love with this Milking Day block. Add in the cutest fabric around called Pie Making Day and I've got my new favorite quilt!

Checking this one off my 2QFAL list. And taking it on my trip next week. This one deserves to be photographed in Carnation, Washington. With the contended cows.

12 April 2016

Fabric Tuesday: Capri Blossoms

This is officially my new favorite quilt. My two favorite colors. My first all solids quilt. A fun pattern.

Quilted up and bound with a fun silver herringbone print, because matching something to this quilt was tough!

Backed it with yellow because it's my favorite color combination these days.

Checking this one off the my 2QFAL list. First finish of the quarter!

11 April 2016

Make-A-List Monday: 2QFAL

With a move in my near future looking more and more likely, I really need to get my WIPs under control so that I can move finished flimsies and such rather than tiny pieces of fabric.

Still, I want to move actual finishes as well, so here's my list for the second quarter:

Yellow and grey baby quilt

Backyard Bugs

Capri Blossoms - quilted and just needs to be bound

Cousin's Weekender - we did a swap and I'm finishing this for her

Feed Co. Weekender

First Crush Weekender

Polka Dot Pinwheel Quilt

Prairie Weekender

Vintage Happy Weekender

Glamping Weekender

Flying Four Patch Quilt

Four Squared Quilt

Milking Day Quilt

Fresh Air Squared Quilt

I Love Lucy Churn Dash Quilt

Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope Quilt

Ruby Grannies

Silk Tie Pillow Covers

Sweet Divinity Pinwheels

21 March 2016

Make-A-List Monday: Back in town!

Greetings everyone!

I just spent a whirlwind weekend with my family for my birthday and it was fabulous. Got to see five of my six brothers, two sisters-in-law, and two nephews (including my brand new baby nephew Cooper!). We had delicious food, went hiking, then swimming. I trimmed a whole quilt's worth of HSTs too! It was fun and I'm energized for the week now.

And what a week I've got planned! Here we go with the list:

  • Bind the two quilts I quilted last week
  • Make bindings for the quilts I'm quilting this week (3 of them!)
  • Quilt 3 quilts
  • Cut out Four Patch Star (if I can every figure out what fabric I'm going to use!)
  • Sew Four Patch Star blocks
  • Start making plans for semi-annual Cut-A-Thon!
That's all. That's enough, right? And yoga. Lots of yoga.

Want to help me with an internal debate?

I think I might want to make my Four Patch Star quilt from solids. And I thought I'd use one of my color palettes. Vote for your favorite!

Cherry Blossoms

Bright Tulips

Candy Rainbow

Daisies and Blue Skies

Tulip Basket

11 March 2016

Friday Finish: Flowering Snowball Quilt

I bought binding fabric for this quilt. I swear I did. But in the black hole that sometimes is my sewing room, it has been sucked into another dimension. (Okay, sci fi is not my specialty, so if that sounded dumb, I apologize.)

And since I'm not really skilled at diving into that black hole, I ordered some more. Fortunately for me, I found a yard of what I needed for just $2.99. Seriously. For some Moda, out-of-print fabric. Jumped on that deal!

This gorgeous girl is now bound and happily stored away. I've got plans for her, so she needs to stay safe until then.

I loved the flowering snowball block from the get-go, and I ordered a set of plastic templates to make the cutting process that much easier.

A whole lot of curves later, I've got this big, probably queen-sized quilt.

I backed it in the pink and orange hydrangea print. I had blue hydrangeas in my bouquet when I got married, so I thought it made sense. Maybe only to me . . .

Checking this one off the 1QFAL list. Hope you have a happy weekend!