15 April 2016

Friday Finish: Milking Day Quilt

When I was a kid, my parents had a vintage metal milk can in our entry way. They were vintage farmstyle decorators before "Fixer Upper" and I loved this milk can. Don't know why.

Fast forward to the release of Lori Holt's book Farm Girl Vintage and I fell in love with this Milking Day block. Add in the cutest fabric around called Pie Making Day and I've got my new favorite quilt!

Checking this one off my 2QFAL list. And taking it on my trip next week. This one deserves to be photographed in Carnation, Washington. With the contended cows.

12 April 2016

Fabric Tuesday: Capri Blossoms

This is officially my new favorite quilt. My two favorite colors. My first all solids quilt. A fun pattern.

Quilted up and bound with a fun silver herringbone print, because matching something to this quilt was tough!

Backed it with yellow because it's my favorite color combination these days.

Checking this one off the my 2QFAL list. First finish of the quarter!

11 April 2016

Make-A-List Monday: 2QFAL

With a move in my near future looking more and more likely, I really need to get my WIPs under control so that I can move finished flimsies and such rather than tiny pieces of fabric.

Still, I want to move actual finishes as well, so here's my list for the second quarter:

Yellow and grey baby quilt

Backyard Bugs

Capri Blossoms - quilted and just needs to be bound

Cousin's Weekender - we did a swap and I'm finishing this for her

Feed Co. Weekender

First Crush Weekender

Polka Dot Pinwheel Quilt

Prairie Weekender

Vintage Happy Weekender

Glamping Weekender

Flying Four Patch Quilt

Four Squared Quilt

Milking Day Quilt

Fresh Air Squared Quilt

I Love Lucy Churn Dash Quilt

Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope Quilt

Ruby Grannies

Silk Tie Pillow Covers

Sweet Divinity Pinwheels

21 March 2016

Make-A-List Monday: Back in town!

Greetings everyone!

I just spent a whirlwind weekend with my family for my birthday and it was fabulous. Got to see five of my six brothers, two sisters-in-law, and two nephews (including my brand new baby nephew Cooper!). We had delicious food, went hiking, then swimming. I trimmed a whole quilt's worth of HSTs too! It was fun and I'm energized for the week now.

And what a week I've got planned! Here we go with the list:

  • Bind the two quilts I quilted last week
  • Make bindings for the quilts I'm quilting this week (3 of them!)
  • Quilt 3 quilts
  • Cut out Four Patch Star (if I can every figure out what fabric I'm going to use!)
  • Sew Four Patch Star blocks
  • Start making plans for semi-annual Cut-A-Thon!
That's all. That's enough, right? And yoga. Lots of yoga.

Want to help me with an internal debate?

I think I might want to make my Four Patch Star quilt from solids. And I thought I'd use one of my color palettes. Vote for your favorite!

Cherry Blossoms

Bright Tulips

Candy Rainbow

Daisies and Blue Skies

Tulip Basket

11 March 2016

Friday Finish: Flowering Snowball Quilt

I bought binding fabric for this quilt. I swear I did. But in the black hole that sometimes is my sewing room, it has been sucked into another dimension. (Okay, sci fi is not my specialty, so if that sounded dumb, I apologize.)

And since I'm not really skilled at diving into that black hole, I ordered some more. Fortunately for me, I found a yard of what I needed for just $2.99. Seriously. For some Moda, out-of-print fabric. Jumped on that deal!

This gorgeous girl is now bound and happily stored away. I've got plans for her, so she needs to stay safe until then.

I loved the flowering snowball block from the get-go, and I ordered a set of plastic templates to make the cutting process that much easier.

A whole lot of curves later, I've got this big, probably queen-sized quilt.

I backed it in the pink and orange hydrangea print. I had blue hydrangeas in my bouquet when I got married, so I thought it made sense. Maybe only to me . . .

Checking this one off the 1QFAL list. Hope you have a happy weekend!

07 March 2016

Make-A-List Monday: I keep forgetting!

Goal setting is the only way I'm going to get through the next few weeks. 

This week, I'm planning on:
  • Finishing my Flying Four quilt top (it's scheduled for quilting next week, so I'd better git 'er done!)
  • Cutting and sewing my Four Patch Star quilt top (also scheduled for quilting!)
  • Binding my Flowering Snowball quilt (just as soon as I find the binding material I bought ages ago - guess it's time to clean my sewing room!)
And I've really got to get my son's Bobcat patch sewn on! Poor kid. He's so patient!

Time for some color!

There's no doubt I'm crazy for spring. Might be because it's my birth month. Might be because we can play outside more (the joys of getting to send kids outside!). But I know at least part of the reason is all the new-ness of it. 

Have a wonderful week! I hope I've got some finishes for you throughout the week!

04 March 2016

Friday Finish: Flower Maxi!

I finally, finally, quilted up the maxi version of my very popular Flower pattern. I don't do solid quilts very often, and if you look really closely, it's not "technically" completely solid, but it's a stretch for me still.

I have two reputations at my local quilting spot. The first is that I'm a speed demon. It happens when you've got only so much time to quilt, and so many quilts to finish, and five kids to homeschool. I haven't attempted anything very fancy, and I'm okay with that for now.

My second rep is that I pretty much only ever use off-white thread. My "usual" is what they call it. I sound like I go to a bar! But with this one, I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and went with this awesome King Tut variegated thread. SO glad I did.

Backed with yellow brushed cotton and bound with brown gingham and now it's on my couch.

Checking this one off the 1QFAL. Four more finishes and I'm halfway through my list!

26 February 2016

Friday Finish: Happy-Go-Lucky Nines and Snowballs

Finishes feel so great, don't they?

But this isn't a magical place where that's all the happens. Lest you think I'm some sort of quilty godmother, know that I've got a billion WIPs, all in many stages of production. But when I get a quilting day, I take it!

Here's my first finish from that quilting day last week: My Happy-Go-Lucky Nines and Snowballs quilt.

I quilted happy words into this one: friend, cheerful, joy, kindred spirit, laugh, smile. I was having fun with it.

Bound with the red check from the line and ready for snuggling.

Checking this one off the 1QFAL list. Have a wonderful weekend!

16 February 2016

Fabric Tuesday: Posy Jewel Box

I do love getting quilts finished. So do my kids, come to think of it.

And my little girlie really loves this one.

Made using the Jewel Box tutorial on Moda Bake Shop (I probably made it bigger though) and the Posy fabric. Backed in purple brushed cotton, and bound with pink stripes.

I quilted it allover with loops and swirls and some flowers. I used a variegated purple and pink thread and I'm so glad I did.

Checking this one off the 1QFAL list. Working my way through that list.

12 February 2016

Friday Finish: Mama Said Sew Disappearing Four Patch

It's confessional time.

I finished this flimsy 3 years ago. True story. Made it with some Mama Said Sew charm packs and really enjoyed the whole disappearing four patch process.

But let's not dwell on the fact that this languished for three years. Let's just celebrate that it's done!

Backed in grey brushed cotton, and quilted all over in loopy swirls. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. And, as always, I LOVE the gingham binding!

Checking her off the 1QFAL list.