10 March 2018

Simple, and Simply Gorgeous, Quilts to try

Okay, I went in search. After my last post. Because I really love these patchwork square quilts. I've provided pictures and links to purchase them. Or links to tutorials, if they're along those lines.
 I like this Bobbin Box pattern from Cotton Way - very cute idea. Not squares, but still, no triangles!
 Cakewalk I have, and should make. Super cute, isn't it?
 County Fair is a fairly simple one that looks great, wouldn't you say?

Gingersnap may very well be my favorite of this bunch. Coriander Quilts designs some gorgeous patchwork, doesn't she?

9th & Vine, also by Coriander Quilts - GORGEOUS!

Norway is made up of bigger blocks, which I love. But that also means bigger cuts of fabric. Hmmm.

My patriotic little heart just loves Stars and Stripes, and I know I just need to buckle down and make it. Have you made one?

I like Swiss for it's same-ness, but with a variety of fabrics, it still manages to look interesting.

Also ranks pretty high on my list of fun patchwork quilts. Takes the Cake is busy and big and that's just what I like.

Can't ever go wrong with a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern. Skipping Squares looks fun.

The rotating blocks on this one keeps it from being boring. Looking In might just go on my list.

This is exactly how four patch blocks can't be boring! Love Scrappy Summer!

And then there's the ones I've already done, and loved, and might just do again:

Granny Squares Quilts

Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilts

Did I miss any of your favorites?

09 March 2018

Autumn Shortcake progress

After the HST fiasco last month, I really just needed some simple, pretty patchwork. No triangles. No curves. Nothing complicated.

My go-to pattern is Cluck Cluck Sew's Shortcake pattern. I've made one before and loved it. I had these Autumn Road jelly rolls and figured, why not?

I'm making one big one for my bed and one twin size for a throw (because we don't do small throws in this house). My 14-year-old has already claimed it. She loves fall as much as I do.

I'm still working on spring and bright colors, but this patchwork is so soothing and perfect.

What's your favorite simple yet stunning patchwork pattern? Maybe I'll do a blog post on a collection of non-triangle patchwork quilts. Good idea?

Have a lovely, warm weekend. I'm building garden beds tomorrow, then planting a whole lot of strawberry plants.

05 March 2018

Make-A-List Monday: Dresden Plates

My oldest WIP. How old?

When I started it, this is what my baby looked like:

This is my baby now:

She's six.

Yeah. It's way old!

So  my list this week consists of this:

  • Cut background squares for Dresden Plates
  • Cut center circles for Dresden Plates
  • Cut sashing strips and post squares
That's it. Because this project is a long time coming. 

27 February 2018

Cake Mix Monday: QOV Tiramisu


Yes, I know it's Tuesday.

But this quilt was cursed.

By me, it would seem.

The Cake Mix squares and the book all give everything you need to make half-square triangles painlessly. And that's 700 half square triangles for this quilt.

Yes. Seven hundred.

This is what seven hundred half square triangles look like:

I made just one block different. The center one. And I like it.

I used the Bella Solids layer cakes in for mine. The digital image provided in the book had much more variety, but I'm quite enjoying my patriotic version.

The Cake Mix Quilt Book Volume I is available online at the Fat Quarter Shop, along with the recipe cards you'll need.

And I'm excited to see that they've made Cupcake versions for charm squares!

I think I'll take a break from triangles for now. Some basic square patchwork sounds very appealing right about now!

19 February 2018

Tiptoe QAL: Hit the Pause

Important announcement too. Thanks to Abby, I have a fix for you. Those long leaf sections (HRT on top of HST) aren't coming out to the right size. I failed to put in the pattern (I'm so so sorry!) that you need to trim those HSTs to 3" once you've made them. And the HRTs (the long ones anyway) should be trimmed to 3x7". So sorry for the confusion. That should give you the right size and it will all fit together beautifully.

Time to play catch up!

These tulips are a lot of work, right?

Who needs a chance to catch up, besides me? Or is everyone doing a table runner and thinks I'm a lazy schlub? Or a crazy lazy schlub?

I declare this week the week to finish all the blocks.

But here's one fun idea for those who are finished. You know those leftover teeny HSTs from the bottom corners of the tulips?

They would be cute little butterflies wouldn't they?

What do you think of these ones?

Or these ones? Quarter square triangles anyone?

And just to prove what a nerd I am, I did look it up and butterflies really aren't attracted to tulips. But I hope you'll forgive me, because I like the idea of using those teeny HSTs for something this cute.

Have a wonderful week - we had snow yesterday. In Western Washington. Yuck. Now I have glorious sunshine and cold cold wind. I'll be inside sewing if anyone needs me!

12 February 2018

Make-A-List Monday: I've got sunshine!

A gorgeous sunny weekend in February? I'll take it!

Never mind that it's cold outside. Still makes me want to plant things and pull weeds. Okay, nothing makes me want to pull weeds. But still.

I don't last long. I get cold. So I come inside, still craving some time with spring. So I sew on these cute blocks for a lovely garden quilt for my bed.

I cut into some much loved Pam Kitty Garden fabric for this one. It's just a little something I do when I have a few spare moments and don't want to reach for something complicated.

As for the rest of the week? Here's my list:

  • Tulips, tulips, and more tulips!
  • Press these four patch blocks
  • My Cake Mix Quilt-a-long needs to get going
Hope you have a lovely Valentine's day!

05 February 2018

Tiptoe QAL Week Five: Blocks B & C Piecing

Good morning! I just realized that I should have done these posts every Tuesday. Tulip Tuesdays! But we're committed to Mondays, so carry on.

Tips for today:
  • Half Rectangle Triangles - how are they going? Is the Craftsy blog post helping? Any thoughts or questions? Remember that when you cut those rectangles, you'll make one leaf for each side. And since the short leaf is only on one side, you'll just need half of it for one tulip, and half for a mirror image.
  • Remembering to mirror those leaves
  • Best press - did we try it out? I actually have some vodka in my freezer (don't judge, it's for pie crust - the BEST pie crust)
  • Any thoughts and comments?
Have a lovely Monday! Let me know, honestly, if you have any questions or comments.

29 January 2018

Make-A-List Monday: I Larb You!

This week is all about my kids. Sewing for my kids can be stressful. And it can be fun.

This week, I'm making:

  • A Crimson and Clover Train Case for my eldest child to use for her gel pens
  • An orange polka dot dress for my little peanut
I'll still be doing some quilty things. I'm sewing more tulip blocks, of course, and I've got a leaders/enders project that's coming along nicely. And a layer cake project that needs my attention. Oh, and new patterns.

Yeah. Not much going on in my world this week! :)

Have a great one!

Tiptoe QAL Week Four: Block A Piecing

Happy Monday friends! How was cutting last week? Hope it was painless and simple. Felt like it took forever (but then I think I cut out enough for a twin and a king, so there's that).

If you haven't already, you should download the pattern from my Craftsy shop. Remember, it's free as long as the QAL is going on. So don't delay!

I promised tips and tricks and here they are. Today, we're all about Block A. Symmetrical. Matchy matchy leaves. Nothing dark magic about this, but here's a few ideas.
  • To make the center of the tulip a shade lighter, here's a little trick I learned from Lori Holt. Simply flip over the print so that you are sewing the right side of your background square to the wrong side of your print rectangle.

Once you add your outer bloom blocks, this time sewing right sides together, you'll get a finished bloom that looks like this:

The perfect, just lighter print.

Here's how things will look from the back side of your block:

  • Watch those directional prints carefully. You might be able to see my lines in the last picture up there - drew them on going to wrong way. I'm slightly neurotic about that, so it might just be me. But just double check to save you some seam ripping time!
  • HRT tips - check out this blog post at Craftsy for some great pointers (why re-write it?)
  • Best Press starch, or make your own (I'm totally going to try this recipe!) - this really helps give the blocks crisp seams and all those good things
Finished blocks will look like this, but less cartoon-y and much more realistic!

27 January 2018

Friday Finish: Weekender Bags

The Weekender Circus has come to town!


And I love my little felt letter board. I'd say it's for homeschooling, and the kids, but I'd be lying. It's mine. I'll get them one eventually.

26 January 2018

Friday Flimsy Finish

I have a finish. Well, a sort of finish.

I've been working on this charm pack version of my Taffy quilt pattern for quite some time and I finally finished up the borders. Hooray for a flimsy finish!

The blocks measure @ 20" square, so it's a four block big quilt with borders.

Now it goes on the pile of flimsies to finish once I find a place to quilt stuff in these parts.

Have a great Friday!

22 January 2018

Make-A-List Monday: Weekender Week!

Hey y'all! Hope you're last full week of January is packed with good things and finishes.

On top of cutting the fabric for my Tiptoe QAL (so excited for these gorgeous tulips!), I'm determined to finish these Weekender Bags.

Four of them. So. Close. And the harder part is deciding who gets them as gifts.

Should be an easy finish, right?

I'm hoping so.

AND, just to stress myself out, I'm also going to finish the relaxed roman shade for my living room window. Because privacy and all. I'm tired of being the neighborhood fishbowl at night. Hoping it turns out well.