01 September 2014

Color Mondays: Episode Disney

We have stunning favorites!

Stacey's Abandoned Thread - I'm really starting to fall for Kona Lupine, Plum, and Valentine

Katie's Tinkerbell panel - I totally get how frustrating it can be to find coordinating prints for some fabrics. Explaining "Neverland" can be tough! And Kona Tulip? I'm sold!

I totally lied to you. I really did. I'd like to say I'm sorry, but I'm not even a little sorry. I did try to find another Disney picture, and I did (it's down there at the bottom). But Frozen is just IT for me. So I apologize for the Frozoverload today!

If ever there was a doubt that I have a thing for Frozen, this should smash it to bits.

It's bad, I know.

But look at all those colors? All the Aqua, and Pool, and Ice Frappe!

Then they throw in Violet and Orchid.

Pink? A little bit is okay.

I tried to not do it. I really did. See, I did this one from Up:

But I gotta stick with my girl Elsa.

Now it's your turn. Find a pic of your favorite Disney still. Tangled has some great color, as does Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, the Little Mermaid. And it doesn't have to involve a princess, or an ice queen. Only mine do. Have fun!

And I'm taking a one week break, but the week after (Sept. 15), we'll be doing vintage. Anything goes. Vintage cars, clothes, kitchens. Frozen will have to be retired. No way I can call it vintage.

30 August 2014

My other love

It's no secret pastries are my first love. Quilts are easier on the thighs, but I do love my pastries.

Sur la Table, my favoritest store, opened up a shop near me (within 50 miles is near me) and put all their classes on special. We're talking $9.96/class. They typically run $69. So I signed up for the Summer Macaron class. Next week is cheesemaking. Blessed are the cheesemakers, after all.

Any way, my class was today and it was lovely.

Now I want to make some crafty things. Like this coin purse:

Or one of these cross stitch patterns:

28 August 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Idea Pouch

This is my girl.

She's funny, and smart. She loves the outdoors. She loves animals. She wants to work with raptors someday. Owls are her current favorite, although she wouldn't turn down a falcon. We'd love to do falconry with her, but it's kind of hard to get started in that!

She also loves to read and draw, and is always carting around paper and pencils and whatnot. And usually a book or two.

So I figured I'd make her one of these idea pouches, and then a matching bag to go with it. The idea pouch was on my 3QFAL list. Glad to be able to check it off.

Fresh Poppy Design

25 August 2014

Color Mondays: Episode Favorite!

Seriously? Y'all outdid yourselves on purples. These were just stunning:

Stacey, I want this picture on my wall. With a matching quilt. I love the inclusion of the raisin, and garnet, and coffee. It's perfect. And that touch of green.

And then there's Kate. Who likes to torment me with statements like: I know Jennie's a big fan of Frozen, so I counter with the much better recent princess movie. Still, as misguided as she might be, this is one pretty palette:

And for the record, I do like Tangled. Elsa just has a better dress.

Ready to have some fun? All you have to do this week is pick a favorite picture and make a favorite palette. Yep. Just make a favorite palette.

It took some time (like all of five seconds), but this is my favorite of the moment. And I'm not sure why, because these are colors I wouldn't be drawn to in a quilt store. I'm drawn to them in nature though. It's high time I started using them:

I'm thinking I'd make a big triangle quilt with these solids. Or something else fun. Any brilliant ideas?

Now, your turn! Oh, and next week, we'll do an official Disney theme! I solemnly swear I will not do a Frozen picture. Cross my heart.

22 August 2014

Friday Finish: Sew Together Bag for a special friend

A while back, I was having a rough day. Not a tornado-touched-down kind of day. Or really bad news. Just a downer. Messy house. Messier kids. Hot outside.

And then I got the mail. There was a package for me! There's hardly ever fun mail for me anymore.

Inside was this:

A pants bag! I have arrived! You know you are a special person when Jennifer, a.k.a. Glinda, makes you a pants bag for your unmentionables while you travel. And in my two favorite colors!

I have to confess, the conversation with my husband about "What exactly is a pants bag?" was quite hilarious. His mother is British, so I finally said, "It's a British thing." And that worked!

Well, I was already planning on making something special in return, so I got busy on it. And it was so much fun to individualize it with sparkly things.

I had to steal the pictures from her blog because, silly me, I forgot to photograph it before I packed it up!

It's a Sew Together Bag, lined with pink (of course) and then the cutest tea print inside the zippy pockets. And a silver wand on the outside, because Glinda is a good witch with a silver wand.

And checking this little pretty off my 3QFAL list

21 August 2014

Fabric Thursday: Deep in the heart of Texas!

I blame Cristina for this.

List most Texans, she is a force to be reckoned with. I didn't stand a chance.

But us Idaho girls are pretty wiley ourselves. I did it all in one day! Added the borders this morning, and this is my Texas quilt, that I'm pretty sure will be claimed by my Texas-loving boy James once it is done. And I have requests for more. Starting with one identical to Cristina's, because I LOVE the darker blue background, and all her fancy blocks in there.

I used a Happy Go Lucky jelly roll, so I had a bunch of 2.5" squares left over and didn't want to start a whole new project, so I added just a top/bottom border or edge or whatever you want to call it. Is there a word? Anyway, it makes it a nice twin-sized quilt. We're on the "tall-drink-of-water" side of things here, so we like bigger quilts.

Linking up with the quilt parade, and with Fabric Tuesday.

Fresh Poppy Design

18 August 2014

Color Mondays: Episode Purple

I think we did blue very well, don't you? The ocean was a central theme, and rightly so. Just look at what we got:

Katie's blue palette - love those names: Breakers, Oasis, Alegria. So pretty!

Kirsten's blue palette - see the dolphins? It's amazing that we all did a picture of the ocean and got completely different shades of blue.

And now, for purple. Or violet. Or whatever you want to do.

I really should let my eldest daughter do this one. Purple is her favorite color after all. I struggle with it.

Which is why I did this one. That also included aqua and macarons.

Not too shabby. I actually kind of love it. I've got quilty ideas blazing through my head for this one. How's about this quilt (from Fresh Lemon Quilts):

Now, your turn. Find a purple-liscious picture, save it, upload it to the Palette Builder, play with colors. Then save your picture, blog it and share. And next week will just be a favorite picture, so start thinking!

13 August 2014

A finish: nightgowns for my girly

Pardon the wrinkles.

Finally got these finished. And they touch her toes, so they'll last for a long long time! Thank goodness!

Checking them off the 3QFAL list. Hooray for check marks!

12 August 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Doll Quilt for my baby girl

Of course it matches the quilts she already has!

Just used the leftovers from all those quilts and made a simple patchwork quilt for her dollies. I've got enough to make two, actually. So I guess she'll have a spare.

Checking this one off the 3QFAL list. 13 projects done (two left to blog). Cruising through that list this summer.

11 August 2014

Color Mondays: Episode Blue

Clearly Scarlett O'Hara isn't the only who can rock the green palette! Some seriously awesome palettes last week y'all!

Miss Kate (the real Miss Kate!), did this gorgeous sangria photo. I want some of those blues, but the greens and tan and reds are so pretty!

Kirsten wins with this gorgeousness - love that touch of aqua (okay, it's candy green, but it sure looks aqua to me) and the grayish purplish color. So pretty! And I want this quilt now!

Kate and I must be sisters, because we are both GWTW fans. She beats me though - I'd forgotten about this particular green dress. Don't know how - it's gorgeous. And what a pretty palette too.

Moving along our rainbow, we arrive at blue. And I love blue. I married a man with gorgeous blue eyes, and he wears blue shirts (that I wash and iron and hang up every week), so yes, I love blue.

And I had fun with the palettes. And I didn't even do an Elsa one! Aren't you proud?

I really want to go to Greece someday. Look at that water!

And then, when I found out I could do up to ten, I did it again and added some pops of pinks and reds. And I love it more!

Okay, little story here. I met my husband three days before Valentine's Day. We went on our first date on the 12th. We kissed on the 13th. And on Valentine's Day, he gave me a painting.

Right? Weird. But not. Maxfield Parrish is one of his favorite artists, and this is the painting he gave me. Parrish was gifted at many things, but he was especially great at the variations of blue in a sky. There were times my husband would come home, or call, and tell me to go outside. "I ordered a Parrish sky for you tonight." Some couples go in for sunsets. But Parrish skies are our romantic sky of choice.

Time to see what you've got! Have fun with it! Just a reminder on how to play along: find a picture, upload it to the Palette Builder, play around, save it, blog it, link it.

09 August 2014

Saturday finish: Oven Mitts

I cut these out forever ago (story of my life). This quarter is the purging of lots of smaller sewing projects cluttering up my sewing room.

That, and the last ones I made are pretty grungy.

These are my favorite oven mitts, with the thumb sleeve where you would naturally put your thumb when taking stuff out of the oven. The pattern and tutorial are found here.

Gladly checking these off the 3QFAL list. It's been a productive week!

A finish: dress for my girly

When you marry a guy who is 6'2", you might end up with tall kids.

And that's what I'm getting! My oldest girl, who is almost 11, is a long drink of water, and we have a heck of a time finding age appropriate dresses for her to wear to church. Not going to dress my girl like a 16-year-old, thank you much. And don't get me started on how those 16-year-olds are dressing.

So we go to the fabric store. She chose aqua for her color, and we made a dress for her. Kind of mod-style, but she loves it and that's what works.

Checking it off the 3QFAL list. Kicking tail and taking names!

08 August 2014

Friday Finish: Gypsy Girl Kaleidoscope Pillow

I made a big patchwork quilt a while back for my eldest daughter, using the Gypsy Girl fabric from Moda. When she saw my Kaleidoscope pillow, she insisted on one of her own. I'm nice that way and got to work on hers.

Love it. And she loves it, which is more important. And her baby sister wants to share it!

Checking this one off the 3QFAL list. Making progress!

04 August 2014

Color Mondays: Episode Green

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine . . .
Always to be relied on, Miss Kate, who chose my favorite flowers!

And Kirsten, who introduced me to the Kangaroo Paw. Love all those different shades of yellow.

Loved your yellow palettes! So fun!

Okay. Time for some cooler colors.

It's not easy being green, according to Kermit.

Unless you're Ireland:

But ain't nobody does green like Miss Scarlett:

That girl rocked the green dresses, all throughout the movie. Wish I could have found a better picture of the green velvet curtain dress!

Okay. Your turn! And next week will be blue. So get ready!