26 January 2016

A little finish: birthday gifts for a sweet girl!

I had to look this one up: my first cousin, once removed (the child of my first cousin for those who, like me, had no idea!) is turning 4 this week and she loves Spiderman. And I'm all for helping a girl out with her Spidey-gear, so I made her a couple of things.

First, a library/book bag. Or she can put whatever she wants in it.

Then a little zippy pouch, because those are just so handy, right?

The kids are excited to attend her party tomorrow night. Can't wait!

25 January 2016

Make-A-List Monday: Progress!

I did much better last week! Might have been because I didn't have any doctors' appointments. Might be I had a bit more energy. My personal exercise goal is to make it to at least 4 yoga classes per week. Last week, I went to 5. Did the same the week before. So I'm feel flexible and working on my arm balances (working is the key word!).

But let's talk progress:
  • Sew Valentine's Pillows
  • Cut fabric for new quilt patterns - DONE! And blocks sewn!
  • Cut Feed Co. Weekender stuff - 
  • Work on Valentine's Mini

And so, with that progress, it's time to make plans for this week!
  • Sew Feed Co. Weekender
  • Finish Valentine's Mini
  • Quilt and bind Posy Jewel Box, Flower Maxi and Mama Said Sew D4
  • Trim Marmalade Lucky HSTs (taking those ones to Utah with us so I have something to do when we're not out and about)
And that's all! 

Time for some color? I'm going to feature my new favorite thing: yoga. Now, I'm not great at it. I'm pretty new. But I love it. With my current medical issues, it's the best thing for me. And before you dismiss it as stretching and breathing (which is a part), please know that there are different types. I've been doing Vinyasa Yoga, which is more of a power yoga. Very physical. Very challenging. It makes me sweat, so that's saying something. And I love it. I love challenging myself each time. I can't wait until I can pull of some crazy-fun arm balances. Until then, it's great for me.

Okay. Off the yogi-soap-box. Although I'm becoming obsessed with cool yoga leggings!

18 January 2016

Make-A-List Monday: Scrappy Saga

I was a busy girl last week. I'm dealing with my fair share (or more) of health issues, so that takes up quite a bit of my time. Add in my five little learners and I'm a busy girl. And sleep. I like sleep. But being organized has allowed me to get some things done, and that makes this mama happy!

My goals last week:

  • Complete the bodies of my 5 Hobbes softies - didn't happen
  • Piece some quilt backs (oooh, how exciting!) - DONE!
  • Piece Valentine's Mini - didn't happen
  • Cut scraps. Lots of scraps - didn't happen
I'm struggling with the scraps. I started pressing the pieces of fabric, and while I'm pressing them I'm thinking of the doll clothes I could make with them, or little zipper bags, or . . . .

So the scraps didn't get cut. I'm sorry to disappoint, but I just don't have it in me. I'm thinking if it's something very specific, like this apple quilt

Something manageable, but still using up at least my red, pink, green, orange (a smidge) and grey (or black and white) scraps. It might make a dent. Or maybe a strawberry quilt?

(Scrappy Strawberry quilt from Farm Girl Vintage)

(Strawberry Social quilt found here at Tamarack Shack)

I'll get right on it, right? So here's what I'll get done this week, I hope:
  • Sew Valentine's Pillows
  • Cut fabric for new quilt patterns
  • Cut Feed Co. Weekender stuff
  • Work on Valentine's Mini
And anything else I can think of. Probably going to sort out my red, pink and green scraps so I can get started on one of these cute quilts.

15 January 2016

Friday Finish: Scripture Totes

I can never make just one of anything. Especially cute little small things like this scripture tote. I made several years ago for my daughter and her friends. Well, I needed one. Or two (as the seasons change!). And now I'm taking commissions from friends for new bags of their own!

I used this darling tutorial, but I had to change the dimensions a smidge so that my big fat scriptures would fit inside. And I think I'd change them a bit more next time - it's a tight fit, but I'm okay with that.

Choosing fabric is hard! I wanted it to be pretty, but classy. Not too loud, but definitely ME. Since the bag is gathered (I gathered it instead of pleating it), I didn't want the print to look weird.

Here's my winter bag:

And here's my summer bag:

Checking these off the 1QFAL list. Wishing I could get some big things finished!

13 January 2016

Custom Weekender Bags now available in the shop!

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to do things that scare me. To stop doubting myself. To start listening to my husband when he tells me I can do hard things. Because I CAN do them. I have done them. I'm just a big chicken at times.

And so, I'm taking a deep breath and diving into the unknown. I've listed twelve spots on Etsy for custom Weekender Bags. One per month. Lots of options, including the option to send me your own fabric, and they'll be one of a kind. I'm ridiculously excited about these.

I'm also going to list bags I'll be making in the meantime. It's going to be lots of fun. Because, let's face it, I've got plenty of my own by now. I need to share the wealth a bit! Everyone should travel handmade. But you don't have to make it yourself! I've even got a gift wrap option in my shop. It's going to be awesome.

So get your month reserved! Someone really needs to choose Vintage Picnic for a bag. Seriously. With a mini-Swoon on the pocket!

12 January 2016

Pleated Zipper Pouches

Friends, beware. These are my new go-to gift. You have been warned!

I pinned this darling little pleated pouch tutorial ages ago. When I signed up for a pouch swap on Instagram, I knew I wanted to make this one.

The inside pleats just HAD to be gingham, right? And polka dots for the top band of course!

It's a snap to put together. The directions are clear, and it comes together beautifully.

So very happy with how these turned out, and now I'll make the real thing for my swap partner!

Checking this one off my 1QFAL list for 2016!

11 January 2016

Make-A-List Monday: with color!

I'm a little rusty on these Monday lists. It's been a long, long while, but it helps me focus. And I need help focusing these days.

And so, for this week, I would like to:
  • Complete the bodies of my 5 Hobbes softies
  • Piece some quilt backs (oooh, how exciting!)
  • Piece Valentine's Mini
  • Cut scraps. Lots of scraps.
And now, some color.

I've always been a morning person, and I love a beautiful sunrise. Throw in a pretty pink bicycle, some boats and flowers and I'm sold!

Have a lovely week my friends!

08 January 2016

Friday Finish: Temple Bag

A temple bag? What's a temple bag?

Okay, here's a story . . .

I'm LDS. A Mormon. And we have temples. Lots of them.

This is my husband and I, the day we were sealed in the Portland Oregon temple.

This is the Portland temple.

And probably the most famous temple, the one in Salt Lake City.

And my very favorite temple, the San Diego temple. It has the most amazing spiral staircase inside!

Temples aren't just extra special pretty churches for us though. We do important work there. Temples are all about families, and we wear special clothing in the temple. Symbolic, ceremonial clothing.

Which is why I need a temple bag! My old one, I'm ashamed to say, was an old diaper bag. Not nearly big enough for what I need, and it was about time. I mean, I make bags all the time!

So here she is, my beautiful new temple bag! (Please excuse the less than wonderful pictures - I'm stuck using my phone right now!)

I kind of love it a lot. Who's surprised?

Checking this one off the 1QFAL list - first one done of the quarter!

Edited to add: the pattern is Amy Butler's Sophia Carry-All, but I took it to the FedEx store and enlarged it to 129%. It's a pretty tough pattern to find, but best of luck!

07 January 2016

1QFAL: My Scraptastic Year begins!

If you know me at all, you know I don't do scrappy. Well, I do very controlled scrappy. I'm too OCD or something to venture into the crazy postage stamp, random world of Red Pepper Quilts and Crazy Mom Quilts. Love their work. But I've always been worried my poor little brain will fritz out if I try.

Well, I'm risking the fritzing. This girl is going scrappy this year. The ginormous bins of random scraps might have been a big motivator for me.

With that in mind, here is my list of what I'd like to accomplish this quarter:

Four Patch Star

Dark and Twisty

Flowering Snowball (after I fix all those dark orange pieces that are too close together!):

Ruby Grannies

Mama Said Sew D4

Posy Jewel Box

Capri Blossoms

HGL Nines and Snowballs

I Love Lucy Churn Dash

Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope

Flower Maxi

Double Eights

Flying Four

Kaleidoscope Flower

Silk Tie Pillow covers

Pleated Zipper Pouches

Feed Co. Weekender

Hobbes Softies (because we will have a Calvin and Hobbes party on Leap Day this year!):

And my almost finished temple bag. Just have to put in the lining (needed a smidgen more fabric for that!).

And my scripture bag. My husband bought me new scriptures this past fall, and they need their own pretty bag.

And a Valentine's Mini, because my walls look so very sad after Christmas comes down.

And two cute little Valentine's Pillows, because, well, just because! I can't wait to show you what I plan on embroidering on them - we don't do traditional love stuff around here!

And that's all. Ha. All. A whole lot of busy, but it's winter and what else is there to do but stay warm and sew?!

31 December 2015

2015 in Review

Do you ever sit and think, "Gosh, I never get a whole lot done." It really feels like that most of the time.

And then I start thinking about doing this post. And I go through all the pictures.

Um, yeah. I owned this year!

First, the quilts (small and large):

And the smaller projects (bags, table runners, pillow shams and pillows):

And I just noticed that giraffe zipper pouch is on two of these collages:

And those are just the finishes. I got some flimsies done too:

It's been a fabulous year, and I can't wait for more fun this year! Have a happy new year!