18 November 2011

And so it begins . . .

Do you ever do things you are totally terrified of?

My knees are knocking, I'm so scared. (Really, have your knees ever knocked together? I bet it would really hurt!)

I've wanted to start this little business for a long, long time. Finally I went with the "why not now?" attitude.

So here goes. What's this blog all about? My crafting and creating. My obsessions with fabric. My quilts and other stuff.

I'll be hosting giveaways and I'm working on a couple tutorials for ya. I warn you - I trained as a pastry chef, so baked goods factor into my world at any given moment. Be prepared for a recipe every now and again.

So join me on the porch swing! Bring your embroidery, your applique, or just a glass of lemonade and the best gossip you've got.

First giveaway will be as a part of the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day on December 12. I'd better get sewing for that! There will be some "supply" giveaways too.

In the meantime - happy quilting!

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Lucille Ball