26 March 2012

Make-A-List Monday Week One!

So I'm a big dork. Seriously.

I've been wanting to do a regular Monday post that incorporates all that I've got planned for the week. Sort of a blogging accountability program.

Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict does a weekly Make-A-List Monday post that is perfect - she recaps her list from the past week (with pictures to prove how productive she is) and then she lists what she's going to do for the coming week. Check out her blog for some serious inspiration, especially her quilt ministry work.

How does this make me a dork?

Because I wanted to do the same thing and was too much of a chicken to ask her. Until this morning. And she said I could use her idea and even sent me the image you see above. See how cool the blogging community can be!

I don't have pictures this week. But I will next week of what I've accomplished. Here is my list:
  • Sew 10 Sew Cherry granny squares
  • Sew 10 PKM Dresden plates
  • Finish my new bag
  • Finish my cell phone sleeve
  • Press color wheel swap fabric, cut and ship
  • Prep fabric for weekend cutting (explanation on this later)

How's that? As for the weekend cutting, it's General Conference this weekend. For those who are not LDS, it happens twice a year. Our church leadership speaks to us in five different sessions, one of which is Saturday night and is for the men and young men only. The women and young women also have their separate meetings - young women in the spring and women in the fall. It is broadcast over the internet (which is how we watch it at home), satellite and cable. You can go to the church to watch it, but wrestling with my five kids for two hours is a bit impossible for me. But staying home to watch it presents another risk: falling asleep. The leaders of my church have such soothing voices that if you're not careful, you'll conk right out and then miss something important.

So I set up a cutting station and prep quilts. I can listen and stay awake (always a good thing when using a rotary cutter!). My husband listens in his garage while tinkering with his motorcycle. He falls asleep faster than anyone I know if he's not doing something else. My dad's been known to weed his garden.

There, that's my list. Wish me luck - I gotta get cranking on those Dresdens and grannies!

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  1. I love General Conference! That's a great idea to cut while you watch! Sewing would be too noisy, but cutting is quiet and doesn't take much concentration so I could listen to the speakers. Thanks for the suggestion! Enjoy your weekend! I know I will! :o)


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