20 April 2012

Fabric Friday

I confess, I don't have anything remotely close to a finish this week.

 I pieced together two quilt tops, but as I voluntarily chose to complicate my life with involved borders, those quilts won't be hitting the finished pile any time soon. But as I plan on rotating them on my bed, I want to take my time with them.

Instead, I thought I'd do a little bloggy daydreaming. I was fabric browsing in the wee small hours with a feverish toddler and thought I'd blog my wishlist. I really like the combination of gingham and polka dots in this line, The Simple Life. The colors are some of my favorites. I know it's no longer cool to like red and aqua, but I've never claimed to be cool.

I've already got plans for Mama Said Sew, starting with this sewing machine cover and this sewing accessory set. Won't it be just perfect?
 I'm still working out a quilt idea, but I'm getting closer. 'Course, Sweetwater always comes up with adorable plans for their fabric, so I might just wait and see. August can't get here soon enough.

I'll confess to being late to the Ruby bandwagon. And I missed the Bliss one entirely. I'm all over Vintage Modern, and now I'm smitten with Marmalade. And we have to wait until October!! This one might be my favorite - love the yellows and oranges in there. I love citrus-y colors. And if they make it in flannel I've got a whole mess of jammies planned!

There's a rumor floating around here that I'm going to get a sewing day out of my husband tomorrow. He scored a shooting day today, so it's only fair. We'll see how that works out. If I really do get it, who knows what I might get done! I think I'll go cut those white squares I need for my granny square border just in case it really happens.


  1. the sewing machine cover and accessories patterns are so pretty. I can't wait for Tasha's The Simple Life fabric to come out. I'm really loving Marmalade too.

  2. I love the colors in this stack. I just started a blog and would love for you to join me at www.sewcraftykathy.blogspot.com Your friends are welcome to join also.


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