02 April 2012

Make-A-List Monday Week Two

Happy Monday to you!

Did you pull any April Fool's day pranks yesterday? I thought about it. For a split second. Then I remembered that when you play a prank on my husband, he retaliates. No thanks.

I love lists. Especially lists with lines through them. Confession: I sometimes will write something down on my to-do list just so I can cross it off right away. True story.

But I didn't have to do that last week. Here's what I wanted to do:
  • Sew 10 Sew Cherry granny squares

Done. I actually did 13 because I already had 17 and I hate it when I have an odd number of things. Aren't they pretty?

  • Sew 10 PKM Dresden plates

My stack is growing.

  • Finish my new bag

Did I not say I would finish three new bags? Huh. Have to edit that later. But this is the one I was meaning to finish:

  • Finish my cell phone sleeve

Don't make explain that yes, it does have to match the bag. And that I've got two others that match the other two new bags. Or that I'm looking at my wallet and wondering if I can make three new ones out of the scraps so that they match. Just don't.

  • Press color wheel swap fabric, cut and ship

Done, sorted and shipped. Now the waiting game for my gorgeous rainbow o' fabric.

  • Prep fabric for weekend cutting

Um, why didn't I also say I would actually do the cutting? Don't have pics of the prep because I have pics of the progress!

I cut out my Ruby flannel fat quarters, my Ruby charm squares (which may or may not be used for a granny square quilt - I'm aware of my obsession, but it's a healthy fixation in comparison to french fries or Magnum bars), and a Pam Kitty Morning pinwheel quilt. Oh, and a boatload of 2.5" white squares to finish those loverly grannies. But you don't want to see a giant stack of squares. But the rest? Sure!

See? I lie not.

Phew. I was a busy girl. But I love having projects prepped and ready to sew. I'd rather do two days of cutting and then a whole bunch of days sewing than cut/sew all the time. Ick.

But then I also eat the green and yellow Skittles first because I like them the least. I save the red ones for last because they are my favorite.

And so for this week:
  • Sew 10 more granny squares (shhh, I'm going to try for 16, but 10 is my minimum)
  • Sew 10 more Dresden plates
  • Sew 10 PKM pinwheels (I have 30 to do)
  • Photograph and blog my goals for the 2nd quarter FAL - I'm aiming high! Check it out and join in the fun!
  • Finish my cake mini

We're celebrating Easter at my mom and dad's house, so I've got to get all this done by Thursday night. Yikes! Better get started!


  1. Wow, you have been busy!! Looks like some great projects! How many Dresden Plates are you going to do? I made my first one on the weekend and I think I'm hooked!!



"The more things you do, the more you can do."

Lucille Ball