01 May 2012

Fabric Swapping

Ack! My camera is MIA. So no pictures at the moment.

While taking a blog break, I did get some sewing done. I finished two summer dresses for my oldest daughter (modeled photos to come) and am almost done with two more. That girl has gone all leggy on me. Okay, she always has been that way. But I have to use the size 12-14 length to make sure they are long/modest enough. I don't want her to outgrow them in a few weeks!

I've also been cutting my charms for the Color Spectrum Brights swap. I'm more excited about this swap. My first one was a bit of a let-down when the fabric arrived. There are a lot of fabrics in there that I just don't like.

And I joined a red/aqua charm swap too. Because I love red/aqua and the obsession is not going away.

And I'm still thinking about hosting my own, but instead of charms, what about 2.5 strips? You can get 14 strips per yard. If we did two yards of two different fabrics, you would end up with 56 different strips. I know four yards is a lot, but what a fun swap! What about bright polka dots? Or red/aqua? Or one polka dot, one gingham? Or something else? It would be open to 28 people.

Thoughts please!


  1. Be sure to post pictures of those dresses when you find your camera! I think a 2.5" strip swap would be really fun! I'm all for red/aqua...love those colors!

  2. I would love to join a swap for strips. I have several patterns that are made using just strips and this would be a good way for me to get a variety to work with. If you decide to do this swap, count me in.

  3. Oooh. Strips sound great. I vote polka dots but I do have a weakness. Anything bright is always good by me.


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