11 May 2012

Let's Celebrate!

First of all, if you're interested in joining the Boy/Girl I-Spy charm swap, head over here to sign up. We're only halfway there, so jump in and join the fun!

And now, on to the celebration!

Why are we celebrating?
  1. My husband is taking the final final of his first year of law school.
  2. My baby girl cut her second tooth (yeah, she's doing them one at a time - oh joy!
  3. I have 49 followers. That's almost 50!
 And I feel like celebrating with a giveaway to my current followers.
I just numbered you all and used the random number generator (boy, is that handy - way easier than drawing names out of a hat!). The winner is:

And of course 43 means nothing, so I'll tell you. The winner is Johanna. E-mail me your address and I'll send you your choice of these patterns:

Camille Roskelley's Piece of Cake 3, Vintage Holiday, or On A Whim.

And I think Follower Appreciation Giveaways are going to be a regular thing. Randomly regular. Just as a thanks for liking me.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on all three of your reasons for celebrating!!! :o) I'm having a giveaway, too! Go check out my blog! http://havingfunquilting.blogspot.com



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