25 June 2012

Make-A-List Monday: too busy to post!

No pictures (don't hate me).

Nothing particularly funny to say.

But I have two of the three quilts quilted. I'm basting the last one tonight (after bedtime) and quilting it up tomorrow/Wednesday. Binding 'em all and putting my feet up. For three seconds.

Oh, and I cut all those triangles I was talking about. So here is your one picture for the day (see, I'm a liar!):

And as a bonus, because I found this on my camera and am still in awe of these amazing storm clouds, I offer an extra picture. Seriously, look at all those greys. Or grays. Either way, those are some pretty fascinating clouds. Makes me wish I could paint.

Have a great week! I'll be reporting back once I get that last quilt finished!


  1. Apparently, grey is supposed to be the name and gray the color. I always liked grey better, though.

  2. :-). I always liked grey.


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