09 January 2014

First Quarter FAL: Second verse, same as the first!

Finish Along 2014

Well hello there 2014! Nice to meet ya!

And here is my 2014 1QFAL list. I got 14 done last quarter. Here's hoping this quarter is kinder to me. I have my quilt retreat at the end of January, so I'm hoping things get done. But life will always take priority, because it should.

Still, I do love the time I do get to sew and create. This winter has already been a cold one, and we're all so grateful for my cozy creativity! They make for some seriously pretty forts on Fridays too!

But here's my lovely, long list:

1. Sew Cherry Grannies - now that I'm confident and comfortable with the long arm, this baby is top priority. I want this quilt on my bed for the spring!

2. Apple of My Eye Hexies - just need to decide which flavor of minky goes best. Yellow? Red? Aqua?

3. Giant Glamping Hexies - it's all cut out, just needs to be pieced and needs a back

4. Mini Glamping Hexies - got the back - hot pink minky! - and quilting

5. Glamping Trips - once I figured out the border fiasco, it was smooth sailing, so now it needs a back and quilting

6. Happy Go Lucky On A Whim - I've got a yellow minky back for this baby!

7. I Love Lucy Churn Dash - taking this one on the retreat to finish the top. Then I have to back it in a red polka dot Minky. Please don't ask me why.

8. Mama Said Sew Disappearing 4-patch - are you tired of seeing this one on my list? Yah, me too. Need a red minky back and some serious quilting time!

9. Happy Go Lucky Briar Rose - needs a back and some quilting

10. HGL Nines and Snowballs - needs a back and quliting

11. Simple Life Dottie #1
12. Simple Life Dottie #2 - the borders got done last quarter, so these girls just need backs (red and aqua minky, respectively) and quilting

13. Too Cute to Spook Hexies - this baby is going on retreat with me too

14. Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope - needs a back (red or green minky) and quilting

15. Scrumptious Swoon - Blocks are all done and I'm so excited! LOVE this quilt!

16. Sophia bag for my daughter

17. Blooming Lovely Open Season - cut it out when my machine was down - piece it, quilt it, snuggle with it!

18. Enchanted Forest Hot Cross - another one that got cut out when my machine was down - piece, quilt, snuggle

19. Glamping Weekender for me - just like the one I made for my sister-in-law for Christmas - squares are cut out, lining is cut out - just need some more canvas and a whole lot of patience!

20. Scrumptious Scrappy Trip - just felt like making another one - strips are cut - might take this one on retreat because it's so easy and fun

21. My chair - oh, my chair. It needs to be red. With white polka dots. So when my Sew Cherry quilt is on my bed, it doesn't feel ugly. 

22. Spider web quilt - hey, it will be done early for THIS Halloween!

23.Alpine Wonderland On A Whim - yes, I know it was a Christmas gift. I'll just get it done now so it's ready for next year!

24. Easy as Cake - yep, a Christmas quilt. But I've got two Halloween quilts on that list, so what's the big deal?

25. Ready Set Snow Matchbox - another Christmas quilt.

26. Lucy's Triangles - all ready to be quilted and used this summer!

27. Hello Sunshine Wagon Wheels

28. Finish my umbrella girl Weekender

29. Scrumptious Scraps Pillow Shams - I've got a whole Pinterest board devoted to pillows, so I'll get some great ideas there.

30. Posy Kiss Me quilt - this one ALMOST got done, but I just got burnt out on the longarm and didn't feel like finishing another quilt.

31. Delft Blue Dutch Pinwheels - my oldest WIP, I'm fairly certain. Almost got done during the quilting binge, but just didn't have it in me.

32. Arkansas Traveler Bee Quilt - gotta figure out the layout and sashing and whatnot, but I'm excited for this quilt!

That's a nice, roundish number, isn't it? I'm trying to balance it with things that I know I can get done and things I want to at least make progress on.


  1. So many projects!! I love the ones with yellow in them particularly. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the chair:) I also am in awe of the Arkansas Traveler diamond blocks!

  2. Looks like so much fun, Jennie! I think #2 could use a pink or aqua minky. Your borders on #5 turned out perfect. Simple, but fun. Have a fabulous time at your retreat.

  3. Wow, love every single one of your projects!

  4. Wow that's a lot of projects :) so many lovely quilts to finish!

  5. Wow! That's dedication... just to find and photograph them all to list! I cannot wait to see how many you get completed! Puts my own list to shame :)

  6. What beautiful projects! Love all of the bright fabrics and looking forward to seeing them when complete! :-)


  7. This is a beautiful list! Looking forward to seeing your finishes.

  8. Wow! Love all your colourful WIPs though, and can't wait to see what you get done :o)

  9. 32?? Holy smokes, do you sleep? :)
    Wonderful list, good luck getting them all done!

  10. Wow, such beautiful quilts!

  11. These are all so beautiful - I love looking at all the different fabrics and patterns you've used... very inspiring!!

  12. Oh my gosh - so many WIP´s. Hope you can Focus on some of them to finish in Q1. Great Projects. So curious, what you can finish.

  13. Wow so many projects! That's about 11 a month. Where do you get the time? Do you not sleep a great deal? I ask this seriously coz I know you have five kids and homeschool. You're amazing!

  14. I'm in love with your quilts!! I especially like number 14 Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope. Do you have any instructions on how to make this? Book reference?


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