30 November 2012

Friday Finish: Red and White Christmas

I love the film "White Christmas." It's been a favorite for a really long time. Love it when Bing and Danny Kaye dress in drag and do the "Sisters" number.

Go ahead. Watch it. I'll wait.

But the finale is my favorite. Makes me cry, every time. And I love that everything is red and white. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against green, but red and white are my Christmas colors. The tree gets to be green. Everything else is red and white.

I finished two red and white HST quilts last year.

This top was in the works all year. I've been hoarding the last of this Holiday Hostess fabric.

If I could, I'd make myself a dress like this one. I'd wear kitten heels. Think I'm kidding? I also would love to recreate Vera Ellen's dress up there. Nope, not kidding at all.

Now, normally I wouldn't love such a matchy matchy quilt. I've actually come to adore scrappier looking quilts. But for Christmas, and for this fabric, I'll make an exception.

And when it's backed in red polka dot minky . . .

And bound in red and white stripe . . .

Well, it's going to be hard to share.

Checking this one off the 4Q FAL list. Eleven down, ten to go! Ooh, and this one is on the 100 Day Hustle list too! Hallelujah!

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  1. Hi!!! It is beautiful!!! Love the red and white!!!!

  2. The red and white is so sweet. I especially like your choice of fabric for the binding! debbie

  3. I've never seen the movie 'White Christmas' but it is on my list for this season!
    Your red & white quilts are so besutiful!

  4. Red and white Minkie? How fabulous! I love both your quilts......I am a huge fan of red and white!

  5. They are all stunning!!

    "White Christmas" is my hubby's favortie movie. I had never seen it until we met. Now we watch it every year. =)

    Sing with me now!!

    Sisters, sister....{something something something}...sisters....

  6. The quilts are adorable. I am a huge red fan, and red with white is a favourite too. I also love that the first quilts don't scream Christmas but could be used all year round. I wish I could find a dress like the lady in the quilt too. Vertical stripes and cinched in waists are flattering!

  7. I love all your red & white Christmas quilts - just perfect for the season. As for White Christmas, my most favorite Christmas movie, I'm going to see it tomorrow on a big screen at the local theater. Its a fundraiser for a food bank. They showed it last year and it was WONDERFUL! So glad they're doing it again. Merry Christmas!

  8. So pretty! I am also hoarding a piece of that holiday hostess fabric. You made good use of yours. {Thanks for clearing up the mystery of who that fabric girl reminds me of...so obviously Vera Ellen!}

  9. That is my favorite Christmas movie too, and one that I watch every year! I love your red and white Christmas quilts. That's such a classic color combo that never gets old.

  10. Love love love the red and white quilts. I too am a lover of those colors. In fact, I think I can say that red may be my favorite color. It just makes most things better. And I totally love the vintagy fabric. Michael Miller, right? I wish I had bought some of that when it was out. I LOVE it. And once in my life, I'd love to wear a dress like that. Swoon!

  11. ooooo!! LOVE these quilts, and that polka dot minky is the BOMB!

  12. That holiday hostess fabric is to die for! I love White Christmas, too. I think my favorite is the green dress Rosemary Clooney wears at the engagement party -- that neckline!

  13. This is so cute! I love how you used the novelty fabric!


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