19 November 2012

Make-A-List Monday: Bring on the Turkey!

More like Make-A-Menu Monday! Do you have your menu all worked out? We're staying home, so I'm in charge of everything. I'm really okay with it. And since it's one of my favorite holidays, I'm going to share my menu first:
  • Turkey (this recipe) and gravy
  • Dressing (I'll be using this recipe)
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Sweet potatoes
  • The best carrots EVER (this recipe)
  • Rolls, rolls, and more rolls
  • Orange Jello ring - my mom has made it my whole life!
  • Ambrosia - if only just for me, because I miss my Gran
That's dinner. Then there's the dessert menu!
  • Coconut cake - again, because I miss my Gran and it's my favorite
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Chocolate bundt cake - for my boys, because they don't like anything else
  • Lemon tarts - for my girl, because they are her favorites

Okay, but as for non-Thanksgiving things. My list last week:
  • Baste, quilt and bind the Max and Whiskers quilt
Done. I've got enough left over fabric to make the little man a pillowcase too and a toddler bed sheet.

  • Quilt and bind James' quilt
Done. I've got enough fabric from this project to make one more, just no panel. That's okay. Snuggle quilts are snuggle quilts in my book. Cross this one off the 4Q FAL list as well.

  • Piece my Gypsy Girl top 
Didn't get to it. Weekender bags took over my brain!
  • Finish the lining of my Weekender Bag
Done. Boy was that a tough finish!
  • Cut the felt circle for my tree skirt
Didn't do it. See Weekender Bag comment above.
  • Maybe, just maybe, make some of the Christmas gift bags
Bags are cut out and ready for my Red Friday fest. Instead of shopping on Friday, I'm going to be sewing. In my jammies. Listening to Christmas music. So it's gonna be a Red Friday. Anyone want to join me?

On to this week's plans:
  • Quilt and bind Holiday Hostess quilt
  • Make my tree skirt
  • Baste, quilt and bind Easy as Cake Christmas quilt
  • Work on my, erm, Halloween Spider web quilt 
  • Make my Christmas gift bags
I know what you're thinking. Halloween quilt? But I wanted a bigger one, so I got another jelly roll so I could make more strip sets to make more triangles to make more spiderwebs. And since we're moving next June, I'd rather move with finished quilts (or at least quilt tops) than pieces. Just me being crazy and OCD, but there it is.

I'll be checking in later this week, but have a Happy Thanksgiving my American friends. And my non-American friends, have a nice Thursday!

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  1. add some pie, and maybe a cheesy old Christmas movie or two, and that is my plan for black {red} friday, too - I have a fq stack of Madrona road waiting for the occasion :)


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