01 May 2013

WIP Wednesday: I'd rather be . . . .



Or this:

You guess.

I'll wait.

I busted out a bazillion boxes yesterday. Nearly the entire sewing room is packed. Only a few more boxes of books to pack (we're bookish people!), toys and the kitchen. Not bad with three weeks to go! And lest you think that we order lots from Barnes and Noble, we don't. But they sure do give out free, awesome moving boxes.

And then I pruned rose bushes until I was sufficiently scratched enough to swear off roses for the rest of my life. I think the world has got it backwards. Why are dandelions the weed and roses the pretty flowers? Dandelions don't hurt. They seem to do just fine the more you abuse them. I find roses to be too princessy for my tastes. At least the ones in my yard. Oh well. I'm moving away from them soon and I won't be missing them.

So I'm rewarding my little self with some sewing. I must get at least two more flimsies finished before the move. This one is nearly done - just one row left!

I have a whole slew of flimsy finishes to share on Friday. Just you wait! Three, plus this one. Happy day!

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  1. Wow for a minute there i thought no way, i would much rather be opening all those books and a Juki!! But yeah, packing sucks... sewing is way more fun. And i'm with ya on that whole rose bushes vs. dandelion thing ;)

  2. I have worked with that Christmas fabric line in the last pic--isn't it great?!

    Sorry to hear about the rose tackling:( I have 9 of them in my back yard that we planted. They do well in NC and I haven't pruned them yet,but they have been in the ground less than 2 yrs as well.

  3. Ugh boxes! Our house has been on the market since July...and while I am anxious to move, I dread the packing, moving, and unpacking! Your quilt is very pretty! At least your sewing machine isn't packed yet ;-)


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