05 August 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Can summer wrap it up please?

Lest you think I'm one of those moms who wants summer to end because it means kids go back to school, well, I homeschool. So that's not why I want summer over. But I do want our routine back. I want school to start for my husband so we can get back to normal again.

Vacation this week, madness next week, a visit from my parents, the law student gone for 10 days, the Western Idaho Fair in the midst (and we're entering stuff this year!), plus a 4-year-old's birthday, a trip to Salt Lake City for a very special event, and my first 5k. And that's all within the next three weeks.

So I got what sewing done I could before this craziness sets in completely.

Finished my Glamping hexie flimsy:

She's a big girl (about a third of the quilt is hanging over the back edge of the fence, so yes, she's a big girl!). Going to keep me nice and toasty on camping trips. Just going to get some backing material soon and figure out how to quilt her up.

And then, rather than work on one of the many flimsies I have piled up (going to baste one when I get back from camping), I decided to add another one. I got the giant hexie die from Accuquilt a few weeks back and decided to use it to cut into my two Apple of My Eye FQ bundles. This is what I've done so far (8 of 15 columns):

I've had a sick baby girl and while she napped the other day, I laid out half of it and stitched it up this weekend. I really liked the big white and yellow flowers included in there. A nice resting spot for my eyes amidst all that busy-ness.

I found this awesome site for graph paper - helped me plot out where those big flowers were going to go.

Super handy to have hexagon graph paper on hand. They have pentagons, octagons, a cool hexie and diamond paper, music paper, knitting paper, and boring stuff like accounting paper.

As for this week's plans, here's what I've got:
  • Lay out and stitch up last 7 columns of AoME hexie quilt
  • work on Halloween embroidery project (going to be spending some seriously long hours in the car this week!)
That's all! I'm off for Montana and a tipi and hopefully no bears. Chipmunks are about all the wildlife I want to encounter!

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