21 October 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Border Patrol

Love it when I can cross so many things off a list! I rewarded my awesome-ness with a dinner date with my handsome law student (thank you mother-in-law for babysitting!). We even drove go-karts!

And what did I accomplish? Well, let's see:
  • Quilt Gypsy Girl patchwork quilt and bind
Done. Blogged here. I used it for our family photo shoot this evening. What do you think?

I got to thinking over the weekend after Tanya asked if long-arm quilting was harder than it looks. I would have to say no, but not because I'm oh so brilliant or anything. You hear a lot about muscle memory, and I think that's why it's simple. This is me before I became a wife, mom, and quilter:

(My apologies if you know this about me, or you're tired of this picture!). I graduated from the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) with a degree in baking and pastry arts. What does that have to do with long arm quilting? Well, I used to do a whole lot of piping with frosting, royal icing, chocolate, you name it. I can write Happy Birthday and Congratulations on just about anything! And my muscles haven't forgotten it. So the long arm quilting feels natural, that's all. It's still tough. I'm not nearly at the level my sister-in-law is at. But I'm excited to keep at it and try new things. Wait 'til I show you what I did last Friday!
  • Quilt Crossroads quilt and bind
Didn't, but I did quilt a different quilt instead. This one is next on the list.
  • Quilt Spider web quilt and bind
Didn't, but only because we're planning some fancy schmancy quilting on it and I need Rachel there to hold  my hand through it all.
  • Make bindings for 3 of those quilts
Well, I made bindings. Think this is sufficient?

I like to do unpleasant things in bulk. So I make bindings a lot at a time. Then they're ready when my quilt is done and I don't have to wait to finish the quilt.
  • Start piecing, and maybe finish, my mom's spider web flimsy
Done. Blogged here. She's got it and it's at her quilter's. Hopefully she gets it back so she can enjoy it on Halloween!

  • If there's time, finish those Alpine Wonderland blocks
  Almost done. Just 15 left. Here's what I've got so far:

Now, I've got plans for this week, and I'm trying to get excited about them. But they are kinda boring after last week's fun on the long arm.
  • Cut and sew borders for 2 Simple Life Dottie quilts
  • Cut and sew borders for Quite Contrary quilt
  • Cut and sew borders for Glamping trips quilt - I ordered this book from Amazon, so I'm waiting for it to get here, which means this one might have to wait! And I think I need Lori Holt's new book Quilty Fun for some border ideas. You can never have too many quilting books, right?

  • Finish Alpine Wonderland blocks and sew flimsy, including border
See, boring, right? But I am doing some fun things with the Dottie quilts, and I'm doing a pieced border for the Glamping trips quilt, so it won't be terrible. I hope.

What are you working on this week? And would y'all be interested in a Make-A-List Monday linky party? I love linky parties and it would be fun to have a Monday one. Thoughts?

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  1. This week was Halloween treat bags for two of my Littles who are four and five now and trick or treating with gusto. I went into my stash and built them without buying any more of anything. Proud of myself and so happy to see all of your projects in the works. You stay so busy. I love you pre-made bindings; makes the finishing so much quicker I bet. Thanks for sharing all the photos.


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