18 November 2013

Make-A-List Monday: The Stockings Were Hung . . .

Yikes - November is more than halfway over! Next week is Thanksgiving! I warn you - these lists will get horrifically long!

Here's what was on the list last week:
  • Work on my Gypsy Girl Weekender (and maybe even finish it!)
Here's a teaser shot - she's almost done. By Friday, I promise.Just some hand-stitching to do to attach that lining. Gonna pull out all the Downton reruns to get me through it all.

  • Make some more Swoon blocks
I was pretty busy with that Gypsy Girl bag, so I didn't get any blocks made, but I did get the rest of the cream fabric cut, so I'm on my way.
  • Anything else that strikes my fancy
I really wanted to start new things, but I was focused!

So, now for this week. In case you were wondering, there are just 42 days left until Christmas. And I need to get these stockings done!

Here's my list for this week:
  • Finish seven awesome red HST stockings, complete with lining and embroidered cuffs (I'm going to use this tutorial for the cuffs - just have to figure out how to do the embroidery right) and loopy hangy things
And that's it. I'm going to stay focused my friends!  If I happen to get those done, then I'm going to cut out and sew an apron for my awesome auntie in Florida. And work on some bags. And finish that Gypsy Girl Weekender. But stockings first.

What about you? What are you working on?


  1. Your Weekender bag is super cute! We got 10 inches of snow on the weekend and it's started coming down again so I am staying home and have no excuse to get out of sewing borders on a couple tops that have been done for weeks!

  2. November is halfway over oh my! It's racing by for sure!

    Hope you get everything you need done, DONE:)

  3. That bag is amazingly delicious!


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