05 June 2014

Fabric Thursday: Cake Baking in the Sewing Room

Sounds like a mess. But these were very neat and tidy.

As neat and tidy as paper piecing can get.

Which isn't very neat and tidy, all those trimmings.

And now, a test. Whoever guesses the flavors of the cake slices (the most correct answers) will get a four slice mini of their own!

And I've still got two more to make. These two:

A Cherry Chip Cake (with vanilla frosting!)
found on Pinterest, but follow this link to the recipe

And the gorgeous Miette Tomboy cake (chocolate with raspberry buttercream)
Miette is a fabulous little bakery in San Francisco with the prettiest little cakes

So let the guessing begin! Seven slices, seven different flavors. Good luck!

Oh, and linking up over at Fabric Tuesday. Yes, I know it's Thursday. But it's working for me - my Flower Sugar econ block flimsy was featured this week!

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  1. let's see: Left corner: Red Devils Food cake, Lemon cake, Rocky Road cake, Coconut cake, Chocolate Cake, Yellow Cake and Carrot Cake.
    YUM! Need some cake now!

  2. So cute! Red velvet, marble, olive garden lemon cake, strawberry shortcake?, devils food cake, key lime cake, and yellow cake with chocolate icing:) Make sure I win :) lol

  3. Red velvet, lemon, I don't know. Key lime (cake?) chocolate/chocolate, butter/chocolate, and carrot. Maybe the I don't know is, um, marble? Anyway, they're all adorable. And now I want cake.

  4. i could totally do those blocks and eat the first cake, totally

  5. red velvet, lemon, marble,key lime, chocolate fudge,orange, strawberry! love this pattern !!

  6. Where do I find the pattern. Live these!

  7. Hmmm.....Red Devilsfood, Lemon Cake, Chocolate/Vanilla Marble,white cake with tinted frosting or with lime?, Chocolate Devil's Food, Spice cake, and Carrot Cake. Love this pattern. Very sweet (no pun intended!!)

  8. is it too late to guess. I want to make the tomboy cake but,
    the fabric cakes just might be red velvet - lemon - marble- white- german choc - yellow -- and carrot


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