02 June 2014

Make-A-List Monday: Situation Normal!

I thought, for just a moment, of doing a monthly list instead of weekly. But then reality set in and I knew I wouldn't stick to it. I make daily to-do lists, so I kinda depend on this list to help me focus, or to help me know what to ignore. Because some weeks I just ignore it. Still, I made some June goals last night. I'll share those in a bit.

First, last week's list:
  • Finish stage one of the Econ block flimsy (it will need a border after this) - DONE and loving it. Now for the border, which will be some work, but totally worth it!

  • Finish my pillowcase tutorial
  • Done. Well, the photography part is done (these are work, y'all!). Now to write it and post it.
  • Work on the Lucy Crab Shack Weekender
  • Does it count if I mapped out how to write this tutorial/tip sheet? Because that's all the progress I made
  • Get my Texas quilt block designed and photographed (the blog hop is coming, y'all!)
  • Still waiting for some inspiration on this one. I've got some time, right? My day doesn't come until the 23rd, but I'd better get it done and written so I'm not doing it last minute.

    Okay, so for this MONTH, here are my goals:
    • Finish my Dresden plate flimsy, which involves cutting the background squares, the center circles, the sashing, and putting it all together. But it's darn near time!
    • Layout and piece my Too Cute to Spook Hexies flimsy
    • Write and post my pillowcase tutorial and the Weekender tip sheet/tutorial thing
    • Finish the Lucy Weekender, and my red chair, my Scrumptious throw pillow cover, and my daughter's Gypsy Girl throw pillow cover (all things I can finish from my 2QFAL list)
    Big month goals, and I mean to stick to them. Why am I not finishing some things (like my Ruby flimsy, that Flower Sugar Econ block flimsy, the quilts I quilted last week)?

    Well, the law student is now a law graduate studying for the bar exam. No job. No cash. I'm doing some work-at-home stuff, but not much. So money is super tight. No fabric buying for a bit. Unless I win the lottery. But since I don't buy lottery tickets, that's not likely to happen either.

    So the goals for this week are:
    • Cut the background squares for my Dresdens
    • Trace circles onto fabric and sew
    • Figure sashing for the Dresden and cut it and sew it together
    That's a lot of work for just one quilt. Next week will be the applique, which I anticipate will take me AGES. And no, I'm not doing it by hand. Machining it baby.

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    1. I don't buy lottery tickets either-goes against All My Principles. Tight budget time here, too, Jennie, as the babysitting for a schoolteacher ends for the summer and we cobble together funds for three months out of the year. Maybe we can organize a small swap so we each get some new-to-us fabric !~!

      Best of luck to the bar taker-hope he makes it go on the first try. I've never taken any test that hard; I watched a neighbor (Cornell grad) fail it three times here in No Cal. Is it the same nationwide-or state specific?

      List-making... I've had periods of my life where I did make lists and then periods like now when I am not. I'm wondering if perhaps I ought to start again ?~! It would provide a good model for my daughter who's struggling now with prioritizing as she looks for work and works on her home too... Thanks for the thoughts on lists, you've given me food for cogitation.


    "The more things you do, the more you can do."

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