06 November 2015

Friday Finish: Easy as Cake Christmas Quilt

I wish I could say this is my last flimsy from my last house. Sadly, no, it's not. I think there's still one more.

Definitely one more. No, two.

I'll stop counting.

This one I tried quilting on my machine. The last FMQing I did on my machine before we moved. Ahem, 2.5 years ago. Yeah. I'm lame.

I had serious tension issues, and have been picking it out when I remember I need to pick it out. And now it's quilted and will go back to Seattle with the husband so he can stay warm this winter. Because I already have eleventy billion Christmas quilts.

Backed in cherry red Minky and bound with a fun red check.

Checking this one off the 4QFAL list.


  1. This quilt turned out really nice, Jennie. I really like the cherry minky and checkered binding. Easy As Cake is a fun pattern I have made twice so far (batiks and patriotic). Maybe this is the pattern to use up my Christmasy prints. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ha ha! Great post - eleventy billion?! I don't doubt it ...

  3. I like your colors for Christmas! It looks easy also. This is a great pattern and I look forward to seeing more quilts.

  4. This is super cute and cheery. Congrats on getting another finished.

  5. What a great way to show off some fun Festive prints, Jennie... I do sometimes wonder what happens to all the quilts that prolific quilters make!

  6. Congrats on the finish! I've done... Nothing. Sigh.


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