21 March 2012

"Just" a recipe

I'm not going to go super deep into the Pinterest kerfuffle. I've consulted with my (soon-to-be) lawyer endlessly about it, analyzing every angle of it. Here's my slice of opinion:

I'm not deleting my boards.

There. If you want to know why, I'd be happy to 'splain it.

But I read some comments on another blog that got me thinking. Some of the blogging community have chosen to delete an pins they consider "art" such as quilts and tutorials, things that people have worked hard to develop and make original.

One person said she's keeping her recipes though. Because they are "just" recipes. (That's not a direct quote, but I took the implication as such.)

And this has been pecking away at my brain. Because I trained as a pastry chef. I still work on developing my recipes, tweaking them and making them just so. Hours of thought and practice go in to this. They are not "just" recipes to me. They are the product of a lot of work on my part.

I'm only asking for fairness here. If you consider a quilt design or interpretation art, then so is that particular carrot cake recipe that is new and amazing (and I'm not sharing my carrot cake recipe here).

Don't really know where I'm going with this, since I'm not asking anyone to stop using Pinterest or delete some of their boards. Just asking for no hypocrisy. If you feel you shouldn't pin a quilt because it isn't yours to pin, then you shouldn't pin a recipe unless it is yours.

But I'm not deleting any of it. I'm not a malicious pinner. I give credit to original sources.

There's a lot more to be said about this in the coming weeks, and I hope some more lawyers can weigh in on it. But let's be reasonable and stop clutching our pearls over all this.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing about garden pics I pin. They are an original design. They took great work to put together and also to photograph.

    The Pinterest debate is interesting. I need to go check a few of my pins because I do prefer to pin those items that do go back to the original post (though I'm not perfect on that account).


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