20 March 2012

It's around here somewhere . . .

My motivation is gone. Bye-bye, see-ya.

Yeah, can't find it anywhere. It's been replaced by a cold. And a five-month-old with a cold. We're hunkering down.

Oh I've got projects to work on. Just don't feel like working on them right now. I'm bugged at my mom's serger - I really wanted to get clothes for my girls done. A big ol' grrrr for that.

This might be all I get done this week:

I got a new phone for my birthday. Well, that's not entirely true. My husband got a new-new phone and I got his old phone. So it's new to me. But it needs it's own little sleeping bag. And a cute one at that. So I'm diving through my stash this afternoon.

While I sit and snuggle the sick baby, watching the snow/rain fall outside, I'm making a list o' things to prep in the coming weeks. Wanna see?

Even if you don't, it's my blog, so I'm writing them here to keep myself accountable:
  1. Piece back for strawberry pinwheel quilt
  2. Finish cutting fabric for Richard Scarry quilts (these are going to be SO cute!)
  3. Cut PKM fat quarters for pinwheel quilt
  4. Cut Ruby flannel FQ for quilt
  5. Sew at least 20 Sew Cherry granny squares
  6. Sew at least 20 Dresden plates

How's that for ambitious? And fix the *$%@ serger so I can get those spring dresses sewn for my girls.

Have a lovely Spring Equinox!

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  1. oh dear, I hope you & baby are feeling better soon.


"The more things you do, the more you can do."

Lucille Ball