14 March 2012

WIP Wednesday: spring break with granny

Just playing with grannies this week. My law student is on his spring break (although there is snow on the ground!), so I'm trying to get as much done with him home as possible.

And it's my birthday on Sunday! Wish I could be more excited about it, but I have to make my cake and my birthday dinner, so it's really just another day. Except I'll be able to say I'm 35. Thirty-five. Five and thirty. Seems like a lot o' years to me. Not complaining. Birthdays just seem to get more boring and uneventful the older I get. I guess I'll decide how much fun it's going to be.

Have a great week - we'll see if I have a finish for Friday - I've got some potholders in the works (funny story about those!).

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  1. I love your grannies. Before I got tired of making Farmer's Wife blocks, I used this same fabric. For some reason I can't think of the name of the fabric line. Happy Birthday!

  2. I love granny squares, they are so beautiful but quite addictive,too. I love the fabric you're using.

  3. Your grannies are great! Really pretty. Hope you have a lovely birthday, I'm 36 and my hubby tells me it's a slippery slope to 40 from here on in! He's so funny - NOT! :o)

  4. Hi Jennie! I was just cruising the Fabric Friday links, and am in LOVE with your granny square blocks! I'm a new follower. Nice to *meet* you. :o)
    P.S. Happy Birthday!

  5. Great grannies, love the flowers on them.
    Just made cute little green froggy cell phone quilted pouches for my grand kids and my daughter, to hang around their necks.
    I originally made a frog pouch for my little $15 Tracfone SVC phone for seniors which I had to keep on my in case of emergencies. I really like this phone as it's got big keys and big letters on the screen so you don't have to strain your eyes when using it, and it only costs me $7/month for service.

  6. Happy Birthday on Sunday! I have made my own cake before and you're right birthdays are just more uneventful the older you get. But I am always thankful for another year! I just had my 34th! I love your granny squares so very much! Your fabric choices are perfect!


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