16 March 2012

Finish it up Friday: the one with the cute model

Two little finishes today. Why is it I get less done with my husband home to "help?"

I know, just me, right?

So, first little finish does not have the cute model. Just a thumb tack. But I love this oven mitt tutorial. And a funny story. Read on if you want to laugh at me.

We went to a potluck dinner a couple weeks ago. Since my kids are the world's pickiest eaters, I made homemade mac and cheese (super complicated - pasta and tons of sharp cheddar!) to take. I had to take it straight from the oven to the car to the church. And I only had two grungy pot holders to use.

So very embarrassing.

I came home, did some searching and pinning (love my Pinterest) and pilfered the scrap pile. Fortunately, I had this gorgeous print left over from my Victory Garden quilt back.

So I cut out a few. Or nine. But who's counting, right? I even cut out some Christmas ones so I'm prepared! Phew. No more embarrassing oven mitt incidents for me!

Little finish number two is modeled by the lovely Caroline, who has become a drool monster (she's got to cutting her first teeth, which is why I'm not modeling it with my dark circles and such). I found this tutorial via a friend and cut out a couple.

These are going to be a go-to baby gift from now on. Super duper easy peasy.
She's a cute model, no? I like her. Her brothers and big sister like her too. Oh, and her papa. We're going to keep her.

So those are my little finishes.

My fabric godmother sent me some JoAnn's love for my birthday, so I get to get more batting and knock some more quilts off that top shelf o' mine. Just need to get my law student out of my hair so I can get something done!

Have a lovely weekend!

Linking up at crazy mom quilts - hoping to get her book for my birthday. Just sayin'.

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  1. Ah, there's nothing like a potluck dinner to bring out the worst in your potholders :)


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