11 April 2012

Let's talk fabric swaps

Rather than a WIP Wednesday post, which would seem like a re-run of Monday's post, I thought I'd chat about fabric swaps.

I'm about to get my package in the mail from my first swap and I have to admit I think I'm addicted already. I keep imagining all sorts of swaps.

So I want to know what you think. I created a little poll over there on the side, but comments are awesome too.

Would you do one?

What about 2.5" strips?

Themes? I thought a Christmas one would be fun in September after all the new fabric comes out.

How big? The one I'm getting in the mail is a 5 yard color wheel swap, which means I'm about to come into 280 different charm squares. It's a little breathtaking, but so very cool.

So let me know.


  1. wow that will be a great swap package! i've wanted to have a polka dot charm swap for a long time now.

  2. I would be all over that! Seriously does anything beat surprise fabric in the mail!!!


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Lucille Ball