09 April 2012

Make-A-List Monday Week Three

Happy Monday to you! Hope you had a glorious Easter weekend. We visited my parents - mom's birthday was yesterday, so it was fun to get together with some of my siblings and have a good time.

Now, back to reality. Well, reality follows me, even to my parents. But back to my home and my reality!

Here's what I had planned to finish last week:

  • Sew 10 more granny squares (shhh, I'm going to try for 16, but 10 is my minimum)

I hit my minimum, which was 10. Since Friday and Saturday were spent at my parents' house, I really only had through Thursday to sew. Still, I'm up to 40, which means I only need sixteen more and then I get started on the sashing and borders. Hip hip!

  • Sew 10 more Dresden plates

Somehow I miscounted and I only had 48 last week (sorry if you feel you've been lied to - I felt the same way!). So I had to make 12 of these beauties to make an honest woman out of myself. Stacked up against a Dr. Pepper can - my stack is getting pretty tall! FYI - no end in sight!

  • Sew 10 PKM pinwheels (I have 30 to do)


These big beauties (measure almost 15" square!) are coming together so fast. I got a little carried away and made 13. Good times. I'm using this tutorial for those who want to know.

See Saturday's post. I'm getting a little ambitious, but I think I can do it if I focus. And my baby girl cooperates. My husband is doing a summer internship, so I'm going to bond with my running shoes and sewing machine while he's gone. These goals will help me get through his absence I hope.

  • Finish my cake mini

I didn't. I would have if I'd been home Friday and Saturday. But I didn't. Grrr. Hate not being able to cross something off the list!

Okay, moving on.

For this week, I want to:

  • Sew 16 Sew Cherry granny squares
  • Sew 17 PKM pinwheels
  • Sew 10 Dresden plates
  • Cut and sew sashing for granny squares top
  • Cut and sew sashing for PKM pinwheels top
  • Plan border for granny squares top

There we have it. Have to run to the grocery store this morning, and then it's off to the races again. Hope you've got amazing goals this week!


  1. I thought I did a lot! You put me to shame!

  2. Wow. You really accomplished a lot this week. I love the traditional look of your blocks.

  3. Great idea to write a specific list for sewing - I'm going to try that this week to avoid the what should I do today slump.

  4. Great accomplishments for last week, and a really ambitions week ahead!! And I love seeing the MALM icon up there!!!


"The more things you do, the more you can do."

Lucille Ball