25 May 2012

Friday Finish: the one where I'm a little nuts

There are nine children, all eight and under, in my house right now. At 7:05 a.m.

I am officially crazy.

Five are mine. The other four belong to a friend who is moving and she has a boatload of last minute stuff to do before she heads out of town this morning.

Um, I kinda offered to have them over this morning. See, crazy.

Nah, they're good kids, and cartoons make zombies out of them all. Some monkey bread and milk and I'll look like Mom of the year.

Okay, on to my finish. You don't need to know how crazy I am.

I did get something finished this week. Can I get a hallelujah? C'mon, don't leave a girl hanging!

This little red and aqua barn raising quilt has been on my finished but not quilted stack (I'm not the only one with one of those stacks right) for forever. Like, I finished it in Seattle. That was a year and many boxes ago.

So it went to the top of the "Move on it Woman" list (also known as my 2nd Quarter finish-along list). I'm also trying to get as much done as possible while my husband is out of town.

Okay, blah blah blah. Time for pictures.

Just some straight line quilting, backed in aqua flannel and bound with red gingham. If you're new here, gingham binding is sorta my thing. Some people are famous for their sunglasses, others for their shoes. Me, I'm famous (in my head) for my gingham bindings.

It's soft and snuggly and, blast it all, too small. But my baby girl likes it. See:

She had a great time crawling around on it while I was trying to take pictures. See that bright light in the sky? It's sunshine. And we've been missing it!

I've got my other red/aqua quilt to baste (after I clear out the excess children) and then I'm getting to quilting that puppy.

For the record, I don't quilt puppies. So don't be calling the PETA people over that. If they want to haul me in, it can be for bacon consumption.

Have a fabulous weekend! Linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Oh, and hey, you've got a few more hours to enter the giveaway. So get to it!


  1. Your daughter is adorable. And yes, you are crazy to have 9 children in your house! LOL

    You get so much accomplished with your hands full. My "baby" is 17 and, I do get some things done, I just never post them.

  2. Love red and aqua....love your cutie gal....love that you clarified that you don't quilt puppies.

  3. Hallelujah...and I took a Xanax for you just in case!

  4. Jennie, Hallelujah! I love gingham binding, flannel backs, barn raising, and your baby is a beauty. You get an A+++, and your management skills must be off the charts!

  5. That is an adorable quilt and yep 9 kids under 8, I'd say your certifiable :) The little one on the quilt steals the show though. Hallelujah!!

  6. You are not crazy, just have a big heart!
    I love the quilt and binding really works. Clever!

  7. Hallelujah and whoop whoop, Jennie!! What an adorable little quilt - only surpassed by that cutie in the pic!!

  8. super cute! Congrats on the finish!


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