23 May 2012

WIP Wednesday: Survival Mode

I'm totally channeling Gloria Gaynor these days.

I will survive.

I have even more respect for single moms. Mine is only temporary, but man is it tough! As an FYI, my brilliant law student is doing an internship in Seattle for the summer. I am not in Seattle. I am 5.5 hours away, so I'm single momming it until July.

And to top it all off, I'm without an ironing board. I mean, my husband I can do without (not really!) for many weeks, but I fall to pieces when I don't have my ironing board for three days.

I loaned it to a friend and they said they would bring it right back and it's been three days and I'm going batty. Am I a little nutso? I'm hoping not. Methinks I will have to go over there to fetch it back, because I've got two quilts that are queued up to be quilted and I've got to press those babies first. These two:

Yes, part of my red/aqua obsession. Both of these are on my list for the Finish-A-Long and I'd like to cross them off. I'm a list girl, and crossing things off the list makes me a little giddy.

I won't bore you with all I'm not getting done. Remember. Survival. That's what I'm getting done!

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  1. Hey- I was devastated by loss of two disco legends last week, so I'm feeling the Gloria Gaylor love. Both of your quilts are amazing. Is there any block better than the humble half-square triangle?

  2. I'm also obsessed with red/aqua. I have some Bliss fabric in line for an eventual quilt!
    Those tops look fantastic!

  3. Great quilts! I love the red and aqua too. Nice work!

    I'd be CRAZY without my ironing board! Go get it!

  4. i lOVE both of these!
    annndd...ready for this one? i DO NOT OWN an actual ironing board. i took the top half shelf off a desk and put a towel over it. works perfectly :)

  5. You are a brave soul to trust your ironing board to someone else, hehehe. I love your red and aqua quilts!

  6. I love your red and aqua quilts!

  7. These are so pretty! I fully support your blue and aqua obsession as I share it!

  8. Love them both. I'm kind of obsessing on red and aqua myself!

  9. Good luck surviving single mommyhood :) Amazing how much we need an ironing board & iron, isn't it? I thought my iron was a goner yesterday when it started pouring water out the steam holes, I nearly had a panic attack :) {it is working today, though} your red & aqua tops are so pretty!

  10. I understand ... I have a thing with my ironing board, too! She is always up and ready to go!


  11. I love both quilts! Haha, on the ironing board. I let my husband take our iron with him when he went away for business and it was the worst mistake I ever made!

  12. I am loving all of your red and aqua quilts! Can you tell me the name of the pattern for the second quilt in this post? Also, during the SMS giveaways you had sent me an email with the chart for your chimneys and cornerstones quilt--and I accidentally deleted it! :( Would it be possible for you to resend it? I would really appreciate it!
    I have really enjoyed looking around your blog--LOVE the dresden plate quilt you are working on for your bed! And how organized all of your quilt projects are in the boxes.


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