28 May 2012

Make-A-List Monday Week 8 - Happy Memorial Day

 I am a total sucker for patriotic holidays. Blame my childhood. And my family. Here's the math:

2 grandpas who were career Marines
3 Marine Corps uncles
1 born-on-the-fourth-of-July dad
1 Air Force husband
2 Marine Corps brothers
= one flag-waving, tears-up during the national anthem every time, patriotic little me. And don't even get me started on God Bless America, God Bless the U.S.A., and America the Beautiful. My kids are partial to the Air Force song.

We started this tradition when we moved to Seattle. The Washelli cemetery in Seattle has a very large military section. They do a special afternoon Memorial Day ceremony each year. But before that, early in the morning before that,  a group of people, mostly Boy Scouts (love the scouts!) go and place the flags at the gravesites. And they let my little family participate.

See - here's my awesome husband showing my two oldest how it's done.

And my oldest boy doing it all by himself. So sad we couldn't find a local cemetery to do this at this year. It was a lovely tradition. We'll still go to the cemetery and see who's got flags out and talk about it. It's important to know and talk about.

Yes, this is a quilty blog. But it's my blog. And today, I'm thinking about the men and women who sacrificed so much for my freedom. One day a year isn't too much to ask of me.

But now I will move on to quilting matters.

Here's what I'm working on this week:

Finish quilting and binding this quilt:

(and there would be a picture if I could find my flippin' camera, but it seems to have sprouted little legs and wandered away)

Cut up my charms for the Boy/Girl I-Spy charm swap (pretty sure there are still spots available if you're interested) and the Yummy Sherbet charm swap (I'm in the lime/mango group). The fabric arrives tomorrow.

Clean/organize my sewing room. Again. For the eleventy billionth time.

Finish cutting and start sewing on my daughter's adventure backpack (needed more fabric for this one).

That's a decent little list. What are you all up to this week?


  1. I've got to get the binding done on my H2H quilt. I'm torn between doing it by hand, which I prefer, or by machine {decorative stitch} for speed.

    Thats a very cute adventure backpack :)

  2. I'm finishing up the binding on a "normal" quilt as my sister so politely put it and finding parts for a new old treadle machine I told my husband to buy me.
    And I don't mind at all you getting all patriotic on a quilty blog. I practically cry during the pledge of allegiance! Our country really is amazing and was founded on such great principles and ideals. Seriously love this country. Also, love that your husband is Air Force and the rest of your family is Marines, I imagine plenty of ribbing.

  3. I think your Memorial post is very moving! Thanks for teaching your children so well! I'm enjoying your blog!

  4. Just found your blog through pinterest and am having a blast going through it. Had to stop here though to say, love this post.... You should definitely see Arlington National Cemetary should you ever be in my neck of the woods. Just remember to bring lots of tissues.


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