07 May 2012

Make-a-list Monday Week . . . um, I forget

Well, I did take a little time off, so I really can't remember what week I'm on. I'll just hit the reset button!

I won't even try to recap what I was supposed to be working on. With weather like this:
You could hardly expect me to pay attention to that sort of thing. Add in sleep deprivation, sick kids and potty training a 2.5 year old and I'm lucky to remember to put clothes on in the morning!

So here is my list for this coming week:

Finish piecing this yellow and orange string quilt:
I only need 8 blocks there on the bottom and it's done. I really, honestly love this quilt more than any other. The colors are my favorites. And I'm backing it in yellow Minky. Be still my heart. I might not get out of bed.

I need to get started on this red string quilt (while I'm in the mood for string quilts) for my bestie in Utah who is getting married. Yes, it's a Christmas quilt. But she loves red and she loves Christmas. It's beyond perfect, and I hope I make her cry when she opens it!

I've also got to make a laundry bag for my handsome law student who is leaving for his internship next week. I also want to make myself a new pincushion. I'm thinking a sunflower.

I haven't forgotten my granny square quilt. Or my pinwheel quilt. I just needed a break from them. And those borders are all kinds of fussy, so it's going to take some time. But with my law student gone next week, I'm going to sew my little lonesome heart out.

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  1. I am absolute love with the yellow and orange string quilt!! It is gorgeous!!


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