19 June 2012

Make-A-List-Monday, er, Tuesday

I read somewhere that you shouldn't make excuses on your blog for not posting.

But it's my blog and I promise to make my excuses entertaining with true stories. Or at least slightly embellished ones because those are funnier, right?

Why Jennie (that's me) did not post yesterday:
  1. I was recovering from Sunday. Sunday is a day of rest for other people. For moms, it is extra work. Add in there a 2.5 year old who is mostly potty trained, but still has to be rushed to the bathroom when he says he needs to go, and if you don't you have an accident on your hands in the MIDDLE OF CHURCH. God has a great sense of humor, and by some miracle his church pants didn't get wet. But his socks and shoes did, so he was barefoot the rest of the day at church. (Note: I did not embellish this story at all!). And then we came home and watched Veggie Tales and ate spaghetti and I took a billion pictures of my kids' feet for Father's day. See the photo about as proof of my insanity. Do you know how hard it is to get five children to a) look at the camera; b) smile; and c) have their feet in the right position? Yeah, that hard. But my man loved it and that's what counts.
  2. I was buried under 6 yards of yellow minky. I was piecing the back for my yellow and orange string quilt. It's done and ready for quilting (as soon as I score some batting!).
  3. I was worried that the curse words in my head would make it to the blog as I was piecing the back for my strawberry pinwheel quilt. I've come to a conclusion about pieced backs - they are like marathons. You don't enjoy the process (at least I know I wouldn't/didn't), but you sure are proud of yourself when it's all done. After you've had a chocolate milkshake and a long nap.
Three is good, right? Okay, my fourth excuse is that I ate all my Ben and Jerry's Half Baked and was working out an elaborate scheme to get more. Because going to the store is too complicated - it involves five children, 10 shoes (preferably matching ones) and keys that are lost.

I don't have much to show for what I did - how boring would it be to see six yards of yellow minky? If that's your thing, right on. But I'm not taking a picture for you - use your imagination!

I lied - pictureless blogs are so very boring. You're welcome.

Here you go: blob o' yellow minky. Don't I have mad photography skills? Try not to hate me. And I made it X-Large, just so you could see all that detail. I'll do a tutorial later on how to take a picture like this. Very complicated stuff.

And a teaser photo of that quilt back. It makes me happy. It d*#$ well better make me happy, because I think it took longer to make than the quilt top!

But here is my to-do list for the week:

  • Baste and quilt that pink/orange Dream On quilt. 2 weeks left for the 2nd Quarter FAL.
  • Baste (at least) and quilt (maybe) the blue/green Dream On quilt. It was also on my list for the 2nd Quarter FAL.
That's it. 

What's on your list for the week?


  1. That is a LOT of yellow minky, the back of that quilt is AMAZING, and my to-do list is way too long, but I posted some of it on my blog today (pssst...there's even fabric!). Good luck on your quilt finishing!


  2. Seriously, you crack me up! Feel free to make as many excuses as you want because I literally laughed out loud. I've so been there with all of those excuses. Especially the church thing. Trying to make them last three hours plus our 20 minute drive each way is nearly impossible! I love the yellow fabric picture! I so wish I could take pictures like you and make them all huge on my blog ;). Thanks for making my day happier!


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