20 June 2012

WIP Wednesday: why Camille Roskelley is not a fibber

Not that I ever had a reason to doubt her, not even for a second.

But I know I'm not the only one who has this thought run through my head (please, tell me I'm not the only one!):

"Easy for her to say. She does this for a living." And I say it in my non-snarky voice. It's more of an "I'm in awe of her awesomeness" voice. That one.

See, I get it all the time when it comes to baking something (I trained as a pastry chef in my previous, non-mommy life). And I think it all the time when it comes to computer stuff my husband says is easy. When you know what you're doing, and you do it all the time, then sure, it's easy.

But this quilt really is easy. 

She's not fibbing. When she says this quilt is easy, she means it. I had already cut the fabric, and I sat down yesterday, late afternoon, and pieced all the blocks together.

Laid them out this morning. Rearranged them a few times. (Can't have similar colors/patterns right next to each other if I can help it). Sewed the top together.

Quilt top done in less than 24 hours. I like. I like a lot.

Doesn't hurt that the fabric is Lucy's Crab Shack. And I need more of it. Much more of it.

Okay, back to what I should be working on. I just forgot how difficult it was to baste a quilt with a crawling baby. Like, impossible. So I'm piecing tops again because she'll let me do that. Basting, not so much. That is her territory and how dare I intervene. Unless I give her a cookie.

Stop looking now if you don't want to see a cutie with her first chocolate chip cookie.

I just don't have enough cookies to get a quilt basted. Guess I'll have to wait until after bedtime tonight to baste that quilt. In the meantime, I'm piecing.

Piece out!

And Camille, if you happen to read my silly little blog, I hope you know I'm a huge fan. And I would never call you a liar, or a fibber, or anything else other than awesome. Promise.


  1. What big blue eyes..what a cutie! And your quilt's wonderful, too.

  2. Your quilt looks great and I agree about Lucy's Crab Shack...it awesome. Your sweet baby girl is just adorable too :-)

  3. This made my whole day. :-)

  4. That quilt look so fun! I could use some easy in my life. Your little girl is ADORABLE! Oh, and how fun it is that Camille came by and commented!


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