17 August 2012

Prep Work

I'm a food show junkie. Fortunately, I don't have cable, so I can't indulge very often. But I do whenever I'm at my mom's house.

Have you ever noticed how the chef/cook/awesome person has everything already measured out in bowls and ready to go? Did you know there was a special name for that?

Mise en place. Everything in it's place. So you don't discover halfway through a recipe that you don't have garlic. Or salt. Or eggs. It's unbelievably smart.

I do this in the kitchen. Years of training in professional kitchens taught me this.

So why, oh why do I not do this in my sewing room all the time? I think it's hardest when I'm figuring things out on my own, rather than following a pattern. Still, it bugs me when I want to finish something, or work on something, and I don't have enough of the something. Drives. me. batty.

And so you will not be seeing any finished items this week. Or next week. I'm doing prep work. So I can sit down and sew and KNOW that I've got everything I need to finish several projects before I have to prep again.

Lucky me, there's a sale on batting next week at JoAnn's. And I get to place a couple of orders for fabric.

And by the by, did anyone else notice that August is almost over? You won't hear me crying over it either. I'm a spring/fall girl. And I do love winter and summer, just ready for the hot weather to go away.

Have a fabulous weekend. Here's a picture for you, so this post isn't completely pictureless. I've noticed that the super cool people have "summer feet" pictures on Facebook and blogs. Well, you won't find me kicking back by the pool, or in a hammock, or on a lake. Nope. These are my summer feet.

This baby girl of mine is taking her first steps, but she'll grab your leg if you stop for a second. And she gets me every time. But I love her, and I love it. So that's my "summer feet" shot.

And we checked this book out at the library. I'm buying a copy. The illustrations are lovely. The story is lovely. I'm a sucker for children's books about quilts. I might just do a blog post of my favorites.


  1. that's a great 'summer feet' photo :) Have you read The Quiltmaker's Gift? that is one of my favorites :)

  2. So adorable! We've got a leg grabber over here too. She's not quite ready to go on her own, but man does she love pant legs.

    That's such a good idea about the prep. I do that so often and it's so frustrating!

  3. OMG...those pudgy baby arms!!M. Be still my heart. My baby is 9 now. The older kids need to get on the grand baby ball, I guess ;)

  4. I loved the book The Patchwork Quilt by Valerie Flournoy. I read it in college for a children's literature class and it inspired me to make a patchwork quilt of my old clothes. It's nowhere near the quality of your amazingly beautiful quilts, but I love it and it's quite worn by now. :)


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