14 August 2012

Make-A-List Monday, er, Tuesday

Since I'm still buried in laundry from our trip, I figured you'd be forgiving if I was a day late on this post. If you aren't forgiving, go ahead and try to tell me about how mad you are. I can't hear much under all this laundry.

I thought I'd get more done on my stitchery last week. I spent 11+ hours in the car after all. But between keeping kids fed and entertained, let alone keeping the decibel level tolerable, I wasn't able to pull it out as much as I would have liked.

So I'm still working on stitchery #4 - The Apothecary. I like this one. I especially like the jars in the windows and the sign out front: "Lost Small Dog - Call Dorothy." Cracks me up.

And I'm also getting started on my Sewing Buddy project. My buddy and I won third place the last challenge, and we're doing our best this time around. It's all about color, and we've chosen these colors for our projects.

I'm going to make a scrappy sewing machine cover, table mat and maybe a wall quilt if I can get to it. She's making some kitchen accessories and an apron. I can't wait to see what she ends up making. It's going to be gorgeous!

Hope your week is awesome - I'm getting organized and busy. School starts up next week, so this girl has some lesson planning to do.

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