22 September 2012


Just a few of my current favorites that I've pinned.

After going back and forth about the quilt for my daughter using my new Gypsy Girl FQ bundle, I think I'm going to simplify things. I'm going to make it with 6" squares, and throw in some Farmer's Wife blocks made with the scraps to keep things interesting. I've never actually made a patchwork square quilt before. Time to change that.

And some more aqua and yellow goodness. I like it! Hope you are having a great weekend. My quilting plans got completely derailed by sick little people.


  1. Ooh, those are all very pretty. Your aqua & yellow block is wonderful - it really pops!

  2. I really like the quilts you've chosen....simple but striking and beautiful. Your idea to use the farmer's wife blocks is super. Hope everyone is well soon!


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