18 September 2012

Fabric Tuesday: I've gone off the yellow/aqua deep end

Is there an institution out there for those of who become obsessed with a color combination? It hasn't creeped out of the sewing room, but my husband is getting worried when I say I'm going to make some yellow and aqua pajamas for myself. They're for me, so why should he worry? I mean, we could always go in for an awkward family photo in coordinating yellow and aqua square dance outfits. But I haven't gone that far off the deep end. Not yet.

I didn't jump on the New York Beauty Bandwagon a while back, but I saw this wall hanging and thought it would be fun to use up the rest of my yellow and aqua scraps.

This just makes my happy place that much happier.

Now I'm thinking of doing a row of yellow tulips as well. Is that too crazy? Or maybe just one tulip? But I like rows and rows of tulips. No vote. A row of three it is!

And then I think I need one of these signs to go with it all:
Source: etsy.com via Jennie on Pinterest

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  1. Yellow and aqua, so happy together!

  2. Love it! I love the different fonts on the lyric sign. Surely you could whip up a paper piecing pattern inspired by the plaque for a third mini quilt. Then you can hang your sun on one side and the three tulips with an aqua background on the other. Perfection! And since you don't have anything else to work on right now... Oh wait.

  3. It's great! Happiness indeed!

  4. Your yellow and aqua are so pretty together! I like how you quilted it, too. I may have to try it out!

  5. Not madness at all. It is a good thing to know what makes you happy!! Your aqua and yellow block is quilted happiness :) I love the sign - I used to sing that song to my daughter when she was a baby (she's 21 now!!)

  6. Yellow and aqua are beautiful! I don't use much yellow, but I should, it's so perky.
    Great ny beauty block!

  7. I love that color combination. It is just so happy! : ) The block looks amazing.

  8. it's super cute and happy looking!!!


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