26 September 2012

WIP Wednesday: focus

I've mentioned more than once that I have quilting ADD. I think a lot of us do. Really, we should have a support group.

But this week I'm doing okay. I posted my two lists on Monday - my goals for this week and my goals for the last 100 days of the year.

As of today, I've got one of those Christmas quilts quilted and ready to bind.

The other one has caused a little hiccup for me. As I was pressing it, I decided that it needed another border. Which meant that the backing that I'd already pieced is now too small. I'm digging through my stash for a solution, but that quilt has returned to the back burner for now. Grrr.

I had to take out a seam on one of the dresses for my daughter. Did that and back on track.

I've got the fabric set aside for my seat cushion, pressed and ready to cut as soon as the pattern arrives. I've made my covered buttons too.

And when I'm snuggling my baby girl, who is the sick one, I get to do some work on my Halloween embroidery project. So progress is being made at all times. Well, most of the time. Sometimes I play on Pinterest and figure out our family photo outfits. I'm going to have some fun with those, let me tell you!

Found out why my Minkee isn't here yet. Yeah, it never got shipped. Now I'm being told it won't get here until next Tuesday, same shipping speed as it would have gone if it had shipped on the 13th. I've asked for my shipping refunded, given the circumstances. Asking too much? The mistake wasn't mine, and I was told on the 13th that it shipped (turned out the seller asked her daughter to ship it but daughter left it in her truck and left the country for a trip).

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  1. love those buttons! It sounds like you have been making good progress on your goals :) I'm happy to hear your minkee is finally on it's way

  2. Yay for getting things accomplished. That always feels so good. I really need to sit down and make a good solid list of what I need to do over the next few months and actually set aside certain fabrics for certain projects.

  3. Lovely projects! Those fabric covered buttons make my heart sing!! I hope you don't use that fabric supplier again. Kinda inexcusable if you ask me!

  4. Those buttons are just darling! And so is that Christmas quilt!

  5. Those buttons are killing me! Can't wait to see the cushion you make for them. You are really getting a lot accomplished even without the minkee. Hopefully it will arrive soon and they will refund the shipping charges. Definitely not too much to ask.

  6. The seat cushion pattern has been tempting me ever since you posted about it. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!


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