08 October 2012

Make-A-List Monday: back online and a giveaway!

It's amazing and sad how much more I got done last week without my computer to distract me. It's back, but I think I'm going to kick the facebook habit for good. I didn't miss out on much, so why do I check it eight times a day. My blog stalking is a totally different story, as is Pinterest, but at least I learn things and am inspired.

Ugh. I digress. I need to stop that. Here's what was on my list last week:
  • Pressing prep for cutting day on Saturday (more on this tomorrow)
No before pictures of the pressed fabric, but golly gee willikers did I bust through some prep work. Here's what I cut:
  • Six trick-or-treat bags
  • Two Halloween quilts (the zig zag and the spider web)
  • My Gypsy Girl squares
  • The background fabric for my Ready Set Snow Christmas quilts
  • The rest of my 3 Richard Scarry quilts
  • The pieces for the Max and Whiskers quilt for my nephew
  • The background and border fabric for my SW Taffy quilt
  • My tree skirt
Awesome, right?  Here's a picture of all the prep work I did, in their handy dandy little containers (by the way - I LOVE these containers for organizing projects - and only $1 at Target or Fred Meyer):

  • Sew together Lucy's Crab Shack triangles (at least the first 8 rows)
Over the course of the week, I busted out all 16 rows and now the top is done:

  • Press Halloween HSTs
Done, and took it two steps further. I sewed them into their zig zags and now I'll be piecing the top together.

  • Press spiderweb quilt strips
Done and cut into triangles. My daughter wants to help me lay it all out, and I say "Amen!" to that.

  • Plan and start a birthday dress for my baby girl who turns ONE in two weeks! 
Not done. She's got plenty of new dresses, and I'd rather spend my clothes sewing efforts on Christmas dresses for both my girls. Is it too cheesy to want to have my boys coordinate?

So that was last week. On to this week!
  • Piece Halloween zig zag top
  • Piece spider web top
  • Cut and sew five candy corn pillowcases for my little monsters
  • Piece red minky back for the R2D2 quilt (yes, I actually got my hands on some!)
  • Piece orange minky back for zig zag quilt
  • Piece red minky back for Easy as Cake quilt
  • Take pictures for 4Q FAL post (tomorrow!) - which also means doing a lot of ironing for said pictures
There. That should be sufficient, seeing as how I've got a first birthday party to plan and execute for next Saturday. Pretty excited around here for that, let me tell you!

I'm also feeling giveaway-ish today. Who would like to win a bag stuffed to the gills (can you stuff a bag to the gills?) of the leftovers from my Halloween bags? All from the new Happy H-owl-oween collection.

Lots of big pieces (all were cut from fat quarters). I can fit it into a Priority padded envelope, so be a follower and leave me a Halloween comment: favorite candy, costume, tradition. I'll announce a winner on Saturday!


  1. Hi!!! You have been busy!!! Love the zig zag and the spider web!!! Your give a way sounds wonderful!!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!

  2. Wow, you've been busy!! This post has me suddenly craving candy corn, which I don't even like! :-)

    My favorite Halloween memory.... I grew up in a very small town in Upstate New York, where trick-or-treating was actually illegal. Instead, the fire department would host a parade down Main Street, which ended at the fire house. They gave out bags of candy, judged costumes, had a haunted house, we bobbed for apples, etc. It was a fun, safe way to have all the Halloween fun without the "danger" of knocking on doors and taking candy from strangers.

  3. I just got my Halloween bag today, I used Deb Stain's Halloween fabric from last year. I love the owl print from the current collection. Someday, I will make my Halloween quilt!

    I would have to go with mini candy bars for a Halloween favorite. It is nice to have a bit of everything!

  4. My favorite Halloween was the year I did my son up as Gene Simmons.....He really looked good. With the GKids it was my oldest GD would help Big Mick decorate, and they would dance on the porch to one of the witch creatures when she played her song.

  5. My hubby and I went as the flying Berries... We dressed up as a couple who got shot out of a cannon at the circus - complete with capes and helmets. Was really fun!

  6. My fave thing about Halloween is the candy, honestly. No better excuse than needing it for the kids. Our neighborhood has a parade every year and it's fun to see the kids and their parents dressed up for their walk.

  7. I agree with SewLindaAnn. It's all about the candy. Do I have to pick a favorite? I've always gone for Milky Ways first, but I do love the odd things like candy corn or a roll of Smarties. I'm not really picky.

    That is an impressive list for sure. I also find when the computer is offline I get tons of stuff done. It makes me wonder why I don't just turn it off more often.

  8. Oh I love everything about Halloween!! The colors, the costumes, excitement, decorating the house, the candy, hayrides....makes me sad that my kids are older now and don't enjoy the details as much...but I still go all out decorating! This year has been fun bc I'm new to quilting so it's a new dimension to play with!

  9. Love all the Halloween fun, especially the zig zag. Great work.

  10. LOVE your Halloween zig zag quilt. Those trick or treat bags are adorable. I bow down to you. 5 kiddos and all this sewing. You are amazing.

  11. First, I love everything, but that spiderweb string block is awesome! LOVE everything about it! : ) Fall is my favorite time of year, and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I don't think I've ever met a piece of chocolate that I didn't like, especially chocolate/peanut butter (hello, Reese cups). I always loved bloody costumes, but my mom always made us wear those ugly, girly, plastic get-ups. I love the scary movies and general spookiness of this time of year. I never want it to end! :)

  12. I love all of your quilts. I made spidewebs once for a block exchange, and I have made zigzag quilts but never thought about a Halloween one. I love Tootsie Rolls at Halloween. My kids always give me theirs. I am now a follower. Thanks or the giveaway.

  13. This year we're having 2 little boy dragons, 2 medium girl princesses, and one big boy knight. Excited! carrie dot hare@gmail.com


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