01 October 2012

Make-A-List Monday: Hello October!

It's October. The skies are clear, which must mean that the fires are out or close to out. I don't have a cold anymore. Kids are healthy. Open windows, fresh air, sunshine and falling leaves. My life is great!

It's going to be busy around here this week. I've got the 3Q FAL link up, plus my 4Q FAL list to post. Then there's the Friday Finish. And I'm gonna share with y'all how I multi-task and get my prep work done for the next several quilts.

But, for now, let's see how I did.

Last week's list:
  • Quilt and bind TWO Christmas quilts
Half done.

The double hourglass quilt was finished by Friday, but I complicated my life (I know, shocking, right?) by adding a border and rendering the backing I'd made kind of useless. Which is sort of fine with me. I'm thinking I want to back it with Minky anyway. If I ever leave this Minky-free zone I live in.
  • Make chair cushion to go with my sewing machine cover
Pattern arrived in the mail late Saturday afternoon. I finished the last of my daughter's dresses, pulled out my yellow and aqua stash and started cutting. Not quite done, but soon!
  • Piece back for R2D2 quilt (please let that stuff arrive!)
Not done. Not my fault. Trying to find yet another source for Minky. Third time's the charm. I hope. I really hope. Because this quilt needs to be done by his birthday.
  • Finish at least one dress 
Done. Times four. And of course she gets the cold going around and doesn't get to wear one to church yesterday, but she's excited to have so many choices now. Her favorite is the aqua and red one (that's my girl!).

Just some sneaky peaks for now - I've got to have a finish for Friday, don't I?

Love this pattern. I did things a smidge differently, but I'm happy with the length and the bodice. It's just so darn cute. And my girl loves it, so I'd say it's a win.

The other two are made with this pattern from Simplicity. Jo-Ann's is having a 99 cent pattern sale soon. Check your flyer - that's when I stock up. I just browse online, write them down and go pick them up.
  • Work on paper pieced wall hangings (maybe, which means I'll probably do this first!)
I got so caught up making those dresses that I completely blanked on this one. That's okay. I'd rather have the dresses done. Now I'm off the hook until she gets too tall for them!

 Phew. That was a lot of work! I'm tired just blogging about it.

On to this week!

  • Pressing prep for cutting day on Saturday (more on this tomorrow)
  • Sew together Lucy's Crab Shack triangles (at least the first 8 rows)
  • Press Halloween HSTs
  • Press spiderweb quilt strips
  • Plan and start a birthday dress for my baby girl who turns ONE in two weeks!
I'll stop there. The prep work for Saturday is going to take some time. At least two Downton Abbey reruns. Which I'm okay with, since I can't watch the new episodes until January. JANUARY? For reals? Makes me wish I lived in England every fall.

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  1. Aww! I wanted to sew a birthday dress for my Caroline, but she STILL does not fit the six months sized one I made her over the summer. I'm so disappointed with the sizing on that pattern (and maybe all of the Simplicity ones for babies since their sizing is supposed to be standardized).


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