22 October 2012

Make-A-List Monday: why do I bother?

Boy did I get sidetracked last week! In a BIG, but not bad, way!

My list from last Monday:
  • Piece the orange minky into a back
Checkity check check. You don't really want a photo of this, do you? I can go take one. I do have mad photography skills. But I won't. Imagine it, mmm-kay?
  • Quilt R2D2 quilt
Yessiree Bob! 
  • Bind R2D2 quilt
I forgot to put on this list "accept many hugs and kisses for this quilt." I've totally done that. Blogged last Friday. If you want the so-called pattern (really, I'm not a pattern writer, but I'm happy to share what I did), just leave a comment or send me an e-mail.
  • Baste zig zag quilt
Getting clear floor space is a challenge. I will get this done today. The back is pieced. The top is pressed. Just need sleeping kids and a clean floor. Yeah. When pigs fly.
  • Make a mug rug for someone special
This is half done. The top is finished. Just need to quilt and bind it. Yep, I used Lori's apple tutorial from her Row-Along.

Got it cut out. My pattern piece disappeared (got turned into a paper airplane I later found out). I'll stitch it up later today. 
She's serious about this project. It's for her papa for Christmas (because every law student should have cross-stitch art by their desk). She's loving it.

And then there are the things I didn't have on the list. Like baste, quilt and bind my yellow and orange string quilt. Oh boy, did I EVER! I'll blog it on Friday for the Bloggers Quilt Festival. It's so cozy and awesome and my husband actually helped our boys clean their room, so it's magical too.

And now, for this week:
  • Quilt and bind zig zag quilt
  • Cut out my Weekender bag (and accessory bags from the extra fabric!)
    • On a side note, is anyone else driven to distraction by the awesome patchwork ones out there? I want one. I have the fabric. I'm going to distract myself piecing it. It's gonna be awesome, just wait!
  • Slowly get started on my Weekender bag
  • Finish piecing Richard Scarry #1 top
  • Piece minky backs for 3 quilts
I'm not putting anything else, but don't be surprised if I do things not on the list. It's in my nature, I suppose.

What's on your list for this week?

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  1. Your list makes me tired! That is an amazing amount of progress this week! Congrats! And your daughter is too cute. Cross stitch is my first love. It's nice that it's portable. :)


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