23 November 2012

RED Friday

I don't do Black Friday, for the most part. I've done it once, at JoAnn's, and it was a nightmare. Great deals on flannel, but not necessarily worth my time.

So I declared a Red Friday, crafty Christmas style. I stayed at home, in my comfy clothes, with my Christmas socks, Christmas music and Christmas movies (and leftover turkey and pie), sewing Christmas crafts.

A tree skirt. Or maybe a tree petticoat? Whatever it is, it's done and in need of a tree. And off the 4Q FAL list officially! 10 projects down, 11 to go!

Seven stockings. Which means chain stitching a whole lot of HSTs.

Gift bags. I'm loving the gift bags this year!

Oh, and watching my University of Washington Huskies lose the Apple Cup. I should have called it a purple Friday. :)

How was your day?


  1. Seven? That's a lot of triangles : ) Enjoy your stitching.

  2. Love the tree skirt! Looks like you had a very productive Friday, Jennie, and a Christmassy one too :)

  3. I love the tree skirt and would really like to see the finished stockings!

  4. yes, looks like a tree petticoat :) very pretty! I cut into my Madrona Road {yay!} today ia all about cleaning So I can pull out our Christmas decorations

  5. A red and aqua tree skirt!! My favorite colors! I'd love to see your tree dressed in it and also a peek at your Christmas stockings when they're finished.

  6. Fun tree skirt! :D Good call on doing a Red Friday.

  7. Your tree skirt is gorgeous, I love it!


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