14 November 2012

WIP Wednesday: Weekender Wednesday

Why does it always come down to the wire with me? The link-up party for the Long Weekend is looming and I'm sitting here, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for fabric to arrive. Tracking information says it will be here by Friday. Yeah, down to the wire and twiddling thumbs.

Well, not twiddling my thumbs, really, but certainly not working on my Weekender bag. I've quilted Richard Scarry part zwei. I'm binding it later today.

I also had a terrible. awful, no good, very bad dream last night, so I was up early. Figured I might as well get my nephew's Max and Whiskers quilt finished too. Binding happening later today as well.

The I spotted this tutorial and knew that it had to go with my other Christmas gift bags. For bigger items and all. So I cut up some fabric for a few of these as well. I'll be making a few minor changes to the construction that I'll share when I'm done.

So that's what I'm working on the rest of this week. And I might baste another quilt tonight, just because I can (and should!). I've got to get this 4Q FAL list whittled down even more because I've got big plans for Christmas gifts. And they look like this:

My kids are crazy for dragons. Last year I made dinosaur tails (here's the tutorial - if you have little ones in your life, make them! If only so you can giggle watching them tear around the house with them on!). It's gonna be awesome come Christmas morning!

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  1. Those wings are adorable! I don't have kids, but I wonder if my dogs would put up with them? :) hope your weekender fabric arrives soon! Waiting around for fabric is no fun.

  2. Hi!!! I love the wings too!!! I remember the dino tail!!! Too cute!!! Thanks for the fun!!!

  3. Ooooo, that orange minkee just begs to be snugglesd with! it reminds me of that giant orange monster from Loony Tunes :)

  4. Oh, the wings!! My little guys could use some; he's been wearing tinkerbell wings he steals from his sister. You just made my list longer!


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