13 November 2012

Fabric Tuesday: Disappearing Act

Fresh Poppy Design

I got kinda ambitious yesterday with my list. But I've had such cooperative children lately (for the most part), I had to make the most of it. Once the first cold hits, I'll be entertaining sick kiddos for quite a while. At least they have quilts to keep them warm.

So what do I have to show today that I didn't show yesterday?

How about these:

Do you ever see something on Pinterest, or flickr, and say, "I have to make that now!" And you even have the perfect fabric for it? That's what happened to me. I saw this quilt and fell head over heels for it. I just so happened to have some Mama Said Sew charm squares, and some Bella solid ones and I figured "Why not?"

I've seen disappearing 4-patch quilts before, but they were always too busy for my tastes. Too many have too much going on, but this one, with the neutral spaces really highlights the fabrics and gives you a place to rest your eyes. This one is going to be fun to work on.

These are all the blocks I had fabric for, for the moment. I ordered more Bella charm packs to finish it, but since I have to wait, I'll get back to my list. I've got quilts to quilt!


"The more things you do, the more you can do."

Lucille Ball