28 December 2012

100 Day Hustle: Final Review

Sometimes I like reviewing my lists, because they have lots of lovely things crossed off.

Other times, not so much.

This go 'round, I'm somewhere in the middle. I charged into my list, full-steam ahead. Then I hit the Christmas wall and, well, things I wanted to finish got set aside for Christmas sewing. I MUST get it done sooner next year. MUST, I tell you!

Here's my original 100 Day Hustle list:
  • R2D2 Quilt - Done!
  •  Yellow and Orange String Quilt - Done!
  • Halloween HSTs Quilt - Done!
  • Spider Web Quilt - NOT done! - reason being is that it just wasn't going to be big enough. So I'm working on it and making it bigger.
  • Trick or Treat bags - Done!
  • Holiday Hostess Quilt - Done! My eldest daughter has claimed it, and I'm okay with that. Mostly.
  • Red String Quilt - who was I kidding? No progress whatsoever.
  • Tree skirt - Done and I'm in love.
  • Stockings - nope. We had to use the old ones again. 
  • Lucy's triangles Quilt - the flimsy is done. Does that count?
  • Sunkissed grannies - still working up the nerve to hand-quilt this one
  • Sew Cherry grannies - this one moves to the top o' the list for next year - going to finish the border and the quilt it once I move to Boise (my gorgeous SIL has a long-arm!)
  • Gypsy Girl Quilt - nope
  • Cowgirl Salt Water Taffy Quilt - slow going, but it will be done soon
  • Mug rugs - I opted for some different gift items this year instead
  • Hocuspocusville stitchery - still plugging away.
So that's the best I could do. Ugh. Wish I'd done more, but it will keep, that's for sure.

Linking up at Kelsey Sews for the final review!

Hey, and I'm thinking of doing something similar to this Hustle, only for Groundhog Day. Six more weeks of winter sewing sort of finish along. Anyone interested? Prizes and all that?


  1. I've commented on your Christmas tree skirt before. Could you turn it into a real skirt for yourself?! It's just gorgeous! Happy, frivolous and delightful.

  2. Wow! Fabulous finishes. That tree skirt is awesome, and I really love the yellow and orange string quilt. So cool!

  3. I love that R2D2 quilt. My nerdy (and I say that with much love) son would like it too. As for me I would prefer that lovely string quilt. Great work on the Hustle!

  4. The R2D2 quilt is fantastic. I know a 7 y/o who would love one.

  5. Oh you got a lot of fabulous quilts finished - that's a huge task! Well done! Love the string quilt!

  6. LOVE that string quilt! And, the Lucy's top is great. I think you've had a great year!

  7. Such lovely makes :) R2D2 is especially cool!

  8. Love the R2D2 quilt!! And the Hostess fabric is fabulous...been eyeing that for a while and it turned out great. I think the Groundhog challenge is a great idea!

  9. That tree skirt is to die for! Congrats on the great finishes, I only wish I was so far along on my list!

  10. oh my! that orange, yellow and white quilt is so cheerful:) congratulations on all your fine finishes!

  11. Congratulations on your completed projects!!

  12. You've done so well. Loved the Halloween bags+

  13. Such great finishes! I love your lucy crab shack triangles! (I may be changing my plan for my lucy's crab shack now, haha).

  14. Such beautiful projects! :)

  15. So many pretty finishes! Love the string quilt!! Thanks for joining in :)


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