28 January 2013

Make-A-List Monday: PROGRESS!

I really do prefer a healthy family. I get so much more done that way!

Here's last week's list:
  • Finish the Posy Dancing Daisies flimsy (before Wednesday at 7 p.m.)
Didn't happen before Wednesday, but they are going to do a special Saturday session to tie it. I really like this pattern. Love the fabrics - so Easter-y!

The curves weren't as bad as I originally thought. Sure, it's slow going, but I just put in some Downton re-runs and they got themselves done. I didn't bother pinning, which saved a whole lot of time. Not as risky as it sounds, I promise. If you are scared of curves, just try a few. I promise, it won't be that painful!
  • Finish Mama Said Sew blocks and sew together the flimsy
Funny story. My oldest girl and I decided on the layout late one night. I stacked up the rows, ready to sew. And then my youngest girl decided that those neat little stacks sitting next to my sewing machine were not how she would have done things. Three rows were tossed hither and yon.

In spite of her helping, it is done. Need to figure out how I want to back it. And who I'm going to give it to. Or where I'm going to put it in my house . . . .

  • Lay out Gypsy Girl patchwork and sew together the flimsy
Didn't happen. Getting the Mama Said Sew one done was hard enough. Maybe tonight after baby girl is asleep.
  • Start Flirt 9-patch blocks

Got them all done! I want to have this quilt ready before Valentine's Day. Heck, I want the flimsy finished this week!

On to this week!
  • Finish Gypsy Girl flimsy
  • Finish Flirt 9-patch flimsy
  • Piece Posy Kiss Me blocks
  • Finish Posy Kiss Me flimsy
  • Resist getting sucked into the Scrappy Trip Along (I'm being REALLY good!)
 What are you working on this week?


  1. i really like your DP quilt. so pretty!

  2. what lovely quilts! I especially love the posy one. looking forward to creating with you in Haven.


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