08 February 2013

Flimsy Friday Finish

How's that for alliteration?

Sorry. Just the English major coming out. Hang on a sec while I shut her up with a book.

'Mmkay. She'll be quiet for hours now. (Oh how I wish that 1. sitting a reading uninterrupted were even possible and 2. that I looked this lovely whilst reading. Yep. I just said whilst.)

I've been busy. I decided to rid myself of all guilt, or pressure, or whatever emotion you want to attach to this need to get everything finished. Right. Now.

So this girl is just going to crank out flimsies until the cows come home. Or until we move. We might move before the cows get an inkling that this is home. I certainly hope so.

Here are this week's finishes. Yep. FinishES. Plural. Note that to make a word plural you do not, DO NOT, use an apostrophe. Sorta a pet peeve.

Uh-oh. She's back. Must be out of Swiss Rolls.

Anyway. The finished flimsies:

First, my Flirt 9-patch. My husband got me a jelly roll for Christmas (he's learning!) and I knew this was the quilt I wanted to make. (Used this Moda Bakeshop tutorial)

Love the pieced border. Love this fabric line.

The second is almost finished. I need to get some Posy yardage, but this is the main bit. It's for my oldest girl. She has a daybed, so I didn't want it too wide. I used this Fig Tree pattern, but modified it to make 32 blocks.

You like?

Here is the progress on my Gypsy Girl patchwork. This one should be officially titled "world's hardest quilt to lay out!" Doesn't help I have a little helper who likes to rearrange my blocks. Because I didn't do it right!

*He's holding it sideways, just so's you know. This is really how wide it's going to be. Kinda confusing, but it made more sense this way. I didn't think you wanted to see a picture of a pair of blue jeans topped with a quilt. I like to look at my husband's legs, but I'm not going to share!

Still, I'm halfway done, which is oh so nice. This is going to be a guest room quilt (when I finally get a guest room!). With some lovely eyelet bordered bed sheets and some great pillows. I can't wait!

And I actually have a finish finish this week.

Just a wallet, but still, a finish!

I was using one of these little wallets and it worked, but it didn't work. I was having to shove dollar bills and coins in my pocket, which meant I was laundering money later (don't care for the sound of change in the dryer), or losing money because my kids "found" a dollar in the laundry. This doesn't mean my kids actually do laundry, but they do dig through it from time to time because I can't always be bothered with sorting, folding and putting away. Those little wallets are really more suited for kids who only have to keep track of library cards and such.

Wow, way more than you needed to know! But here she is:

With card slots (although I need more!), a spot for dollars (when I'm lucky enough to have cash), a zipper pocket for change, an accordian pocket for coupons that will expire before I remember they are there. And some other pockets just cuz. I used this pattern, but I just measured the pieces and cut them out with my rotary cutter rather than deal with pattern pieces.

I love it. I used up a scrap piece of my fancy schmancy Paris linen fabric that I bought on impulse in Seattle like 3 years ago (or more). 

Linking up with Amanda Jean and Sarah for a fabulous Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Ah, the curse of the English major. She shall forever be annoyed with the grammar ignorance of others. I'm afflicted too. I'm continually amazed at how many people can not tell the difference between lose and loose.

    Anyway, love your flimsies. Especially the first one. Most especially the mini patch border.

  2. Wow! What lovely creations!! I love your fabric lines! Your small wallet is beautiful and practical!

  3. Very cool projects

  4. Hi Jennie! I love your post, for several reasons.
    1. Amazing and gorgeous flimsy's. hehe JUST kidding! That is one of my major pet peeves, too!!
    2. Really, amazing quilt tops, I esp love the 9-patch. And the patchwork one will be amazing in a guest room!
    3. Great wallet. I should get a bigger one so my expired coupons could be neatly organized. ;)
    Have a great weekend!!

  5. OMG!! I just found your BLog, and I love it!
    Follow me back!
    Diary Of A Novice Quilter .blogspot.com

  6. that's a lot of finishes! how was the sewing of the wallet? coincidentally i just purchased it and am planning to make it. and what did you use for your heavier interfacing?

  7. Fabulous Flirt 9-patch piecing, Jennie! All your stuff is amazing ... perfect pink pouch too :)

  8. Ahem. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for perfectly describing my life...without ever having met me. The painting is lovely. She would go very well with the picture I have in my mind of me posing as Austen, lounging in a corner chaise I love on Pinterest.

    Your finishes are quite lovely! That's a lot of work there! Beautiful!

    Perhaps the apostrophe pickle is really a fault of Auto Correct? LOL

  9. I am a high school English teacher, so I love your inner English geek emerging! I can't cope with people saying pacifically instead of specifically - really, people?! One's an ocean! I have made flimsies to my hearts delight for about 2 years, so I'm on a finishing run. Well, that is til I get bored and wanna start something new. Probably be next week!!

  10. That wallet is great! I have been seriously considering making myself one.. My wallet it okay, but it annoys me that it is slightly too short to fit a whole dollar bill in unfolded. What kind of wallet is too short like that?? Frustrating.

    Also- I find it amazing and comforting to see how many fellow English majors are quilters :)

  11. Beautiful flimsies, Jennie, and that wallet is fabulous!! Whoop whoop!!


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