25 February 2013

Blah blah, boring, blah blah

I seriously don't know what my problem is lately. I'm all over the place, sewing-wise. Oh, heck, I'm all over the place life-wise.

Love the idea that we're moving. Hate the actual moving. Where's my fairy godmother? I don't need a pumpkin coach or a fancy dress. I just want my house packed and moved. Not happening, but a girl can dream, no?

It's too early to do any serious packing, so I'm trying to crank out flimsies. Because it's easier to move flimsies, right? That's what I'm telling myself.

Here's my stack o' flimsies thus far:

So life isn't really all that boring. Just don't/won't have any fabulous finishes for a while. I've got lots of tops prepped and ready (and a lovely list to keep track of them all!).

Instead, just baby steps. Here is what I did last week:

I'm making two Dottie quilts out of my Simple Life FQ bundle. A twin-ish sized one for my oldest girl, and a toddler bed-sized one for my baby girl. They will be sharing a room once we move and I'm determined to have it look nice. For a day. Until my daughter and her dragons and LPS toys move in. But I'll take a picture first!

I've got to get more white fabric (I just order it by the bolt from FQS) to finish the blocks and do the sashing. Still, makes me happy to have the blocks mostly done.

I've still got a mountain o' trimming to do on my Hello Sunshine blocks.

And I have to get my do.good stitches blocks done. Today, really. And mailed tomorrow or Wednesday!

I've laid out the rest of my Gypsy Girl quilt. Gonna stitch that one up soon. But first, I get to make my husband a birthday present. It's completely random, but he requested it, so I can't say no.

And then we've got an epic spring break trip coming up in two weeks. Even though vacations mean more work for me, I'm excited to leave the house and go play with my family. No sewing for me, true, but no studying for my husband, so I refuse to see the downside to this. And I'll take some embroidery with me for the road. Because the first day is going to be a LONG one. Think I'm going to work on my Halloween stitchery. So it can be done for THIS Halloween!

Here's another silly thought that occurred to me. We're staying in a hotel for two nights, and, well, nights at the hotel can be rather boring once the kids are in bed. Can't really watch TV. So I thought I'd take the quilt blocks that I have done and lay them out in one of the banquet halls. I used to work in a hotel, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask to use all the gorgeous empty space for an hour or two. Leave the husband in the room reading a book and actually get something done. Crazy, or brilliant? There's a fine line . . .

And here's my latest Pinterest obsession. I ordered Lori Holt's half-hexie templates and I can't wait to create something awesome. Like these:

Source: etsy.com via Jennie on Pinterest


  1. What a fabulous stack of flimsies! So happy to know that I'm not the only one who buys white fabric by the bolt!!

  2. Hehe I like your thinking - I don't know where to start so I'll make quilt tops! you've been very productive! When do you have to move? And how far?


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