10 April 2014

Disgust! Outrage! Ridiculousness!

Just browsing around on Etsy, looking for some Ruby charm packs. I know, pipe dream, but I did find one.

For 48.95. Plus shipping.

The same shop had a Marmalade jelly roll for $57.95. Plus shipping.

Vintage Modern FQ bundle? $265.

I'm sorry, but no way in a million years. I might want a Ruby charm pack pretty badly, but not that much! I get supply and demand, but then there's price gouging. Sheesh! I can see charging maybe $20 for a hard to find charm pack, but charging over $1 for each square? Come on!

Okay. Rant over. But I'm still disgusted by it.


  1. Dang! Although it doesn't count as supply/demand if no one buys it, I guess. You want my Ruby scraps? I think there's only one or two bits, and nothing charm size, though.

  2. Tell me about it! Early Tula Pink FQs go for $30. I know high demand, but seems to verge on greedy

  3. That's how I feel about people chargin $20 a fat quarter for Mendocino and people being willing to pay it!

  4. Honestly, if I had a charm pack in my stash that someone needed or wanted that badly, I would simply send it to them and ask that they pay me for the shipping. Or trade me for fabric...but those prices?? I agree, RIDICULOUS!!

  5. tell me about it. i recently bought some FQs of Timber & Leaf at an LQS, with no idea this line was OOP & HTF. I went online to see if I could get any more to round out my color selection for the quilt pattern I want to make, and found them for as much as $12.99 a FQ! unfortunately, there aren't many fabrics out there that play nice with this collection both color- and style-wise, so I'm not sure what I am going to do now with what I already bought.

    although, I do feel compelled to admit to paying $5 for an OOP pumpkin henna garden FQ, even though that much for a FQ seems embarrassingly indulgent to me. {whew, feels good to finally admit to my silliness and get that off my chest :) }

    good luck finding a Ruby charm pack at a reasonable price!

  6. Ebay has some but they are up for bidding which could go either way ... saw 3 under$20 on first page

  7. I bet this is the same shop that had Tula's Salt Water FQ bundle for about triple what MSRP was. I'm OK with paying a little more for hard to find fabric, but some of these people are absolutely delusional. Of course, if people are buying it, I guess the sellers aren't the delusional ones after all...

  8. First time I saw one of these listings on Etsy - I thought it was a mistake. Then I saw the little tag OOP - I finally figured out what that meant - Out of Print - well that doesn't make it worth a million bucks - I don't understand it. why don't they trade it for something they want or sell it at a decent price - its almost the same as ticket scalping. I really don't need fabric that is 10 times above the retail price.


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