04 March 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Birthday Interruptions

Not a whole lot got done this weekend, unless you count cake baking, chicken frying, present wrapping, biscuit making as not a lot. Phew, I'm tired! And to top it off, our landlord wants to show the house this afternoon, so now I get to do a big clean-up. I hope they get a renter soon, because I don't enjoy these visits with strangers wandering through my house, looking at my stuff. I know they are supposed to be just looking at the house, but they always seem to comment on our things/hobbies/whatnot.

Still, I got some sewing done before the birthday madness began. I finished all 42 scrappy trip blocks. Hip hip hooray!

Once I laid it all out, it didn't look big enough. I know, that sounds ridiculous. But my family isn't content with "lap quilts." They prefer ones that can completely envelop them. If my husband is going to use this quilt, it had better be bigger. So I'm thinking I need to make it 8X9, which means 30 more blocks. Thankfully, I've still got plenty of strips cut, so I'll keep going on that this week.

It's good fun, making these blocks. I'm going to gut my stash and make another. Like I've said before, I'd rather move flimsies than fabric. If you're still holding out on starting one of these, I won't give you the link to the tutorial. Or a link to a flickr group of others who don't have your fortitude. They sure do have some pretty quilts though. But don't go and be inspired.

We leave for spring break trip in a week, so I've got to get my stuff done before I have to get laundry and packing done.

Here's my list for this week:
  • Sew 30 more scrappy London trip blocks
  • Trim all HSTs blocks for Hello Sunshine quilt
  • Cut strips for another trippy quilt
March is my birthday month too, and I got an early present last week.


Could you just die? I'm totally in love. This is one that will sit and get stared out for a bit before I cut in to it.


  1. I love your scrappy trip quilt. I love how you made the white create the design. When I make mine, I want to do that, too. Did you explain in an earlier post how to do that?

    I am drooling over your Glamping stack. *slurp*

  2. The yellow and red are so wonderful in the scrappy trip:)

    Have fun drooling away at that fabric stack too ...slightly jealous.....my B-day isn't until November though;(

    Happy Birthday to you!!

  3. Whew! You've got a lot goin on! I stare at fabric too!

  4. Fabric called Glamping?? I have got to check that out. I tried to get my husband on board with glamping...he only let me have my rocker. No go on the vintage sheets around the canopy. I will keep trying.

    Your flimsy is gorgeous!!! It looks huge in the photo.
    blessings, jill


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