16 December 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Last productive week!

Let's face it. If it's going to get done, it's going to have to be done this week. The Juki saga continues: picked it up just before closing time Saturday, set it up and started working on my mom's Weekender. Still having timing/tension issues. So back it goes Monday morning. Not happy about all this. The guy seemed to think everything was fine when we picked it up.

Have you ever had to deal with this? They got paid. They took a whole extra day longer than they'd told me. Not really the best service, in my mind. I don't think I should have to pay more to fix what should have been fixed the first go 'round.

But last week, here's what I wanted to do:
  • Finish Mom's Weekender

I wish, but no such luck. Hopefully my Juki will get finished right away and we'll get back in business.
  • Cut that Sophia bag for my niece (and one for my daughter as well)

Cut! and I had enough for a Weekender for my niece, so I cut that out too.
  • Piece some Weekender panels

My guilty indulgence last week, but I'm going to love this bag so very much! And I think I have enough fabric for two, so my sister-in-law will get this one and I'll make one for me later. Yay!
    So this week is the final push, but only if I can get my machine back sooner rather than later.
    • Make five sets of dragon wings. Why do I think these will be the most popular thing come Christmas morning?
    • Make a Union Jack quilted trivet for my mother-in-law - here's the fabric I pulled:

    • Finish Sophia bag for my niece
    • Finish Sophia bag for my daughter
    • Finish Glamping Weekender for my sis-in-law
    And that's all, folks! Well, I'll try to squeeze in some gift bags and whatnot, but those aren't necessaries this year.


    1. Sorry to hear that your Juki is still not feeling well. Are there any other doctors in town?

    2. Where I get my machine fixed, they have a 3 month guarantee if you keep the receipt. Which is good, because after winding my bobbin the first time something snapped. It was a little part in the hand wheel. They were really nice and apologized. They said it was caused by them not attaching the hand wheel completely. They fixed it while I waited.
      I hope you get it worked out. Good luck with your list.

    3. The place where I get my machine serviced has a three month guarantee, if you keep the receipt. Which is good, because I wound my bobbin and something snapped. I took it back and they apologized. They said that they had not attached the hand wheel completely. They replaced the part and fixed it while I waited.
      I hope you get it worked out. Good luck with your list.

    4. Not good service at all Jennie :(
      I don't think you should have to pay twice, seems very unfair. I like the customer service at Jasmine's repair place ... perhaps you could mention this fabby customer service example to them? I'd at least haggle on the re-fix price :)

    5. Sorry hon I wouldn't pay them more either. They need to fix it and be done with it! Hope it all works itself out.

    6. Would like to make a weekender bag. What are dragon wings?

    7. That's pretty crappy about your machine. My servicer does a 3 month warranty after service too. Does yours? Maybe because the weekender bag is thick with lots of layers it plays up with tension and timing. Can you take that in to demonstrate to them? Hope the problems are resolved soon and you get your sewing finished.


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