26 March 2013

Silver Linings

Thank you, all who commented and boosted my spirits last week. Your kindness is much appreciated. I think, if we are really going to be friends in this adventure, we need to be honest. I promise I won't dump on you all that often, but I hope we can accept that none of us have a perfect life. It's okay to let others know! I noticed I lost a few followers last week. Just tellin' ya now that if you're only here for the always happy, never-have-any-problems because life is perfect blog, you're in the wrong place. We've got to keep it real my friends.

Okay, enough with the serious talk. But things are better.

On to sewing things.

My weekend was interrupted with a trip to Boise (6 hours each way - my baby girl does not like being in the car that long). We had a house to check out and I really really like it. Like, I'm picking out paint colors, have already claimed my sewing room, and am madly pinning home improvement projects I want to tackle this summer. Just waiting on the bank . . . .

But I got to do a bunch of my PKM scrappy trip blocks. Going to lay this one out and sew up the flimsy later this week. I'm about to turn into the flimsy queen over here, but I've got to get them done!

Here are my stacks o' blocks:

So, the official plans for this week are:
  • Finish three flimsies - yep, three!
  • Finish Simple Life Dottie blocks
  • Make two bee blocks
 I'm gearing up for my semi-annual cutting marathon. More on that later! What are your plans for the week? Linking up with the Show and Tell Tuesday.

Oh, and as for the "I'm sorry" gifts (I don't think I like calling them "guilt" gifts), well, he did pretty well:

Three fat quarter bundles - another Glamping bundle (and I am all sorts of giddy about it!), Little Matroyshkas and Sunny Happy Skies. Some happy sewing days ahead!


  1. I have got to show my hubby those stacks. I get flowers....hahahahaha. Seriously, glad things are better. We just found a house too...but will lease with an option. We are not 100 percent we will be staying here in CA. I too am checking out gardening blogs etc. Just hope my quilting life does not take a back seat.
    Best of luck on the house.
    blessings, jill

  2. Those are beautiful bundles of fabric. He did good. :)

  3. Onward and upward as my mother used to say! What beautiful fabric bundles! And I'm interested in knowing more about your cutting marathon!!

  4. I love seeing those blocks! I seriously want to make a scrappy trip along, I just keep getting distracted! They're lovely, nice work!

  5. Hi!!! Glad things are going better!!!! Hope they keep getting better!!! Your blocks are very pretty!!! I love the colors!!!! Best wishes on your house!!!! I love thinking of a million ways to decorate!!!! So fun!!!

  6. Glad to see there was a silver lining. : ) Hope you get the house. How exciting!

  7. Glad to see you more cheerful, the guilt gifts are looking good. I think that it is true that Men are from Mars, and at times they should be sent back for a visit, a long visit. Your time will come if and when you are ready, no judgement, just fact. Your sewing is great, I have collected the fabric for a scrappy trip but it turned out to be mostly shades of blue/purple, I am a control freak, fact.

  8. I'll take fabric over flowers too as someone mentioned above! Glad you are feeling better and I think the more real you are with your readers,the more REAL you are cuz you are just like me--Human!!

  9. Your blocks look amazing! I like your 'gifts' too! Have a great day.

  10. I am behind on my reading so I had to go back and see what i messed...Glad I did.

    #1- Happy belated birthday...

    #2- Real is good....

    #3 - Though I have an amazing marriage and I am ever so grateful for that, behind the scenes with my oldest two kids, life is very, very dark and hard.

    #4 - You are very right, not one of us escapes this life without trial and pain. It is what makes us be better people. Being happy clappy all the time is not real and it's okay to admit we don't have it all together all the time...

    #5 - I am staying and proud to call you friend. =)

  11. The "I'm sorry" gifts are fabulous. We all have bad days! Goodness knows I have tons. Good luck on meeting your goals!! :)

  12. Your scrappy trip blocks are beautiful. I hope to get to play with mine again soon, although, every time I see somebody else's colors I wish I had used those myself :-)
    Love the fabrics your husband gave you. What a wonderful idea. I wonder if mine would go for that.

  13. Love the bundles! Can't wait to see your scrappy trip blocks together :)

  14. I love the scrappy trip blocks! Such great fabrics!

  15. Happy to hear your spirits are up again. The fabric gifts are gorgeous! I'd be very happy with them. Hope all works out with the house, sounds perfect!


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